• January 22, 2022

Gonzalez Is Starting To Back Pedal

Last week, Tony Gonzalez said he wanted out of Kansas City, now he's starting to back pedal.

 He made the following comments at the Pro Bowl this weekend.

"I spoke to Pioli last week because there were some trade rumors out there saying I wanted to have a trade, and that wasn't the case. "I said, 'This is the reason I would want a trade.' It was taken out of context," Gonzalez said.

 "I've been in three playoff games and won none. Just looking at the Super Bowl this year, it would be so great to get that opportunity to play for that. I'm not saying the Chiefs can't do that. They will eventually turn that corner; it's how soon can they do that. Once free-agency comes, and they're wheeling and dealing, and they're making trades, and it looks good, then I have no problem staying with the Chiefs," he said.

Gonzalez walking off the field after the Pro Bowl.


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