• May 19, 2022
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Not Manning, Favre Or Brees, Brady Is The QB That Kolb Should Emulate

While thinking about what awaits Andy Reid's football team and his young quarterback Kevin Kolb, I thought about which quarterback currently playing in the NFL that I would like to see him emulate and the

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What Are Acceptable Numbers For Kolb And The Eagles In 2010?

The Eagles 2010 season begins and ends with new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb.  If he plays well then it doesn't matter what Donovan McNabb does in Washington.  If he doesn't play well and McNabb takes

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I Don’t Think Ellis Hobbs Is The Answer At Cornerback

I like what the Eagles did by getting a bevy of speedy pass rushers to pressure opposing quarterbacks, but they've got to be kidding if they think Ellis Hobbs is the answer at the cornerback

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