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2012 NFL Offseason: Eagles Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen

Normally, I would keep each position group separately.  But, because the productivity of these two units go hand in hand, I have decided to discuss them together.  The units I’m talking about are the Eagles’ tight ends and offensive lines.

At the beginning of the 2011 season, Philly’s offensive line was a discombobulated unit.  Honestly, to consider them a unit would have been a lie.

There was rookie center and a free agent right guard manning the position until a rookie 1st round pick was ready to take over.  The Eagles left guard was moved to right tackle causing a free agent acquisition to take his spot.

In addition to all of this, these men had to learn the new O-line coach’s scheme with very little time.  In order to prevent total mayhem, the Eagle’s tight ends were asked to help more with the blocking, taking them out of the passing game.

As the season progressed, the Eagles O-line continued to improve which allowed the tight ends to be more involved in the passing game.  What began as one of the Philly’s biggest question marks turned into one of their areas of strength, finishing the season 10th in sacks allowed and 5th in rushing yards.

Here’s a look at the tight ends and offensive linemen currently on the Eagles’ roster:

Tight Ends

Brent Celek– Although he started off slow statistically, Celek actually had a fairly decent year.  Because of his success in 2009, the expectations are high for the former Cincinnati Bearcat.  2011 wasn’t bad (62 rec.,811 yds, 5 TDs), but if the O-line stays intact he could be even more productive next season.

Clay Harbor-Harbor’s main strength is special teams.  I would like to see him more involved in the passing game and give the Eagles a 2 TE threat at times.

Brett Brackett– An undrafted free agent in 2011, thePennState graduate spent the first half of the season inFlorida as a member ofMiami’s andJacksonville’s practice squads. Signed to the Eagles practice squad in November, Brackett must prove he’s more than just a camp body.

Offensive Line


Jason Peters– Patience is virtue because after his first year as an Eagle, I wanted Peters gone.  I thought he was too penalty prone and overhyped. Three Pro Bowls later (a total of five consecutive), it’s hard for anyone to argue that Peters isn’t one of the top 5 left tackles in football.

Evan Mathis– Including his last two years inCincinnati, Mathis has not been credited for allowing a sack for three consecutive seasons.  How the Bengals let him go, I have no clue.  Keeping him in Philly should be the Eagles’ first priority this offseason.

Jason Kelce– While it didn’t seem that Kelce completed earned a starting spot, Coach Mudd was adamant about sticking with him.  The former Bearcat became just the 16th center to start all 16 games in his rookie season.  There’s a good chance Kelce will be the Eagles center for many years to come.

Danny Watkins– Unlike Kelce, Watkins didn’t start from the beginning. The 2011 1st round pick struggled with adjusting to the NFL.  After Week 4, Watkins was given the starting role and hasn’t looked back.  With a full offseason, he should be much improved.

Todd Herremans– Because he was drafted as a tackle, I wasn’t too concerned when the Eagles moved Herremans from left guard to right tackle.  He wasn’t perfect, but it should be understood that he didn’t switch positions until the week before the regular season.  He needs to be kept there.

Winston Justice– After struggling to return from a knee injury, Justice may very well be released to save cap money.  Of course, this depends on what the Eagles do with Mathis.  If he doesn’t return, Herremans could be moved back to guard and Justice is the starting right tackle again.  Let’s hope the Eagles and Mathis work something out.

King Dunlap– At one point, I would’ve thought there is no way Dunlap is re-signed by Philly.  I would not completely rule that out.  Reserve offensive tackles that can play both sides are not easy to find.  Especially ones that are also willing to play guard.

Jamaal Jackson– After virtually having no chance of regaining his starting role at center, the writing’s on the wall for Mr. Jackson in Philly.  His release will add almost $2 million in cap space.

Julian Vandervelde– The 5th round pick fromIowa only dressed for one game his rookie season.  I doubt he’ll be the starting left guard anytime soon, but with a full offseason he can prove he’ll provide quality depth.

Dallas Reynolds– It seems as if Reynolds has been on and off the Eagles roster forever.  The 2009 undrafted free agent from BYU has spend only one week on an active roster.  The is some reason the Philly keeps him around.

D.J. Jones– Jones was claimed off waivers after the Baltimore Ravens released him.  Undrafted in 2011 byMiami, the former Nebraska Cornhusker could very well be Dunlap’s replacement as a backup tackle.

