• January 17, 2022

Plaxico Burress To Leave Prison Today, Rosenhaus: “He will be top free agent”

Are the Eagles really serious about signing former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress? Who knows but Burress will be released from
the Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, N.Y., later today.

According to the New York Times, Burress will jump on a plane and head south to Fort Laurderdale, Florida and reunite with his family, his agent Drew Rosenhaus, and his business manager, Tony Johnson. Of the course the agent is predicting that there’ll be quite a few teams interested in signing the 6’5″ wide receiver.

“Many teams want him,” agent Drew Rosenhaus told the Associated Press via e-mail. “He will be a top free agent. He is healthy and ready to go. He will be signed shortly after the lockout ends.”

I’ve learned from an NFL source that Rosenhaus and Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman have developed a close relationship over the last couple of years, so it could help the Eagles in the near future, if they decide to take a shot at signing Burress when they get the chance.

Rosenhaus already has a client who is a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and of course I’m talking about Pro Bowler DeSean Jackson, who is anxious to get an extension of his rookie contract. Jackson is expecting a major raise, so Rosenhaus will have to perform a delicate balance in pushing for contracts for two players at the same position with the same team, if the Eagles are interested in Burress.

There’s also been a report that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick did get the chance to talk to Burress. The fact that Vick has been through the same situation which Burress is dealing with, may help give the Eagles an advantage if the Birds are interested in the big fella.

“All of Plaxico’s family and friends are excited about him coming out tomorrow, and Plax is extremely excited about coming out and getting back with his family and getting back into game-playing shape,” said Johnson, the co-founder of Playmakers Sports Management.

Johnson says Burress will be a changed man in that he will value his NFL career more than he did in the past when he had a questionable attitude and suffered numerous fines and suspensions.

“He knows that he has been blessed to be able to come out and go into a lucrative career,” Johnson said.

“But he wants to make sure that he can help as many people avoid what he’s been through himself.”


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  • There will be 4-5 teams interested, but to be a “top Free Agent” orr very high Demand is exagerrating, which is nothing new for Agents Rosenhous or any of the other ones.. What do you expect an Agent to say.. ” My Client hasn’t played in almost 3 Seasons, He’s 34 Years ago and plays a skill position, I hope there is some interest out there..” ..
    He would be a perfect fit for 3 Teams — Patriots,Eagles,Redskins and possibly the Jets & Dolphins

  • After checking the Free-Agent List for the WR position, they’re a ton of very good WR’s

    #1) S Rice (Vikings)
    #2) V Jackson (Chargers)
    #3) B Edwards (Jets)
    #4) S Holmes (Jets)
    #5) S Smith (Giants)
    #6) M Floyd (Chargers)
    #7) J Jones (Packers)
    #8) S Breaston (Cardinals)
    #9) M Sims-Walker (Jags)
    Veteran WR’s like TO, TJ Houzamazada, D Stallworth, R Moss

  • Burress when released from prison, spoke to the media and was wearing a Phillies hat!!!!! Of all hats a phillies cap!!! Hes coming to our city guys hes coming to the eagles i can feel it!!!! And we d be grateful to have him bc we need him and he needs us… Lets go!!!

  • This guy Drew Rosenhaus isnt goning to make this easy…… He’s a real dick bag and he’s going to want every penny that Plex is worth…… 2 years off and at the age of 34 in which he’s 32 years old he’s going to try his best to Tito Jackson his pocket……. In other words fattin his pockets!!!!!

  • If you recall when burress played for the giants he used to wear yankee hats all the time, i have a strong feeling that was him saying hes going to be playing for the eagles this yr. Keep in mind that burress and vick are from the same area in virginia, theyre very good friends, theyve been in touch, hes gonna be an eagleand this will be an even more explosive offense then when TO was here… though its already explosive we have issues in the red zone and being that plax is 6’5 and can catch the ball at its highest point in the air makes him a hot commodity,

    Paulman, all of those names are good ones, but none of them have won anything, moss and TO are two attractive names but they have alot of wear on there bodies, i like S. Rice but hes gona demand big money, plax wont. And plax has had 3 seasons to rest his body, hes never been a fast reciever, hes a possesion reciever that uses his body very well to guard off recievers, I see the eagles signing him, i see plax taking less money to play with vick so he can win…

  • Jon, yeah, it’s cool to get a hyped an all (and I love the Phils hat) but Vick doesn’t make personel decisions for the team… what Plax and Vick want is one thing, what the team wants can be totally different. This isn’t the Miami Heat/NBA…. we’ll have to wait and see.

  • The eagles used to get killed by Plax,the eagles. I would think theyd look into signing him. Him wearing the phillies hat wasnt bc his name starts with a P, if thats the case why not wear a pirates cap? Hes sending a message.

    Also keep in mind that like vick dungy has been going to see plax throughout this whole ordeal and has been working closely with him, i see the same thing happening where the eagles sign plax and he becomes the good citizen just like vick. i honestly think he will be an eagle.

    Hartrodomus has spoken

  • This guys release papers weren’t even signed yet, & ASS CLOWN Rosenhosser, is spewing his verbal diarrhea. Go away you Jackass! If anyone gives this thug anything more than a incentive laid, 1 year contract, they should be canned on the spot! Everyone seems to forget, he hasn’t played in 2 years, is older now, has a shitty attitude, & not to mention the bullet hole in his leg. They have way too many holes on DF, to worry about this jackwad. They need a RCB, 2 LB’s, DE, & DT stud, not to mention depth. They are probably going to be the youngest team in NFL again.

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