• August 17, 2022

Schilling: Phillies Shouldn’t Have Traded Lee

Former Phillies ace Curt Schilling won’t be getting a birthday card from Phils’ GM Ruben Amaro Jr..¬† He took Amaro to task for trading Cliff Lee.

“I think trading Cliff Lee was the stupidest thing they’ve ever done, and they didn’t have to,” Schilling said. “They didn’t have to do it. It was a stupid, stupid move. They could’ve had a World Series berth locked up right now with those two guys at the top of their rotation.

Schilling does have some expertise in this matter because he and Randy Johnson were two aces who double-teamed the New York Yankees back in 2001 to win a World Series title in Arizona.  They shared the MVP trophy and made losers out of the Yankees

“Those guys would’ve finished legitimately 1-2 [as] Cy Young candidates on the same staff,” Schilling said. “You’ve got Cole Hamels in the three slot, which is a dream come true for both. They would’ve been a 110-win team.”.

Schilling also believes having Lee around would have made things easier for Roy Halladay.

“He’s coming off a phenomenal run when he came over,” Schilling said of Lee. “He showed them [in] October he was going to be better than everybody else. You don’t know what you’re getting there. Doc’s never pitched in October. I think he’ll be great and be awesome and all that stuff, but he could get to October and not be the guy. Cliff proved that he can pitch in October. That’s a big loss.”


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  • its done and over with ,there is nothing you can do about it now except maybe go after Lee after this season if he goes the free agent route !! but expect to pay the big bucks !

  • yea they blew it with this move, they should have moved the big baby hamels

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