• August 8, 2022

Michael Vick: If We Had Had OTA’s & Mini Camps We Would Be Way Ahead Of Schedule

Michael Vick talked to the media yesterday and he expressed a desire to put together a quality game on Thursday versus the Browns, but his comments about yearning for the missed OTA’s and mini-camps caught my eye.

Truth is, I heard a bit of doubt in the signal-caller comments about this squad missing all of the off-season time with the coaches. “Honestly, I wish we could have that time back now”, Vick revealed. “But I think that we have a lot of smart guys on our team and we just have to cram a lot in. But I honestly know, if we would have had OTA’s and mini camps we would have been way ahead of schedule as far as what we’re doing. But as of right now I like where we’re at, we can build from where we are now and I think a lot of good things will happen.”

That last comment sounds like a guy who may be wondering whether this group will be ready for the season and able to avoid making mistakes in early season games The more I look at this squad and listen to their leaders, Vick and Andy Reid, the more I expect them to stumble out of the blocks.

They’ve been making a lot of mistakes on both sides of the ball. Offensively they’re still have some trouble with the blitz and defensively they seem to leave a receiver open every time they blitz.

Reid’s preseason habit has been to not play his starters in game four. There’s an outside chance he may change that habit this year, but chances are he will sit his starters in the final game of the preseason against the Jets. This Thursday’s game against the Browns will likely be the last action that quarterback Michael Vick gets this prior to the first game of the season against the Rams. I sense a sense of urgency from Vick.

For this reason the Birds are taking this game against the Cleveland Browns very seriously. When asked whether the Birds were game planning for this one, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick responded, “Yeah, our schedule is a little bit different this week. So we’re preparing as if we were going to play a full game. We just want to go out and put on the best performance possible, play as a unit, play smart and stay healthy.”

As you would imagine, Vick is eager to get back on the football field after that awful three-interception performance against Steelers. “As a player you always want to go out and put on a great performance”, Vick said. “And you’re able to go back and look at the film and you know why certain things happened the way it happened and what could have been done differently. And like I said last week, that’s a positive. I know why I made the mistakes that I made and how I can correct them and I’m just going to go out this weekend and try to put on a great performance. As long as I’m out there, even though it’s preseason, it’s still a game.”

“He just needs to continue to execute and lead the way that he has in the past, and he’ll do that,” said Reid yesterday in his afternoon press conference. “There’s going to be a blip every once and a while. That’s how it is when you play quarterback and you have the ball in your hand every snap, but you have to have a short-term memory and learn from it and move on.”

Vick knows that this team will sink and swim depending on his performance. The former number one pick in the draft knows a crisp game by himself and the offense would help this team regain its swagger. He was clearly blindsided by his pathetic performance in Pittsburgh, so he’s glad to be through training camp in Lehigh and back at the Nova Care Complex, so he can spend more time in film study.

“I mean, I just learned a lot just watching the film”, Vick told a large group of media members in front of his locker yesterday. “And you know, I don’t think I need to go into a big dissertation about what happened. But obviously we all know that it could’ve been better. And I think it’s just playing with a sense of urgency, you know just going out and making sure that you make the right decisions. You know, every interception I threw last week could have been prevented just by making a better decision with the football, that’s it.”


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  • What’s the problem? This guy has been here for 3 seasons. He should know the system by now. Makes you wonder how hard he’s been working during those seasons.

  • Similar to last couple of Seasons with this O/L
    Last Year it was Center, didn’t know until a week b4 the Season on who was going to play (Jackson,COle or McGlynn)
    2 Years ago it was RT, was it going to be Shawn Andrews,WInston Justice,

    Also the fiasco at RG on whether Stacey Andrews, MJG, Nick COle and on and on..

    This Years it’s RT and who is going to be the Starter… WJ (who hasn’t had a snap since last years playoff game) R Harris who can’t stay heatlhy and has back issues, K Dunlap, Reggie Wells

  • If we were talking about Casey Matthews or an offensive lineman not knowing what was going on because of lack of OTA’s that would be one thing. Vick has been in the league a number of years now and with the Eagles for 3. The quarterback position needs to know the system almost as well as the coaches. All the great ones have that ability.

