• September 28, 2022
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Ernie Sims: “Put pressure on Peyton Manning…. Even better put him out of the game”

I don't know if Ernie Sims realized what he said today, but if you're a defensive player in the league and you start talking about putting Peyton Manning out of a game, the NFL league

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As Long As Peters Is Eagles Left Tackle, There Will Be A QB Controversy

Kevin Kolb had a horrible beginning as the Eagles starting quarterback. There’s no arguing that. His performance has brought into question his ability to play under pressure and being smacked around a few times. My

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Not Manning, Favre Or Brees, Brady Is The QB That Kolb Should Emulate

While thinking about what awaits Andy Reid's football team and his young quarterback Kevin Kolb, I thought about which quarterback currently playing in the NFL that I would like to see him emulate and the

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Kolb And McNabb Are Amongst The Top Jersey Sales In The Nation

Donovan McNabb has the second most popular selling jersey in the nation and new Eagles starting quarterback Kevin Kolb is number 12 on the list. The current leader in NFL jersey sales is Denver rookie

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There Are No Michael Jordans Amongst Today’s NFL QB’s

It's nearly a week after the Donovan McNabb trade and the controversy remains with us.¬† We had NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger erupt on McNabb and call him a flawed quarterback. (more…)

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Even With Another Bowl, I Don’t Put Manning On Top

I was just reading an article on SportingNews.com about Peyton Manning closing in on being the greatest quarterback of all-time. (more…)

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