Zane Taylor– FromUtahSt., Taylor was an undrafted 2011 free agent initially signed by the New York Jets.  After spending part of the regular season onTampaBay’s practice squad, he ended up with the Eagles practice squad in late November.  Re-signed in January,Taylor could challenge Reynolds to be Kelce’s backup center.

2012 Forecast

Outside of re-sign Mathis, there isn’t any major moves the Eagles must make with their offensive line.  At one point, I would have advocated pursuingNew Orleans’ Carl Nicks, but he’s going to cost too much.

I could see Andy Reid addressing the offensive line in the mid to later rounds of the draft.  Guard Lucas Nix fromPittsburghcould be a good fit.  Other than that, don’t expect too many changes.

At tight end, Celek and Harbor are likely going to be their two guys.  I’ve said previously that if the Eagles are going to keep only two tight ends, their next fullback needs to be a hybrid FB/TE.  Because of this,Temple’s Evan Rodriguez should get a lot of attention during the upcoming weeks.

If the Eagles keep their O-line intact and make a few minor additions, the tight end and offensive line units could be very solid in 2012.

Haran Knight

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February 21, 2012 7:38 am

At TE,
I think Harbor made vast improvements in his blocking and last years Lock-out probably hurt the 2nd year as much as anyone on the squad… I would like to see him get more practivce time at the FB/HB where he lines up in the back-field and assists in taking on pass-rushes blockers and then slips out in the falts for short passing routes.. I think he can bring some athletecism and size coming out of the backfield on passes where he would be matched up with LB’s and open space after catching a short pass…

Along the OL, I do belive that Re-Signing E Mathis should be a priority to allow this OL some continuity which the Eagles haven’t had in years along the OL due to injuries,etc,etc… I do expect them to try to keep Dunlap for his versatility and knowledge of the system…. W Justice and J Jackson will be a throw in for a trade possibley, or flat out released and will nto figure in future plans for the EAgles… I lile Zane Taylor for Back-up Center and even Guard along with Vandervelde to make the squad as back-up Interior Lineman… I do expect the Eagles to Draft an OT in the middle rounds to have a player to groom (Tony Bergstro,Nate Potter, Matt Reynolds all appear to fir the Howard Mudd profice and long armes, not heavy and light on their feet type of OT that he likes to work with)
This years Draft is not very deep at OT but does have some depth along the Interior with some good Centers/Guards that can be found in the mid/later Rounds

I do think W Justice can be traded and may have some value (a 5th or 6th Round Pick) but could possibly be used with a Eagles pick to move up a round in the Draft … Teams like the Chargers,Cardinals,Bears,Lions,Vikings,Dolphins,Falcons,Steelers could all use some RT help and maybe the EAgles can package their 5th Round Pick plus WJ for one of these teams 4th Round Selections..

February 21, 2012 9:10 am

I don’t know about danny watkins.He lost his job to a guy who was cut by the colts who wasn’t very good.When they gave the job back to watkins he was maybe average at best.It seems like everyone wants to use the excuse that he is a rookie but keep in mind he was a high round draft pick and also he is like 27 years old.Also the center was a rookie also and a 7th round pick and had the shortened offseason just like everyone else but he performed very well.

February 21, 2012 9:56 am

I don’t know what games you were watching Haran, but Mathis gave up a ton of sacks. His position was the weakest played along the offensive line. I saw him get blown away numerous times by bigger, stronger Defensive Lineman. To his credit though, the last 5-6 games he played with a lot more leverage, and did a nice job, and held his own I’m not saying that I don’t like Mathis; I would keep him on this team. But, if I can draft, or bring in a Free Agent Guard, or Right Tackle that has more potential, and upside that can man those positions better I do it.

Kelechi Osemele, and Brandon Brooks I take a long look at as backup/- potential starters. Let also not forget, that Danny Watkins who had his problems is an older second year player. Whats the back-up plan if he gets hurt, or regresses.

Paul, what are your thoughts? Is there any chance we can keep Jamaal Jackson as a back up guard, on a revised contract; that what he played at Delaware State? I think King Dunlap is a straight bum, and waste of roster space……..I know you feel different Paul, but we totally disagree on that one. I feel the same way about Trevor Laws. I also think Vandervelde, like Jaqwuain Jarrett was a reach. But Mathis, as much as I have no problem with him on the team, I’m not sure he is a major priority. The Eagles may feel the same way, that’s why we haven’t heard much about negotiations with him. You can always move Todd Herramanns back to guard. I felt the middle of our offensive line was overwhelmed by bigger, stronger defensive lineman. Howard Mudd like smaller faster lineman, but why cant we use BIGGER, faster, Offensive Lineman? I think we should resign Mathis, but I’m not sure how much of a priority it is.

