• July 3, 2022
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If Now Isn’t The Time To Panic About Phillies, When Is?

During the Phillies struggles, we have heard everyone from players to fans to radio hosts say “I’m not worried about this team, it’s only May/June/early July, this team is a second half team, they’re too

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Phils Back-up Catcher Plays Role Of Unsung Hero In Win

I know everybody's talking about Jimmy Rollins and his walk-off home run last night at Citizen's Bank Park against the Cleveland Indians, but the guy who should get a lot of credit for the job

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Absence Of Rollins Isn’t a Valid Excuse For The Phillies Hitting Woes

Throughout the Phillies recent offensive struggles, many have suggested that not having All-Star shortstop Jimmy Rollins in the lineup is one of the roots of the Phillies struggles. Anytime a team loses a player of

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Philadelphia Sports Fans Shouldn’t Worship Sacred Cows

I don't believe in sacred cows but it seems that the Philadelphia sports media and many Philadelphia sports fans believe in them. I've been accused of being biased in favor of Donovan McNabb but the

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Is There Anything The Phils Could Do To Resign Werth?

Jayson Werth is putting himself in position to make a boat load of money when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season, but Phillies are asking themselves a very important question.

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Halladay Battles Through Seven As Phillies Beat Cards Again

After losing the first game of the four-game series, the Phils did a nice job of coming back to win three straight against a Cardinals team which came to town with the best record in

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