• December 2, 2021

Warren Sapp’s Girlfriend Says Charges Aren’t True

SappA female friend of Warren Sapp came to his defense and says he’s innocent of the domestic violence charges which were filed against his yesterday.

His friend goes by the name of Persianna and Vegas Asha.  She models for music videos 

Early this morning she tweeted, “A really close friend of mine was falsely accused of some serious BS and I’m sooooo upset right now! Omg! I will whoop a bitch for him.”

The incident in which Sapp was accused of the domestic violence supposedly occurred in the last few days.

The young lady has been pictured with Sapp over the last few months in New York and in Las Vegas. They took some of the pictures on Friday in Miami.

Sapp's girlfriend

pictures of Sapp and girlfriend


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