• June 10, 2023

McNabb and Receivers Not Getting It Done

This is awful.  Not the defense but the offense has been pathetic in two games.  Donovan McNabb has been inconsistent in the putting the ball on the money and the receivers aren't doing a good job of getting open.

How can you come out with such a weak performance in the first two games?  Andy Reid says the offense is out of sync but I don't know if simply becoming "in synch" will solve their problems.  They just might not be good enough.  McNabb is just not on his game.   The receivers have been blanketed.  Thus, the blame has to fall on McNabb and his receivers.  They just aren't getting the job done.

Too many of McNabb's throws were high and off target.  It's clear that you can move corners up in press technique and cover the receivers man to man.  One of the Birds receivers said they got more man to man coverage than they were expecting.  So what?  You're supposed to go out and beat the man to man coverage.  McNabb is supposed to put the throws on the money and the receivers are supposed to get open.

It seems the most dependable receiver on this football team is 3rd receiver Jason Avant.  It's getting to the point where Andy Reid may have to start making changes.


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