• December 8, 2022

Eagles Must Get Trevor Laws Ready

The Eagles rookies will workout a couple of days this week.

It's going to be important that they get these guys ready, especially Trevor Laws. 

Laws will be in the defensive tackle rotation, so he's got to be prepared to contribute.  He seems like a smart kid, so I think he should be able to pick the system up quickly.  

He's got the same type of build as Mike Patterson.  He's wide and built low to the ground.  This will probably make him a better run stopper than pass rusher.  I doesn't have the long arm or quickness to be a dominant pass rusher.

The pass rush areas is where he will probably need the most work.  Many times young defensive linemen out of college attack the offensive lineman straight on and that's a mistake.   He must learn to take a side.

Many times a move that's focused on one side of the offensive lineman will allow the rusher to get some penetration.  Getting some push up the middle is very important in order to help the ends with their pass rush.

You don't want to allow the quarterback to step up.  Quarterbacks are more accurate when they can step up, plus it helps them avoid the pass rush coming from outside. 

Another key will be his ability to keep the offensive linemen's hands off of him.  If you allow NFL offensive linemen to get their hooks locked on you, it's over.  You can't get to passer.  Most of the time if they get their grip on a defensive lineman.  That player might as well wait until the next play.

Laws has to learn to attack a side and get a push.  We'll see how fast he learns.  Taking on these 350 plus pound offensive line straight on can be very frustrating.   

Let me finish by telling you that, we won't be able to get a total feel for the defensive tackles until they put the pads on at Lehigh.   


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