• December 6, 2022
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Hamels Tells Manuel He Wants The Ball In Game Seven

Cole Hamels says he wants that ball for game seven and made a point of talking to Charlie Manuel about it. (more…)

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Can The Phils Pitching Staff Do The Job?

We know what the Phils bats can do but can their pitching hang in there and help them finish strong. (more…)

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Somebody Needs To Tell Cole To Shut His Trap

I know Cole Hamels led the Phillies to a World Series Championship last year but somebody has to tell him to shut his mouth. (more…)

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Hamels Had His Control Early & Lost It In An Instant

Cole Hamels has struggled throughout the playoffs and it continued tonight's outing against the Yankees. (more…)

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Pespective On Game Three Starter Cole Hamels

For much of the 2009 season, the biggest question to pop up after ‚ÄúWill Brad Lidge ever return to his 2008 form?‚Äù was, ‚ÄúWill Cole Hamels ever return to his 2008 form?‚Äù  (more…)

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