• July 1, 2022

How Close Are The Phillies To The Eagles?

I hear the Phillies have had to shut down any more sales for season ticket because it was getting to the point where nobody would be able to come to the game if they didn’t have a season ticket package.

That shows the popularity of the Phillies.  I also hear that down in Florida the Phillies have a crowd following them everywhere.

According to former Phillie John Kruk,the  Phillies fans outnumber other fans down in Florida every where the Phils play.

The Phils are in position to have another World Series run and they might sell out every home game of the season.

I still think the Eagles are the number on team in town but the Phils are obviouisly getting closer.

My question is.  How close are the Phillies getting to the Eagles when it comes to the number one team in town?

I didn’t like the way the Cole Hamels pitched today.¬† I started out well but was hammered later on.

Once he let a few guys get on base, he lost his groove and fell apart.

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