• August 8, 2022

Somebody Talking About Donovan McNabb Again, This Time It’s John Beck

How is it that Donovan McNabb can stay in the news every day without uttering a word? I have never seen another player, who has so many people talking about him and going after him all the time.

McNabb is in the headlines again after veteran Washington Redskins backup quarterback John Beck brought up McNabb’s name yesterday when he was on Sirius XM’s Radio.

Understand that Beck is not exactly a franchise quarterback. He’s been in the league for four years. He’s started four games and has a total of one touchdown pass and three interceptions. Beck isn’t exactly a valued commodity in the league, having played for three teams in his four year career.

Beck has been a backup for just about all of his career but he says he’s ready to change that and become a starter. The former Miami Dolphin said his desire to be a starter is the reason he’s happy that the relationship between Skins head coach Mike Shanahan and last year’s starting Skins quarterback, McNabb has eroded.

“I have to say I’m glad it happened,” Beck said on SiriusXM’s NFL Radio. “If I want my opportunity, I have to have stuff like this happen so I can get an opportunity. If McNabb stays as starter of the Washington Redskins, I remain a backup, and I want to be a starter. So, I have to hope for things like this to happen.”


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  • Don threw 1 td and 3 picks on a bad day and won a game.These young guys today don’t follow the simple creed of showing class. Any chance to run your mouth or speak on someone else and they jump at it. Following each other on twitter like a bunch of schoolgirls is the lowest for these guys. Shows how conceted they are too me.

  • LOL @Erock….. Now in days theirs no love for O’G’s…….. Todays society and the youth now in days is cut throat…….. No respect for elders is a common brand now in days……. The world is a What Have You Done 4 Me Lately slogan tattoed all over the flag with the red white and blue colors!!!!! It’s Killed or Be killed…… Survival of the fittest…… You have your Lions and Tigers……. But you have the John Beck’s of today’s society who are the hyenas or vultures who go after any scraps that is left over from a kill!!!!!! In other words Algae Eaters!!!!! LOL!!!!

  • Don’t see it that way, sounds like some reporter asked him about what he thought of the situation, he was honest, said he was glad because he wants to start, but the pity mcnabb crowd will play it up as a young guy piling on mcnabb

  • Publicly hoping for things to not work out between management and a player who is ahead of you so you can get a shot(which is a joke anyway) is classless and does speak to the b.s. attitude of most young players today. How come Rodgers never said anything like that? Same example bigger scale.He showed class. Pity Mcnabb crowd…b.s. Keepn it real and being honest.

  • he never said he hoped for it, just glad it happened from his perspective, most real competitors are that way, without wishing harm to the guy ahead of you, you are glad for the opportunity when things go south for the starter, that’s not classless, its the kind of player I want on my team, now back to the bench erock

  • The guy was asked a question and he was honest and gave his opinion. Whats wrong with that? How is that classless…the guy just wants to play and if it was me or any of you in his position you would feel the same.

    Geez man if McNabb were to have his parking space taken or locker changed in the lockeroom to one that is farther from the door in which he had to walk a couple more extra steps to exit the facility the same McNabb pity group would be crying for injustice and how McNabb is being treated so poorly. So sad.

  • G, you said “I have never seen another player, who has so many people talking about him and going after him all the time”…If McNabb stood up for himself every once in a while instead of sending his agent/mother to speak for him like usual this prolly wouldnt happen. This guy was a good player here at one time time but he is just not a leader. Its funny whenever you hear somebody talk postive about McNabb in the media the first thing that comes out of their mouth is…McNabb has always been a very classy guy.

    Not this guy is a championship QB who when on the field will stop at nothing to win the game..absolute killer on the field..etc…That is the type of guy I want on my team. Those are the guys that win. See Jordan,Brady,Kobe

  • I can’t disagree with Beck…I’m sure Vick felt the same way when he was watching Kolb lead the first team in practices. I felt the same way as a sophomore watching a senior get the majority of the playing time…when he twisted an ankle, had the air knocked out of him, I can’t say I wasn’t pleased to get into the game…

  • I wonder how many fans or posters on here still think that McNabb is a
    “Hall of Fame” player.. Maybe G-Man can post a simple vote Yes or No block with the Results… I have always stated “No” and stand by my statement.
    Good player Yes, Best QB in Eagles History, Yes, but one of the Best in the History of the NFL, Absolutely Not…

  • Why dont you ask yourself that question G? you talk about mcnabb all the time on here. i know you are talking about others talking him but if you didnt keep carrying the message we would never know or care.

  • all this mcnabb hate might just be what he needs to refocus. i still think mcnabb deserves to be a starter in this league. he will play and still put up good numbers. the only question with him is “can he win a championship”, same question remains for any eagle qb, that goes for vick and kolb.

  • Yeah right, come on fellas only an inferior feels like beck. No I am betting that Vick did not feel the same way or Kolb. If you have an once of talent you are hoping that you get a chance to show your juice, not you hope or are glad the guy infront of you gets in a non football ordeal so your sorry butt can get the job then lose it to someone with real talent and class.