  • That statement: “If We Had Had OTA’s & Mini Camps We Would Be Way Ahead Of Schedule” applies to the entire league. No one had OTAs and Mini Camps so it’s a level playing field for the most part. The offense still has ways to go with DJack being a brief holdout, the Maclin stuff and still questions along the offensive line. But that still doesn’t provide an excuse the the throw Vick made in that game. Anyhow, I think the team will be fine for the most part. In the end, it will come down to the same things as it’s been for the past few years….. quarterback protection, LB and SS play. Still huge question marks in those areas. But we will see. I still see 11-13 wins barring any serious injuries to key players.

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  • I can’t see what Vick is crying about not having any OTA’s or MINICAMPS because the Steelers didn’t have any OTA”S or MINICAMPS either and they looked way far ahead of the Eagles . I can’t believe its the 3rd preason game coming up and the offensive line is still scewed up and unorganized and they don’t have a clue whom thier linebackers are , I say this all falls on Reid and it doesn’t matter because with him promoting Castillo to be the defensive head coach ,this is going to be a complete disaster meaning the end of Reid in Philly and good riddance ,don’t let the door hit you in he butt on the way out Reid .

  • I am thinking more like 9-10 Wins..
    This Eagles Defense in the middle (DT/LB/Safety) scares me still and the
    Right Side of the OL will be a work in Progress (as it usually is..)
    The biggest thing I see with this schedule is that the Eagles play a lot more physical teams this year and a lot more teams who like to run the Ball and I am not so sure that bodes well for this smallish but fast Defense
    (Teams like the Rams,49ers,Bears,Jets,Dolphins,Falcons,and of course the Giants,Cowboys and Redskins all like to pound the rock and it they are successful in doing so, this Eagles Season could go down in a wimper)

  • I see Vick having a big game tomorrow. We need him to get his work in and get out without having any injuries. We still need to establish a balance attack with running the ball along with our passing game. Go Birds!!!!!

  • Its preseason, Vick had a bad game, the Eagles were beat by the Steelers, however just the week before the Steelers were beat by the Redskins just the week before. Most are tripping over nothing.

  • Does anyone else get the impression of Coaches AR,MM and even J Castillo are so scatter-shot that they are trying everything and anything in such a short period of time that they are adding and even creating some of this self-doubt and confusion with some of the players.. It’s not like any of this should have been a surprise…Why not keep things real basic and simple and especially on Offense when you OL is being rebuilt and your Top WR”s were missing from early camp.. Run the ball, Run the ball, Run the Ball, WOrk on Screens, Double TE sets, etc,etc…. Coach AR I think sometimes feels he has to make everything so damn complicated when it’s not necessary which just pisses me off after watching him for all these yars.. Line up and play smashmouth football for the first few Pre-Season games to get players back into shape and develop a little continuity and a little confidence.. .

  • I love it paul. Keep coming with the insane predictions for attention. Now that i know why you say the things you do its humorous… but i believe i wrote this yesterday in a post and i quote:

    Paul, now you really dont make sense. You said that the this wasnt a normal off season right? So why would you expect the eagles to look polished when 1. they didnt have OTAs. 2. They acquired like 10-15 guys this off season with limited practice time together. So you pretty much agreed with what i have been saying all along.. Give them a break, were 2 pre seasons in going on our 3rd, judge them in the regular season when they get more games together and when there acllimated to everything not when its the 2nd game in the preseason and almost the entire defense has be revamped… Again im done on this subject its too silly to keep addressing…

    Sounds like i really am Hartrodomus, i did not see this interview or press conference or whatever it was, its just common sense… You cant expect a polished product right off the bat from this new team, this is an entirely different team on defense, new players everywhere then you look at the offensive side and they added new guys there too, oline has been shook up too and there still looking for a healthy body to put at RT, give this some time people, philly fans are so impatient, its alot of work putting a championship caliber team out there. Imagine if the eagles made no moves but resigned all there free agents and didnt upgrade what do you think this team would look like? What you be happy with that? I ll answer for you 1. Sucky 2.An Emphatic NO!… You guys just enjoy complaining and stirring up controversy on here for attention… go get a new hobby…

  • Pman – having it both ways here – eoither Ried is so stubborn and smart and thinks he is smarter then everyone or – he is scatter shot.

