• January 25, 2022

Browns Fire Mangini, Eagles Mornhinweg Is A Candidate To Replace Him

The Cleveland Browns just announced the firing of head coach Eric Mangini.  Mike Holmgren is the team’s President and the General Manager is former Eagles General Manager Tom Heckert.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has a relationship with Holmgren because they were both developed under the tutelage of former San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame head coach Bill Walsh.  They both believe in the west coast offense.

For the third year in a row the Eagles has broken the record for the number of points scored in a season by the Birds offense.

Heckert was here in Philadelphia with Mornhinweg for a number of years.  He had a good working relationship with Mornhinweg and you would figure that the Eagles offensive coordinator would be on the list.

The Akron Beacon reports on its website that Mornhinweg is expected to be amongst a small group of prospects for the head coaching job.

“The Browns are expected to look at candidates from the Holmgren tree, including ESPN analyst Jon Gruden, Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and former Carolina Panthers coach John Fox. Holmgren, Gruden, Mornhinweg and Fox are represented by the same agent, Bob LaMonte.”


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  • Browns have no chance with a big name guyl like a Gruden,Cowher..
    Big name coaches will only go where they can compete and win within a short period of time
    and Cleveland is not one of those teams where you play the Steelers/Ravens twice every year..
    Also with Holmgrem as the Tem President, the HC would have to be someone with a small ego and be
    a “Holmgrem” type of guy like Coach Marty M is..
    I think it’s a done deal already and will be annouced next Monday 1/10 after Coad AR Press Conference as they prepare for the Off-Seaon after losing to the Packers and being eliminated
    Coach AR then announces the Hiring of former Patirot/Bronco Coach Josh Mc Daniels as the new
    O/C for the 2011 Season..

  • The other big reason is that Holmgrem is an “Offensive” Coach at heart and loves the passing game and they need someone who can work with young QB’s to develop them and with having Colt McCoy as your QB of the future, Coach MM would be a much better fit than a Defensive minded coach like
    John Fox who is Offensively & QB Challenged at best..

  • My guess is that the Eagles will have Brad Childress back as the offensive coordinator and Dick Jauron as the defensive coordinator next season. I’d be ok with this.

  • Not that this is the right article to comment on,
    But G- what is the NFL going to do if it goes to a 18 game schedule,
    The amount of injuries that teams have is getting ridiculous
    Look at a team like the Jaguars who were fighting for a playoff spot yesterday and they can’t play their top QB and RB…. look at all the blow outs with the Browns,Bills,Dolphins, Panthers who have already packed the season in after 13-14 weeks.. Now we wil have another 2 weeks of bogus football
    to be played where etams have injured stat players or teams just sitting out regulars so to stay healthy for the playoffs.. This NFL game is getting so watered down then it’s becoming like the NBA/NHL where the regular Season is becoming less important

  • I’m not surprised. As we discussed not too long ago, I didn’t think it was too far fetched to bring back Chilly because Marty is going to get these looks with the job he’s done. He’s been instrumental in the development of Vick and Kolb and other good QBs in the past, has a working relationship with Holmgren and Heckert. He would probably be the perfect fit there. And like Paulman said, I don’t see why a guy like Gruden or Cowher would even consider Cleveland and I think they are too high maintenance for a guy like Holmgren who has control. If Marty goes, I’d love to see Chilly back and Jauron and D coordinator.

  • Chilly could follow MM to Cleveland as the OC

  • Chilly wants back in Philadelphia,
    He misses the Hogaie/Cheese Steak binges that he and Coach AR used to have from Tuesday thru Thursdays during their game plan sessions that they used to have.. and besides, Chilly’s favorite Barber is in North Philly…
    Outside chance that Brett Farve would come to PHilly next year to play if this scenario holds up..

  • I think Mornhinweg is the perfect fit for Cleveland. They want somebody who can develop Colt McCoy or possibly they might be interested in acquiring Kevin Kolb. Holmgren and Heckert negotiating with Reid is like an inside deal.