    This guy is not a teammate, people like this will not help you they will let you fail, and hurt the team in the long run. No someone with class would have said this guy is infront of me I will blow the coaches mind and take the job.

    Look even if you feel that way you keep it to yourself, in the farthest reaches of your mind.

  • I still think McNabb is a hall of fame player…What he did from 99 to the present is proof in itself…He is one of the top QB’s as far as passing and running ability to ever play the game…

    Paulman, had McNabb lead the Eagles to a Superbowl would your opinion be different? would the following players be HOF caliber in your book Dan Marino? Jim Kelly? Dick Butkus? Warren Moon? Boomer Esiason? Randall Cunningham? All of these guys have no hardware…and did not have as successful as a career as McNabb has…

  • Marino is prime example of a great QB with no SB hardware…but better than majority of QB’s with a SB ring…would you take a Marino (in his prime) or Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre…if you are grading McNabb on career production against those that have made the hall of fame at the QB position, then its only fair that he will be accepted some day…

  • I understand where Beck is coming from. I think all of us who have a person in a position that we want, silently want something to happen so we could move into that position. The thing is, you just don’t say it. No one needs to know that you are silently rooting for your teammate to have a tough time playing or with the coaches. I respect his honesty, because the majority of players, especially backups feel like that. He just needs to learn that you don’t say those things in public because now you don’t look like a team player.

  • Let Vick say “oh yeah, I’m glad Kevin got hurt because I got my chance”. Now even though that’s most likely how he felt, you can’t actually say it. You gotta say “It’s unfortunate what happened to Kevin, but I had myself prepared for the moment and took advantage of it”. Both say the same thing but one comes across a lot better.

  • Vick was wishing for his oppurtunity since 2009, he made it perfectly clear The only way a backup is going to get into a game, is if their teammate does not perform or gets injured…Vick may not have wished ill will on his teammate, but in a sport such as football you will only get your shot if some sort of ill will does occur….Fact is, Becks use of the word “hope” was a bad choice of word…

  • Realtalk, agreed. Beck wished or hoped for the same thing all backups do. In the league the best way to get your chance is injury or poor play. So I feel where he’s coming from. Just not something I think he should have said in public. Because whether it’s real or not, that’s not how teammates should talk about each other because at the end of the day that just means your team isn’t winning. So you rather seem your team lose and you get a chance than win with someone else. And though that is true with most players, it’s definitely not a statement that exemplifies a good teammate.

  • Real, and another thing about Vick is that he was saying he wanted to start somewhere else. Because with McNabb and then Kevin next in line he was lobbying for Carolina and other places the offseason on radio shows. So while he wanted to be a starter he knew Kevin was going to be the QB and definitely didn’t want anything bad to happen to him so he wanted to go somewhere else. And that’s the same thing with Kolb. I’m sure he rather be traded somewhere to have a chance than to wish that Vick fails or gets hurt.

  • @Scorp

    Definitely agree, Vick and Kolb show they are friends the way the talk and reference one another…In regards to Beck and McNabb that does not appear to be the case…Possibly how the head coach and his son handled McNabb this season, has dwindled the respect for McNabb in the locker room, after what took place, noone expects McNabb to be back…Beck probably isn’t considering the possibility that McNabb will be back either…I have no problem with what Beck was quoted with saying except for the very last sentence “So, I have to hope for things like this to happen.”
    I think if he said in order for me to get my chance things like this have to happen…if that was said this would be a non issue, in my opinion…

  • To RealTalk
    Looking back, there is no doubt that McNabb was a Top QB from 2000 thru about 2008 (minue his injured Seasons) but he wasn’t all that great his last couple of Seasons in Phiily.. The Fact that he played in a very QB freindly system where you throw 40-50 times a game, I do believe some of his passing Stats are Skewed so for me it always gets back to how did he perform as the leader of the team, the face of the franchise in their biggest games and the answer is not very well. I don’t blame him for coming up empty in 4 NFC Championship games (3 of which the Eagles were favored and the more talented team) or the 1 Super Bowl where he did lead a good comeback, but the reality is, they he didn’t put his team on his back and will them, scratch and claw or do wahtever it takes to bring a Championship to Philly.. I think looking back most NFL Observors, will say that he had a nice career, was a good NFL QB, but not an “Elite QB” or a “Champion”

  • mcnabb paid lip service to the idea of becoming a champion, as pman alludes but it was never within his makeup, his personality, to do the things champions do, he talked about it but his actions spoke louder, see the air guitar incident, throwing up in super bowl, unable to call the next play, this is what gets people like hopkins out to criticize mcnabb, and it is made worse when he is put on a pedestal by some, especially the national media who fawn over him, but we in philly see it differently, and paul pretty much summed up his career.

  • Beck is a bozo. No class. No brain. Walk a mile in the other guys shoes first.
    Never heard of this no name before this article.

  • The air guitar and puke in the superbowl …that’s what you’re going off of…LOL

  • My thing is there’s photos and videos of Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines of a game
    But nothing of the sort in the biggest game of year showing someone throwing up….

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