• May 24, 2022

Fantasy Sleeper of the Year

There is a player from a team that struggled mightily last year who could make some serious noise this fantasy season.  The great thing about him is that it is very unlikely that he will even cost you a draft pick.

Do yourself a favor by picking up Oakland Raiders WR Ronald Curry off of the waiver wire.  The sixth-year wideout has great size (6'2" 210 lbs) along with good hands and speed.  He is an athlete who can make people miss and turn short passes into larger gains. 

 Last year, he managed to haul in 62 catches for 727 yards and a touchdown.  Those stats may not seem like much at first glance.  However, when you consider the chumps who were throwing him the ball last year and the team's wet-toilet-paper "offensive line", Curry's accomplishments were spectacular.  And that he compiled those numbers having only started 4 (four!) games last season makes me wonder why this guy is not getting more attention.

In all three of my leagues, I picked him up as a free agent, or spent a very late draft pick on him.  You will likely be able to do the same in your league.  The potential drawbacks do not compare to the upside that Curry has.  It is true that he has been injury prone and it is also true that the offensive situation in Oakland is not very stable.  But, again, look at what the man did last year when their offensive situation was even worse.  Both the quarterback position and running game should be much improved from last year.  Further, unlike last year, Curry is indeed a Week 1 starter alongside the aging Jerry Porter.

But what if Curry gets hurt or is supplanted by coach Lane Kiffin's boy from USC, former Lion WR (and draft bust) Mike Williams?  Big deal.  Losing a free agent pickup or a late draft pick will not likely make much of a difference on your squad, as you have hopefully already secured the players that you will count on from week to week.  

 So by all means, take a look at Ronald Curry, my sleeper of the year.  The risk/reward ratio will be heavily in your favor.


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