• September 29, 2022
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Jets May Be Able To Win It On The Ground, But I Like The Patriots

In the final game this weekend, Rex Ryan and his mouth running football team will take on the New England Patriots in Boston.  The Jets have a very talented football team, but they're greatly overmatched

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Micah’s Week 1 picks … revisited

One of the things that irritates me the most about the media is predictions. Everyone loves predictions despite the fact that they are all - at best - educated guesses. It's not that I have

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Roster Spots Are On The Line Tonight When Eagles Battle The Jets

Rookie Jorrick Calvin visited the Eagles prior to the draft and thought he was going to be selected by them.  It didn't work out that way and the Arizona Cardinals grabbed him in the sixth

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NFL Draft Day – Various Thoughts I Have Going Into Day 1

Here we are.  The most anticipated time of the NFL Off-season. While every team’s front office is finalizing their game plan, every ‘expert’ is going over their mock draft so they can brag to everybody

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Marshall Is Worth Gold, But You Throw Holmes Out In The Trash?

How do you explain the NFL and some of the front office decisions that are made?  Some teams seem to operating on Mars while others seem to operating on Venus, if you know what I

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