  • If Marty leaves, who gets custody of Chad Hall? Big Red or MM?

  • ISeeGreenPeople, he could but it’s also a possibility that if Marty left he could take someone on the Eagle’s staff with him. Maybe the QB coach or someone.

    G, I agree and that may very well be possible. I could definitely see them trying to trade for Kolb if the circumstances were right. Because the could then trade McCoy somewhere else to get back something comparable to what they would have given up for Kolb.

    green, I hope MM gets custody and Andy has no visiting rights.

  • Tom Heckert values Kevin Kolb more than any other GM in the league because he was one of the guys who talked Andy Reid into drafting him. You can believe that Reid knows how much Heckert likes Kolb. The big question will be can he get another team to get in a bidding way against the Browns.

  • A little Paulmandonis at work here..

    After Stanford Coach J Harbaugh resigns to take the University of Michagan Job,
    Coach AR surprises everyone and takes the Stanford Job, unbeknownst to most of us, Coach AR and former Secretary of State Condy Rice come out of the closet and admit to having had a long term affectionate relationship which each other that involved more than just X’s and O’s on the Football field.
    In week’s time, the Eagles went from a possible #2 Seed with a solid chance of getting to the NFC Championship to losing their O/C, and their Head Coach and here in the middle of January are left with no Coaching staff intact…
    The Eagles HC is offered to Jon Gruden whio says he is not Coaching unless he is paid higher than QB M Vick… so he’s out
    Then the Eagles turn to Bill Cowher who said that he’s already coached the best franchise in Pennsylvania and can’t see himself ever coaching for a Governor who thinks they are a bunch of “Wussies”
    John Fox comes back into the picture but wants too much $$4 and control over the Drafting and Scouting Depts which Banner & Roseman refuse to give up on..
    Urban Meyer is then flown in and wined and dined,but since there is a very small “Mormon” population in Philadelphia, his family decides to pass up the offer as he accepts a better job with the Denver Bronocs and gets re-united with QB Tebow and active partner in John Elway…
    As solid prospects end upleaving and coaching elsewhse… The Eagles go in a panic mode and finally offer the job to Wade Phillips who becomes the new Head Coach of the Eagles..
    The Rest you Can Say, is indeed History…

  • I think Kolb is worth a 3rd Round and a 5th or a 6th Round bases on performance clauses
    I don’t see the Browns offering any higher than that since they already have their QB of the Future in McCoy who has sowm some promise and still have overpaid Veterans Delhomme under contract
    The 49ers/Dolphins/Cardinals would all be interested but again, probably no higher than a 3rd Round selection.. I think a 3rd and 5th is about the best they are going to do and If I am the Eagles and just signed Vick to a long term deal and have Kafka learning,waiting in the wings, I make that trade and get a couple of picks for him while I can and move on..
    Come next year, If Vick were to be seriously injured, Kafka could be as productive as Kolb would be as in the back-up role and there will be some experienced QB on the street is things really get bad and if does, then the Team would be not be going anywhere far anyways… .

  • Green

    I like Hall. Do you?

  • @drummer- I like his story, but I think that they have overused him for the production they have gotten from him….they continually try and use him on goal line situations where his lack of size has worked against him….this was his first TD after how many attempts in the redzone…again, I like academy guys but they keep using him without getting much production….I would have rather that they had kept Amandola than Hall

  • Hall is a poor mans “Danny Amendola” who is quicker and stronger than Hall
    I think Coach AR and staff erred in not keeping WR/Special Teamer Kelly Wahsington but it would have
    cost them about $1 Million more in Salary to keep Washington..

  • Green

    I don’t like how they’ve used him at the goal line (Wildcat), but I do believe that he, and other players with quickness, can be used in that situation.

    I didn’t see much of Amandola, but I liked the little that I saw How was his season? He ended up with the Rams, right?

  • paulman, I agree. I think we all want to like Chad Hall but it seems he’s forced into games and he’s just too small and slow to really make a big impact. I would like to see what he could do if they set him up on some screen plays but they don’t They hand it to him on the 3 yard line. I think Andy won his bet yesterday when Hall scored. So hopefully he’s not out there too much on offense. Just catch the punts and kickoffs, don’t fumble and he’s ok with me.

