• December 9, 2022
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Micah’s Week 1 picks … revisited

One of the things that irritates me the most about the media is predictions. Everyone loves predictions despite the fact that they are all - at best - educated guesses. It's not that I have

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Micah’s Week 1 picks

It's the eve of Week 1 in the NFL and I couldn't be more excited. I've gotten into the GCobb.com pick 'em challenge and I thought I'd explain my awful picks right here. If you

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Redskins Trying To Acquire Star WR Vincent Jackson?

The Chargers and their top wide receiver Vincent Jackson haven't been able to work out a contract because Jackson wants a big raise and a contract closer to the one Brandon Marshall just inked with

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King: Eagles Moving Up In 1st Round For Berry Or Thomas

Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports that the Philadelphia Eagles want to move up in the first round to get one of the top two safeties, either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas. "Let me rephrase

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Marshall Is Worth Gold, But You Throw Holmes Out In The Trash?

How do you explain the NFL and some of the front office decisions that are made?  Some teams seem to operating on Mars while others seem to operating on Venus, if you know what I

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Eagles should be interested in Mawae and Ginn, Jr.

With all of the talk about who the Philadelphia Eagles should take in the draft and who they'll be able to get to help right away, I was thinking about some veteran guys who could

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