• January 27, 2022

Tuck: McNabb, Runyan have tells

Thanks to Sheil Kapadia of Philly.com for finding this.  Giants DE Justin Tuck told Dan Patrick that Donovan McNabb and Jon Runyan have tells.

“I would say the one I can really say the most is probably McNabb," Tuck said. "You can tell when he’s about to snap the ball in shotgun or when he’s under the center. If you’re able to see it, he always claps his hands together when he’s about to snap the football. Well, not always, obviously nothing is 100 percent, but you can definitely start to get ready when you see that happen.”

Regarding McNabb, Tuck also said he would have made a run at Donovan for picking up the phone on the sidelines, but that he didn't find out until after the game.  Tuck then went on to talk about Runyan and his tells.

"And also Runyan, as a tackle, he has a tell as far as how his foot’s placed," Tuck said. "You can tell run or pass off of it. Sometimes he kind of tricks you and gives you some different looks. For the most part, it’s kind of reliable."

Hopefully, Clancy Pendergast and Bertrand Berry didn't listen to this interview.  Hopefully, McNabb and Runyan did, and will make the necessary adjustments.


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