February 21, 2012 9:59 am

to jbeeee
How quickly they forget..
Watkins missed 2 weeks of Camp due to Contract negoitiations on a shortened Camp.. He was named Starter by Coach AR when he shouldn’t have been, as he didn’t know the system and probably wasn’t even in tip-top football shape.. To say he lost his job to a journeymen is not a true assesment, Watkins wasn’t ready period, as most rookies aren’t with 3-4 weeks under his belt…
Just like Center Kelce, who struggled some the 1st month of the Season, they both improved as the Season went on.. With a full off-season together in the EAgles Program, both Kelce & Watkins should be a little stronger,quicker and understand Mudd’s system that much better.. Both players have bright,solid futures ahead of them..

February 21, 2012 10:13 am

We can also draft bigger, mobile tackles like Bobbie Massie, and Mitchell Schwartz to develop to step in immediately at RT, and or LT for the future, which makes the move of Herramans back to Left Guard a possibility.

February 21, 2012 10:29 am

gmcliff – With all do respect, and you may be the “call it like I see it” type – but you’re impression of Mathis is way way off.

“I don’t know what games you were watching Haran, but Mathis gave up a ton of sacks. His position was the weakest played along the offensive line. I saw him get blown away numerous times by bigger, stronger Defensive Lineman.”

See, he actually gave up 0 sqacks. Does 0 = a ton to you?

Check this out from BleedingGreenNation:

“10. Evan Mathis, OG, Philadelphia Eagles

If you’ve been with us here at PFF for a while, you are probably well aware of Evan Mathis. If you’re not, you may still not have any idea who he is. Mathis was the best guard in football this past season. Lining up at guard next to Jason Peters, he helped form the best left side of an offensive line in the NFL for the Eagles–and he did it all being thrust into the lineup late in camp as the Eagles shuffled positions. Mathis played 1,024 snaps this season and did not allow a single sack. He allowed just 15 total pressures on the season (less than one per game for the mathematically inclined) and his +20.4 run blocking grade was almost three times better than the next best mark of +6.9 posted by All-Pro Carl Nicks.”

Actually a reference to Pro Football Focus (PFF) – which ranked their top 10 players for offense last year.

Mathis is a much better player than your observation stated.

February 21, 2012 10:44 am

gmcliff- not sure what game you watched but Mathis was a beast. This line is beastly in general. I (unlike many on here) think they had serious growing pains even later in the season in the run game but expect a tight tight unit as is going into camp- that said….. can we keep these guys healthy? every year… every single year… someone goes down day 1 or 2 of camp and we are shuffling again. Not gunna lie… we are 1 injury away from chaos again.

February 21, 2012 11:19 am

We agree to disagree GMCliff,
I think Dunlap will draw a lot of interest if he goes out on Free-Agent Market for when you look around the NFL, there are many teams struggling at the OT Postion for not only Starter Players but having a good Quality Back-up types too.. Look at the NFC East, Giants,Cowboys,Redksins would all love to have a OT like Dunlap compete for a Starter’s spot on their Roster.. Again, look around the NFL where the Steelers,Lions,Bears,Vikings,Falcons,Dolphins,Cardinals,Seahawks,Chargers and Raiders all had revolving doors with their LT/RT due to injuries, poor performance.. Now I would not overpay for him..
I also disagree with your statement the OL J Vandervelde like Jarrett was a reach.. They Drafted Vandervelde in the 5th Round which is about where he was ranked prospect wise, so where is the reach with that..
Jarrett was drafted in the 2nd Round when most had his rated as a 4th Rounder at the earliers and some even as a 5th Rounder Prospect.. Jarrett was a big time reach, Vandervelde was not…
Kicker A Henery was a reach in the 4th Round too, Most Kickers go in the 6th/7th Round and the Eagles clearley could have gotten him later in the Draft but one thing that I am pretty sure about, at the end of the day, and at the end of the Draft, where you select the players doesn’t really matter. If you end up with 6-7 Good Players that help the team and are able to compete for starting/rotational time by their 2nd/3rd Season (and sometimes in their Rookie Season) than who cares where int he Drafat they got chosen .. If Kicker Henery has a 10 Year Career and makes a coupld of Pro-bowls, everyone will say what a gret pick he was, If Jarret is out of football in 2 years time, everyone will say what a bust he was…

