• June 9, 2023

Turner And Holiday Eager To See What They Can Do Together

I’ll say one thing immediately about Ohio State guard Evan Turner, he’s got confidence.¬† Turner refused to workout for any other teams in the NBA other than the Philadelphia 76ers.¬† He’s so sure that he’s going to be the second pick in the draft that he didn’t need to bother working out for anyone else.

That’s definitely being cocky but I think he’s right.¬† He’s going to need cockiness to succeed here.¬† Turner must show Philadelphia basketball fans that he’s committed to doing everything he can to win.

I think new Sixers coach Doug Collins got it right when he said, “I told him that if he has the great opportunity to play here in Philadelphia , if you’re passionate and competitive these fans will love you. When I came in here after a 9-73 season, 4 years later I was playing Portland in a world championship and how quickly things change.”

I’m excited about the prospect of having Turner and last year’s Sixers number one pick, Jrue Holiday in the same backcourt for eight to ten years.¬† I love the way Holiday plays defense and is willing to be a pass first point guard.

I want Turner to show the same kind of commitment defensively.  They can be catalysts in making the Sixers a very good defensive team and well as a tough-minded squad.

Of course Holiday and Turner will need some time to get to know each other but they have the potential to be an outstanding duo.

They’re already excited about the possibilities of making the Sixers a winning team together.¬† “I kind of need a wing to play with, so Evan Turner would be nice,” Holiday told Dime Magazine.

Turner recipricated by saying, “He’s bigger than I thought and he’s really talented. If the Sixers choose me, I think it would be great playing with him. With both of us being so young, we could be together there for a long time.”

I can see it now Holiday bringing the ball downcourt and getting the ball to Turner in the exact spot where he likes it, then the Turner putting the ball in the hole.


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June 24, 2010 11:23 am

i can personally see evan turner here 10 yrs but jrue holiday please. whats the buzz on this kid so what he hustles on d. his offensive game is terrible he avg’d 8 3ast in college apts 3ast in nba. he is very limited athletically and his jumper takes ten seconds to release its a set shot not a jumper. personally if the pg battle is up for competition i think lou will will beat jrue out. we need a pg we need 1 badly jrue holiday is not ur answer he’s a good back up he reminds me of eric snow with slightly more range. i mean the proof is in the pudding u avg 8 in college and were supposed to be num 1 player out of hs lol. guarantee u jrue holiday wont be here 10 yrs. yall love affair with his hustle will fade fast just like it did with snow

June 24, 2010 11:41 am

so philadelphia how do u guys feel about tyreke evans johnny flynn ty lawson eric maynor darren collison i mean we think jrue is the future and he ranks last in his own rookie class of pg. dont know how we could pass on lawson or collison unreal
stefanski stinks

June 24, 2010 1:09 pm

Ur crazy Jrue is a stud pg. With in 2 years he’ll be a top 10 pg. He wasnt able so show what he could do earlier in the season because of our other players and our horrible coach. When he played he looked real good. 11 a game and 6.6 assist, near 2 steals a game down the stretch. Dude can ball his *** off so he and Turner are real nice to build off of.