• May 24, 2022

Fantasy Quarterbacks

Recently, I took a look at the running backs for fantasy football this year, and now we’re going to take a gander at the signal callers.

This time, for my own sanity, I will at least group them by division.  That helter skelter approach with the RB’s drove me nuts.  Whatever you do, don’t draft a QB too high.  I never have Peyton Manning on my team because someone always grabs him too early.  31 TD’s last year is great, but you can find better value in the mid rounds.
NFC East:
Eagles:  Draft Kelly Holcomb early.  Ok, maybe not.  Donovan is the man here, there is no doubt about it.  When healthy, he is a fantasy monster. But his health is a concern, similar to Frank Gore.  If he’s around in the 4th or 5th round, I’m on it.  
Cowboys:  Who knows with Tony Romo?  Is he the Joe Montana guy that he showed for a bit last year, or is he closer to the Brad Goebel guy that he showed later in the year?  My guess is somewhere in between.  Not a bad pick in the 7h round or later.  Not before that.
Redskins:  I would only take Jason Campbell in the late rounds as a backup.  I don’t see him putting up fantasy numbers this year.
Giants;  Eli Manning can have good fantasy days and horrific ones.  As far as when to look at him:  See Tony Romo.
NFC South:
Atlanta Falcons: Take Michael Vick in the first round if you can.  Joey Harrington is a bad QB with bad WR’s.  Don’t go near this.  I don’t even think that needs to be said.
Tampa Bay Buccanneers: Do not be fooled by Jeff Garcia’s performance last year.  He is a marginal fantasy QB at best.  Could be a nice find in the later rounds as a backup.
New Orleans Saints: Yes, Drew Brees is a good fantasy QB, but don’t get over anxious and grab him too high.  A nice find in the 4th.
Carolina Panthers: I actually like Jake Delhomme. If I got him as a backup, I’d be happy with that.  If he’s your starter, you made a huge error somewhere by drafting your defense and kicker too high.
NFC North:
Green Bay Packers: Favre is a tough one.  I wouldn’t touch him before the 7th round unless I stocked up big time on RB’s and WR’s and needed a QB badly. You could do a lot worse, but don’t let his name fool you into taking him too high.  
Chicago Bears: Are you kidding?  
Detroit Lions: Anyone that had Kitna last year will tell you that he is a nice find.  With Calvin Johnson, Roy Williams and Mike Furrey, he is poised for another stellar fantasy year.  But don’t jump the gun before the 5th round at least.
Minnesota Vikings: I want no parts of Tarvaris Jackson.  I don’t even see the upside.  That offense is bad.
NFC West:
Seattle Seahawks: Hasselbeck is a nice find in the 6th round or so.  He’s a solid guy that you can count on from week to week.  Wasn’t great last year, but I’m still with him.
San Francisco 49ers. Alex Smith could develop, but his WR’s are awful.  He’s young and will need another couple of years before I would look at him.
Arizona Cardinals: Matt Leinhart could be a steal in rounds 10 or later.  He has brilliant WR’s and they are always playing catch up.  The line should be improved.  He could help your team a lot this year.
St. Louis Rams: Bulger had a great year last year and is a great fantasy QB.  That doesn’t mean you take him in the 2nd round.  Wait until the 4th or after and you’ve got yourself great value.  Chances are, someone will make the mistake of taking him too high, but that’s ok.  You just had another nice RB or WR fall to you. They are much tougher to find than a QB.  
AFC East:
New England Patriots: Tom Brady is the man, but someone will take him too high.  If I got two nice backs in the first couple rounds and there were no WR’s that I loved, I’d go for it in the 3rd.  The additions of Randy Moss, Stallworth, Wes Welker and the oft forgotten Kelly Washington will make him that much better.  
NY Jets:  I like Pennington and he could be a solid find in rounds 7 or later.  He just doesn’t have the arm strength to make great plays deep consistently.
Buffalo Bills: You would be very lucky to find Losman in rounds 10 or later.  He started to play better last year and has a great big-play guy in Lee Evans. I would do jumping jacks if he was my backup.
Miami Dolphins: Don’t take Trent Green unless it’s really late.  He was bad for the Chiefs last year and has never been a stellar fantasy QB.
AFC South:
Indy Colts:  Who is their QB again?  Drawing a blank.  See my first paragraph on this guy.
Tennessee Titans: Don’t take VY because he is electrifying.  Highlight reels don’t win fantasy championships (see:  Michael Vick).  But he does get some points, so look at him in the 10th round or so.
Jacksonville Jaguars: I’ve heard good things about Leftwich.  Sleep on him and grab him in the 9th or later.  He could be a nice sleeper.
Houston Texans: Interesting situation with Matt Schaub.  I think he’s a great gamble to grab no earlier than the 8th round.  Don’t discount the abilities of Andre Johnson, he’s a beast and will finally have a QB throwing to him.  Still not thrilled that it’s Houston, though.  
AFC North:
Cleveland Browns: Take none of their QB’s at any point.  
Pittsburgh Steelers: I’m not a Big Ben guy.  They don’t throw much and by drafting him in the mid rounds you are drafting a name.  He’s fine as a backup, but I wouldn’t want him as my starter.  
Cincinnati Bengals: Love Carson Palmer.  He’s now a year removed from the crushing knee injury suffered in the playoff loss to Pittsburgh in 2005.  He’s worth taking in the 3rd round for sure.  I know it sounds stupid, but I am just not a fan of taking a QB any higher than that.  
Baltimore Ravens: McNair isn’t worth drafting unless it’s late in the draft and you don’t recognize any of the other names left on the board.  
AFC West:
San Diego Chargers: My cousin Ben went to NC State so he might get mad at me if I don’t say something glowing about Philip Rivers. Good, emerging QB on a team with bad WR’s.  He’s got LT and Gates to throw to, but he’s not going to be a monster.  A nice solid fantasy starter.  
Denver Broncos: Not sure what to think of Jay Cutler just yet.  Worth a flyer in the later rounds as your backup.  Could make you look very smart.  
Kansas City Chiefs: Damon Huard might be a nice backup in later rounds, but keep an eye on that situation with Brodie Croyle on his heels.  I don’t see either one doing much this season.  Only draft one late in deeper leagues.
Oakland Raiders: Don’t do it.  Just don’t.  This situation is more troublesome than Frostee Rucker at a Girl Scout meeting.  
As you can see, I’m not a fan of taking a QB higher than the 3rd round.  Too many good backs out there, and you are better off going in that direction and finding a competent QB later in the draft.  Let someone else spend a high pick on Peyton or Brady.  


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