• May 24, 2022

McNabb Must Throw Ball Away

Donovan McNabb was holding the ball much too long on Sunday night and should have thrown some of the balls away before being sacked.  He can’t just continue to take sack after sack without starting to throwing the ball away.

Andy Reid needs to alter his play calling because McNabb doesn't have the ability to avoid the rush like he has done in the past.+

Likewise, Donovan must alter his game to avoid taking all those sacks.  McNabb has to alter his game because he can’t run like he did when he was healthy.  He  shouldn’t continue trying to outrun guys he can’t outrun right now.   How many times does he need to get caught from behind before he realizes he can’t outrun Osi Umenyiora, right now?  

I can understand some of the sacks because he had barely gotten set in the pocket when he was hit.  At the same time, he’s got to get rid of the ball more often.  He can’t just stand back there and eat the ball time and time again.  I don’t know if there were any receivers getting open but I do know that he could have gotten rid of the ball more often than he did.  



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