  • yo drummer, yeah Amendola has had a pretty decent season with the Rams. They lost their 2 top WRs earlier in the year and he’s played good given the situation. Amendola could be doing the same things we are using Hall for but like paulman said, he’s quicker and stronger. Sometimes Hall looks like he’s in quicksand out there. Nice story, seems like a good guy but I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t see him lined up out there anymore.

  • @drummer- He caught 85 balls (which is more than any receiver on the birds this year), for about 700 yards with 3 td’s….had 7 rushes for a total of 80 yds with a 30 yarder as the longest. I would take that over what we got out of Hall.

  • Green

    That’s good stuff!

  • Amendola is definitely an NFL Player, Hall not so much…
    Amendola is a perfect slot WR and good on Special Teams and a good locker room guy.
    The Eagles made a defnite mistake of letting him go, with his strength and workout ethic, he will be able to play for a few seasons and is very versatile and actually takes the spot of 2 players on your roster as the 4th/5th WR and as a Punt/Kick-Off Return man…

  • How you guys feeling about Green Bay?

    Realistically, I think we own them. I think we come out firing on all cylinders and allow the home crowd to elevate us to a big win.

    Other than to say that we have some dynamic play-makers on offense and an opportunistic defense, i.e., Asante Samuels, I can’t offer any other reasons why I feel that way. I guess you could same I’m being a homer, but I just have a gut feeling that this team’s personality that will carry them to a win.

    I’ll offer this. They certainly won’t go into the game overconfident and, again, if their play-makers go all-out, they can beat anyone.

  • Just a thought . . . I haven’t seen the shuttle pass in a long time.

  • To Drummer,
    I just don’t think the Packers and Rodgers are going to go Assante’s way too often for him to make any plays.. Why should they, they will be throwing left,leftl,left like every team has recently at Patterson and the short, underneath routes over the the middle routes to TE’s and crossing routes to speedy Wr’s ..
    If your the Packers, the one thing you are concerned about is having CB Samuel pick one off and especially early in the game where he makes a big play and has the crowd rally hyped up..
    To limit this possibility, the Packers will simply not throw in his direction early and especially none of those 7-12 yeard out routes which is what Samuel covers the best..
    Instead,make him frustrated and bored, and then he’s get ansty and you run the double move on him and take advantage of his over-agressiveness.. Every OC/QB/WR has this down pat when playing against Samuel.. Usually mid–late 2nd Period or even wait until the 3rd Quarter.. but it will come and usally pays off with a big play against the Eagles…

  • Just thinking outload and wanted to raise an issue…
    I read earlier where the Vikings annouced that Interim Coach Leslie Frazier is now officially the HC of the Vikings, which I congratualte him and the Vikings on, for he will make a great coach and is in a good situation with a proven,veteran team then only needs a couple of pieces (mainly a QB) and they could be right back into the hunt next year, I wish he was still on the Eagles Staff..
    Anyways, I saw and read that the Cowboys couldn’t take the “interim” label off a J Garrett until they interviewed some minority candidates for the position per the “Rooney Rule” ..
    Did this have to happen in Minnesota too..Did the Vikings have to interview a White or a Hispanic guy before they officially annouced Frazier as the HC….Does the Rooney Rule work both ways…
    I don’t mean to bring Race into anything, but it seems to me, that if you have to interview at least 1 minority candidate before annoucing a decision on a HC in the NFL, then it should be applied equally across the board no matter which team or who has the interim and who is interviewing for the postion of Head Coach..

  • I wish MM luck in the interview process, he has been acceptable here, might be ready for another shot at running his own team. Would not hate having Chilly back either, might be a bad HC, but a good OC.

  • I wish MM good luck in the interview process. He has done a decent job here. Would not hate to have Chilly back as OC. Some guys are bad Head Coaches, but good coordinators.

  • apparently I stutter

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