As far as some of the OL you uo listed
K Oseleme is too big and 6-5 340 lbs and B Brooks even bigger at 6-5 350 lbs.These players don’t have long-armed,slight of frame and quick feet that OL Coach Mudd prefers and don’t appear to be good fits for the Eagles scheme under Mudd
Interior OL who could be on the Radar
OG – K Zietler – Wisconsin 6-4 315lbs
OG – S Kelemente – Washington 6-4 300lbs
OG – L Nix – Pittsburgh 6-5 310lbs
OG – D Wynn – Rutgers 6-5 305 lbs
OG – J Brooks – Virgina Tech 6-2 310lbs

This is a decent class for Centers as well and remember that many Centers can also play Guard.. Here are some likely players that will be availalbe from the 3rd Round on

C/G – Mike Brewster Ohio State 6-4 315lbs (Projected 3rd Rounder)
C/G – P Blake Baylor 6-2 310lbs (Projected 4th Rounder)
C/G – Q Sauslsberry Miss State 6-3 302lbs (Pprojected 5th Rounder)
C/G – P Molk Michigan 6-2 290lbs ( Projected 5th/6th Rounder)
C/G – M Cloy Clemson 6-4 310lbs (Projected 6th/7th Rounder)

February 21, 2012 12:06 pm

@ Brothers Shill, and Stevo – I watched Mathis closely last year, and he wasn’t a quote unquote beast, and I say that, not in a disrespectful, or unappreciative way. I really like Mathis, but I did see him give up a sack or two, and not only that, I positively remember Jay Ratliff knocking him on his tail, and some others running up the middle on him, because of a missed block, or just being overmatched, and allowing Vick to be pressured, forcing him to scramble out of the pocket. You guys are fantastic in your evaluations, no disrespect at all, but generally when a player is a favorite of the fans, we get selective memory, and forget some plays, and remember most of the good ones. I agree, for the most part he played well, but I’m sorry I do recall him from time to time being overmatched against stronger DT’s.

@ Paul – When I say Vandevelde was a reach; I didn’t mean as far as where he was drafted, but as far as him potential as an impactive pro football player. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was playing in Canada in 2 years. Your right Osemele, and Brooks, are big, but you are incorrect about their quickness. I’m aware they both were criticized for that but at the east- west shrine game, and the senior bowl they both proved that knock on them wasn’t accurate. Osemele, was quick enough to stand up, and stifle Quinton Coples, and Courtney Upshaw at RT, so he would be quick enough, to handle the guard position, and overwhelm what he was up against, and pull as a guard. Brooks, did the same thing in the E-W Shrine Game, against Andre Branch, and Melvin Ingram. I like Howard Mudd as a teacher, and coach but he should be able to get the same production with bigger quick lineman as well.

February 21, 2012 12:11 pm

Have you guys heard any updates on how the negotiations are going with Mathis?…..(rhetorical question)……..I want him back chemistry, and continuity, is important to a strong offensive line, but why haven’t we heard anything about him yet?

February 21, 2012 12:18 pm

@ Schill…agreed with your statments on Mathis…I saw the PFF post also.

We need some stability on the O-line for once in a long while. Mathis should be a priority….frankly I didn’t like some of his off field tweets and “sign-gate” run-in with a fan…but I disagree with gmcliffs view…Mathis and Peters on our left side gives us a great combination for a few years down the road once we can get him signed.

February 21, 2012 12:34 pm

To GMCliff,
I agree that Both Osemele and Brooke have bright futures in the NFL, but that they just don’t suit Mudds style or preference…
@ Vanderwelde, I still am not sure what you mean about Vanderwelde, was anyone expecting a 5th ROund OL from Iowa to be animpact player his rookie season, if so, I must have missed that article or anaylsis, he is what he is, a mid-late Draft selection to add depth/competition to the OL which is what he is at this stage of his developement..Do I envision him as a future All-Pro , absolutely not, is he an upgrade over Guards Eagles have had the last few seasons in Nick COle, MJG, McGlynn and a better fit for Mudd’s schemes, I think so and think hewill be a decent back-up Guard in the NFL

