• August 8, 2022

Fitzgerald Was Playing Hurt

How could a wide receiver with a broken thumb and torn cartilage in one of his hands dominate the NFL post season?  Ask Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald capped off the most amazing post season a wide receiver has ever had in the history of the NFL, with an MVP award in the Pro Bowl.

I know you've probably heard enough about Fitzgerald being that one of his victims was the Eagles.  Also I know having a number one receiver is overrated because all that matters is the quarterback. Ha. Ha.

Still I had to let you know that Fitzgerald was playing with a broken left thumb and torn cartilage in left hand between his middle and ring fingers.  Can you believe this guy?  He's from another planet.

"My hands are so messed up right now," he said. "I'm just glad I don't have to catch a ball again for a couple months. I can mend up."

Imagine how he could catch the ball with two good hands?  Most of the receivers in the league would be better if they had his injured hand.

Here's a shot of Fitzgerald pulling in the second of his two touchdown catches.




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