• August 19, 2022
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Lombardi Says Eagles May Keep All Of Their QB’s

Mike Lombardi was just on 610-WIP talking to Glen Macnow and Ray Diddinger.  He said some shocking things about the Eagles quarterback situation. (more…)

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Is Kevin Kolb Really Playing His Hand Right?

I've been asking myself if Kevin Kolb is playing his hand right by being a team player and not putting pressure on the Birds to give him a shot or trade him. (more…)

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If Eagles Go With Kolb, They Must Run The Ball More

Get ready for the Eagles to take a step back in the division, if they trade Donovan McNabb, replace him with Kevin Kolb and continue to execute their pass-happy offense. (more…)

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Kolb talks about his status with the team

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb spoke recently with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on his status with the team.  He says that he hasn't spoken to Andy Reid about his status with the team since the season

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