    On the OL issue – not feeling you. 4 of the 5 spots were inked – the LT, LG, C and RG – the C is being challeneged – that’s a good thing. At RT you yourself (and I know for a fact) admit Justice played well before he injured his knee – so his retunr may be delayed – people learned a new buzz word (was the a movie called ‘blind side’ or something) and now are going goo-goo like they are ESPN announcers. Most elite pass rushin DEs play RDE, most teams have the better run (i.e bigger, not as fast) DE play the left because most teams run right – why do you think the eagles have so much success running left? ) But bottom line is any tool that gets on a web site and blogs about OL ‘sucking, can’t do the job etc. WITHOUT watching game films is full of crap. Feedback from Dunlap against the steelers was that he did well (Philly.com man up) and the coaches.

    Now – name the all-pro RT for the Atlanta Falcons….. oh – that’s right there wasn’t one – the only other pro-bowl player when Vick was at Atlanta was the TE crumpler.

    WHere is it written that the entire line-up must be set X number of weeks before the season – the Packers – who won it all last year changed the line-up almost weekly becuase of injuries –

    As for MLB – let the kid play a friggin regular season game beofre we blog his demise… here’s hopin Matthews has a great game against Cleveland

  • After watching the game a few times, the steelers simply game planned for the Eagles as tho it was a regular season game. It obviously caught the birds off balance. Vick needs to remember to pull the ball down if he doesnt like what he sees (or doesnt know what he is looking at). Dont force throws…

    they all looked unprepared. but they should thank the steelers because alot teams will attack our safeties and linebackers this year so they may as well get prepared for it.

    Vick needs to get familar with the zone blitzing also because he will see it alot. the good teams will be able to apply that type of pressure and coverage behind it so he needs to prepare to beat it when it comes…

    they still have a little time, a few more weeks to get themselves in order..

  • you cats forget how an interview works? a reporter asks a question the athlete responds…the article doesn’t say what question was asked, but I believe its along the lines of “What kind of impact does not having OTA’s and minicamps have on the team? he simply said what any player would say…’practice makes perfect’ right?

  • “I’m just going to go out this weekend and try to put on a great performance.”

    Did anyone tell him this isn’t American Idol.

    The only prediction anyone can make with Vick at the helm is that during interviews he is going to say “I” more than all other QBs being interviewed combined.

  • Good points Rasheed

  • I thought McNabb left the building…this better not be one of those garbage excuses..Every team is on a fair playing level. No one had OTA’s or minicamps so this shouldn’t even be brought up.

    There was every opportunity for these players to get together in the offseason and have their own OTA’s. The Eagles chose to barely take advantage of those chances like other teams did.

    ONe of the main reasons I like Vick as our QB so far is because he hasn’t made any excuses here. When he plays terrible, he says it. After the pick in the playoffs, I believe he said it was on him because he was the QB and that he was going to get better. The other guy would of put that on Riley Cooper, the “youth showed on our football team”.

    Please Vick, don’t turn into that guy.

  • Good points Navy

  • Pheags, there trying to fit things in that they would have had set during OTAs. Then on top of that they add 10-15 new guys on the team.This is why hes saying what he is. This guy is a competitor, he doesnt make excuses like mcnabb and others did and do. Dont take Vicks words out of context…

  • Yes, interviews work that way…but I’ve heard some players who are asked the same thing say something like “Those things don’t matter because no one in the league had them. We are professionals. This is the NFL. When the time comes to play, your ready no matter no matter what.”

  • Those guys arent being realistic if they do say that. And the Eagles again are not the other teams. We made the most moves in the entire NFL this year, Vick didnt have the luxury of being the starter out the gate last year so he didnt get the reps the (When he should have bc he outplayed kolb in practice and during the preseason) he needed, so what happens this yr? the same thing pretty much, NO OTAs which was crucial for him! Then on top of that we acquire 10-15 new players in a limited period of time… Hes not making any excuses hes just being realistic and honest about the situation…

  • JH, I disagree. Those new acquisitions you speak of took place on the defensive side of the ball. The offense has basically the same players they did last year. And I find it really hard to believe the Eagles and every other team in the league didn’t give their play books out to their franchise QB’s to study during the lockout…Those rules are nonsense and even if they are true, Im pretty sure the Birds would take a fine over having a miserable season. Its not unrealistic at all, the fact is Vick should of been throwing hundreds of passes a day to Djax during the lockout. Not only for the team’s sake but for themselves, since they both want major new deals and would put themselves in position to be at their very best this year.

