• November 28, 2022
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GCobb.com – 2010 NFL Mock Draft Number 8

I think we can be confident that the Eagles will try to use their top picks to address the holes in their defense. If the players they like are available, they'll draft a defensive end,

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GCobb.com – 2010 NFL Mock Draft – Number 7

The Eagles have a serious problem at the safety, linebacker and defensive end positions but there's no guarantee that the player they want will be on the board when they pick. (more…)

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GCobb.com – 2010 NFL Mock Draft Number 6

I think the Eagles are going to get to the 24th pick and have the option of getting a defensive end with a tremendous upside, like Carlos Dunlap or an expectional linebacker like Sean Weatherspoon.

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GCobb.com – 2010 NFL Mock Draft – #5

Here's another mock draft with some major changes.¬† The Rams go with the sure thing, Ndamukong Suh rather than taking the chance on Sam Bradford who injured his shoulder a year ago. (more…)

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GCobb.com 2010 Mock Draft – Number 4

I'm starting feel confident that the Eagles target in the first round will be a pass rusher for the left side of their defense.  They have addressed the safety position somewhat with the Jackson signing.

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