@ far as Mathis… Most of know he is not a straight,downhill blocker and struggles a bit in short-yardage/red-zone blocking and theree is little doubt that he needs to improve in this area, his strength is using angles,his quickness, his tshielding technique that allows Peters ot pull out quite abit and Mathis is very strong on getting out on that 2nd level to block LB’s and in the passing game, is very effective on getting out on screens too.. When you take the entire package, Evan Mathis is a pretty good all-around LG and fits this Eacgle scheme pretty darn well.. many NFL Observors felt he played at an All-Pro Level that last 10 games of the Season and was worthy of All-Pro conversation despite the fact the Eagles had a disappointing season…

February 21, 2012 12:43 pm

gmcliff – negotiations with free agents are not allowed to start until league year starts – it hasn’t yet. It starts in March. Jenkins was under contract – not a free agent.

February 21, 2012 12:47 pm

gmcliff – Nobody was suggesting that there weren’t times when beastly roided DTs physically beat Mathis on a few plays. 0 pro atheletes are perfect.

But you keep stating that you saw sacks. See, there’s these things called statistics. Mathis gave up 0 sacks. You insist on more than 0, but facts state otherwise.

February 21, 2012 2:52 pm

SHILL – Why are you mentioning Jenkins. I know he’s under contract. I live by the notion that no one is perfect; myself included, as well as statisticians. But, I did see him give up a sack this year, in fact 2. I still think the guy is needed on this team, but, with all due respect, he’s not Larry Allen reincarnated.

February 21, 2012 2:53 pm

Thats fair Paul.

February 21, 2012 3:08 pm

gmcliff – I was mentioning Jenkins because his contract was just renegotiated and that made news today (so to clear up any confusion about why there are player deals happening with teams) but still – no regular free agency yet. Does that make sense?

And still you keep on stating you saw two – you THINK you saw two. But that’s impossible because there were 0 according to profootballfocus. They keep the stats. You can keep ‘seeing things’. but stats don’t lie about stats.

February 21, 2012 3:40 pm

Besides, only Paulman can lie about “Stats” …

February 21, 2012 5:02 pm

Given how often Michael Vick faced a broken down pocket during the meat of the season where teams were actually playing for something it’s clear that the interior of the O-Line, for pass protection, in DEEP FRIED DOODOO. More to the point the run blocking was OK, but not great I want to understand why people refuse to accept the fact that LeSean McCoy had to improvise, 90% of the time because the hole that was supposed to be opened wasn’t there. I really am tired of hearing people talk about how they pulled it together at the end of the season since it’s been made clear that the last four teams played were not competitive. I’m tired of hearing people talk about how the O-Line played much better.

As far as I’m concerned Mathis shouldn’t get an extension, he was responsible Vick’s cracked ribs in 2011. If they do bring Mathis back they need to move him to the other side so they can put Herremans back in his left guard position and put Winston Justice back on the outside.

February 22, 2012 11:15 am

Hmmm…given that Visanthe Shaincoe may be getting released from from the Vikings I’m thinking that plus Plaxico Burress along with a trade of Avant, release of Clay Harbor, long term signing of DJax and a restructuring of Assante Samuel’s contract could be just what the Dr. ordered for the Eagles in terms of their skill positions and salary cap for next year without making major changes on offense.

It also would give them another physical TE and WR that could do a good job blocking when that’s required.

February 22, 2012 12:11 pm

I think you way off

#1) Schianco doesn’t have much left after some injuries
#2) Who would the EAgles Trade Avant too and what would they get in return
#3) Harbor is primed for his breakout season this year after his 1st full Off-season as a Pro
#4) Samuel is a goner, he will not rework his deal with the Eagles for that goes against everything he believes in as a player/man.. He was jsut as well get released and free to make his own next deal with another team (Cowboys/Lions/Falcons/Redksins/Dolphins,etc,etc)
#5) Plax Burress, I like the move, if D-Jax stays

February 22, 2012 12:16 pm

Dolphins have told QB Chad Henne that they will not offer him a COntract and that he will indeed be a free-agent (Eagles/Redksins/Bears will all show some interest)
Dolphins will sign QB Matt Flynn from the Packers who was coached/worked in new Dolphin HC Joe Philbin’s System since being drafted from BC.. Philbin and Flynn have a 3-4 Year Work relationship and could be the QB that helps get the Dolphins back to PLayoff Contention, they have a decent OL.,WR, RB’s and Defense, I expect the Dolphins to be one of the surprise teams in the AFC in 2012

February 22, 2012 2:09 pm

Paulman, I’m not as high on Harbor as you are. I thought he would find ways to make it on the field much more last year, was not really impressed. I think we should draft Ladarius Green. What do you think about him? I watched his videos and like his size/speed a lot…i think he would be the perfect compliment to Celek. I would spend a 4th rounder on him.