    I said I like Vick because he hasn’t made any excuses so far as an Eagle. That’s one of the main reasons I think philly fans gravitate towards him after just one year more than they ever did for McNabb after a decade plus. No one wants to hear excuses here in Philadelphia.

  • Jon Hart…good stuff buddy, I agree with your assessment on this issue. Sheed good stuff to buddy.

  • Not true Pheags..
    3 New Players on the Right-Side of the line with Kelce,Watkins,Dunlap,HArris
    A New OL Coach changing some of teh blocking schemes,etc,etc
    No starting WR’s to throw the balI am not to in early camp.. I am not making any excuses for their slow start in Pre-Season, but t osay the Offense has been unchanged is just not true..

  • Pheags, your reaching bro reaching big time. You dont see all the the new Olinemen? You dont see the new Oline coach? You didnt see that Vick didnt have any of his starters to throw to in the off season, then no OTAs then Jackson doesnt show up for training camp? Cmon Pheags, your smarter than that. You cant honestly think Vick mentioning this that its him making an excuse… hes being honest. We liked how brutally honest Vick was in press conferences and interviews after games or other, the opposite of donovan, now he says this and you take it out of context? Cmon bro… quit your reaching…

  • JH,
    If I am such an idiot, Why did you repeat almost exactly what I posted in response to Pheags.. and 4 hours later.. C’Mon Dude… Are you trying to make me look bad here.. ha

  • NO excuses Vick! Every team is in the same position you are in, & they are scoring & putting up #’s. I don’t want to here your crap. Having more time, has nothing to do with the 3 idiotic int’s you threw, you bonehead dope! Go execute & read the freaking DF’s right!

  • I agree DDCar,
    This team is underperforming and not being coached very well in my opinion..
    Everyone went ga-ga after the 1st Drive vs the Ravens, and this Offense hasn’t done jack ever since… (except for Kafka in garbage time) It’s time to step up and play some real EAgles Ball now..

  • Paul, lets hope Vick’s head is screwed on tight, & he doesn’t get anymore brain queefs!

  • Paulman, they played ONE half without their best receiver and with their second best receiver only playing a drive………..ONE half since the first drive against the Ravens — STFU you moron, you already exceeded your moronic posts for the day.

  • Whats wrongo BIrdo, can’t other players who are all Professionals step up and make plays.. Vince Young, Avanta, Cooper, Celek,HArbor,etc,etc..I am getting tired of all these excuses everyone is making for this Eagle Offense and Coaching Staff… Time to put up.. 90% of the all other teams are putting up points with their 1st & 2nd Teamers, why can’t the Eagles .. Another thing I amtired of hearing is that the Eagles went 1-3 in Preseason last year or back in 2004.. Well so what, What did the Eagles do those Seasons.. If you want to build high epxpectations and raise the bar, then do it from the get-go, not this half-assed Offense That I’ve seen the last 2 weeks

  • My point is that once again youre a moron and jumping the gun about something that is irrelevant. It’s the PRESEASON.

    Offense didn’t have much trouble putting up much numbers last year did they?

    The offense IS and will be fine if not better. The Eagles don’t do much in the preseason because they don’t show their cards in the preseason. They go in with vanilla gameplans and are pretty much accumulating gametape as to what to do in certain situations.

    Vanilla gameplans. It’s been the norm in the Andy Reid era. Why do you act brand new? Just stick to the Panthers and let us bleed green.

  • That’s BS, they are not scoring any points or sustaining because they haven’t been able to execute this “Pre-Season Vanilla Offense” . I don’t buy a minute of it.. Don’t players want to make plays, score points so they can get noticed and maybe hook up with another team if they don’t make the final roster.. The guys like C Hall,Turner,G Jones all have a sense of urgency.. why not the Starters and the rest of team…

  • Paul, i didnt call you an idiot but since you said it well io guess it fits… Secondly i dont copy anyones posts brother i have a mind of my own… your still ranting about one of the very best offenses in the league? Both rushing and passing. Your falling on deaf ears bro let it go… your an attention whore, pretty much no different than a paris hilton or a kardashian.. your the lindsey lohan of gcobb.com ughh… Save you breath

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