Also, whats your opinion on Jimmy Clausen? I read today that he will likely be cut since the Panthers cap situation is in bad shape and since they already have their QB. Clausen looked really terrible during the regular season games I saw him in, but he had like nothing to throw to. You prolly saw some preseason games of him…I think the Eagles should sign the guy and see what he has.

February 22, 2012 2:18 pm

I wouldn’t mind pursuing Chad Henne. He’s young, can fill in for Vick if he gets hurt, or can just eventually take the reigns from Vick.

February 22, 2012 3:39 pm

#1) Stay away from J Clausen who I did see a lot the last 2 Years he’s been on the Panthers and yes I will admit, his 1st season was a disaster with injured OL, no Wr Steve Smith, a lame-dcuk HC i John Fox so there were a lot of things out of his control he had to deal with but even last Pre-Season he still had a chance to beat out Cam Newton and looked overwhelmed and overmatched and talk about a noodle arm, He makes Kevin Kolbs larm look like Darryl Lamonica’s… I would stay away from him and about the only QB who comes to mind in comparion is Brady Quinn and Colt McCoy and I don’t think neither of them will make an impact in the NFL..
I do like Chad Henne who had a very strong arm, some nimble feet who can move around, With good Coaching , I think he can be a nice back-up/Spot Starter.. Henne’s problem is his own self-confidence, he get’s down on himself a little too easy and is a super competitive player who sometimes is a little too emotional out there…

ON Harbor, remember he was Drafted in 2010, then last off-season was a lock-out and had no off-season and he looked pretty lost the 1st half of last seasonbut I though he came on the 2nd half of last season and with his first full-offseason hopefully he can hit the camps/Otas with both feet on the ground and ready to compete.. I would like to see him get some snaps at FB/HB position (especially since the Eagles don’t have one right now)
About TE Ladrius Green from tiny LA-Lafayette University.. This guy is a player, big,explosive with soft hands for a big guy.. AT 6-6 and 4.6 Speed, this could be the TE Weapon that Eagles haven’t had sinec Keith Jackson’s day where he could go deep and comman double coverages down the middle.. I like him a lot and of course he needs to work on his blocking, He would be a steal in the 4th ROund if he’s still on the board and with a good Indy Combine week, I expect him to go in the top 1/2 of the 3rd Round as many teams are going to copy-cat the success of the Patriots of going to more of a 2 Athletic TE Sets ..(the Ravens,Lions,Packers & Texans already have as well)

February 22, 2012 4:14 pm

Good info on Clausen, I just rmbr the line was terrible when he played and he didnt have an Olsen and Shockey as a safety net. I think we draft a guy in the mid rounds atleast I hope since I don’t see Kafka as a franchise Qb.

Yea Paulman, I’ve been begging for them to draft Green for a while now. I want this guy in a Birds uniform for years to come. I think he could end up being easily the best TE in the draft when we look back years from now.

February 22, 2012 4:42 pm

Watch Coach AR go out and sign QB Clausen to a 5 Year $75 Million Deal stating he “loves to play game” and has a “high motor”… Good Grief…

February 23, 2012 2:05 am

Harbor is 6’3 252 or more and runs 4.5..he just needs more opportunities its hard because all of the weapons..

February 23, 2012 7:27 am

3 Players who I expect strong off-seasons and good seasons for 2012
TE Harbor, CB T Lindley and yes, DE Brandon Graham… If these 3 players who have their 1st real off-season workouts come to OTA/CAmps and are ready to play and contribute would be a big difference come next Season…
I would like to see Harbor play more FB/HB
CB lindley concentract on the playing the slot CB to replace Hanson
DE Graham moved around in the formations standing up and blitzing from various positions..
I also would like to see LB K Clayton, take some reps at SS, at 6-2 225lbs and having speed, he may be able to add a solid cover player at the position tpo concentrate on other teams TE’s and provide more size than Coleman/Jarrett down in the box on running situations..