• August 14, 2022

Eagles Could Target Tim Tebow In Upcoming Draft

As if trading a future Hall of Fame quarterback within the division wasn’t bad enough, the Eagles are now targeting a couple of quarterbacks in this month’s draft.The reports have been out there for a month or so that the Birds are doing extensive studies on Fordham quarterback John Skelton, a guy slated to go in the mid-to-late rounds of the draft, but now they’re focusing on another quarterback as well.

According to Peter King of SI.com, the Eagles could seriously target former All-American Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

“I said a couple of weeks ago that the Eagles had sent offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterback coach James Urban to Fordham to scout mid-round prospect Skelton at his Pro Day,” King writes. I have heard the Eagles will now focus on Tebow and are likely to join the parade of teams working him out and spending time with him.”

“With seven picks in the first four rounds, Philadelphia has the ammo to go get the developmental quarterback Reid always likes to have on his roster. So don’t think they won’t be in play for one of these players.”

What is the thinking behind targeting another young quarterback already? Most teams would argue that you can never have too many quarterbacks, but when there are so many more pressing issues taking a guy like Tebow in the second or third round just doesn’t make sense.

Skelton is a quality prospect in the fourth or fifth round, and he could provide some depth behind Kolb and take a year as the third quarterback until Michael Vick moves on, but there’s just no room on the roster for Tebow — the Birds already have a Wildcat quarterback in Vick and aren’t in need of a tight end/H-back.

As a fifth round flier, Tebow would be a good pick, but not before that. Teams strive to find a starter in every round of the draft, but there’s less expected after the third round. If he’s taken in the later rounds, it won’t be a big deal if he fails.

But, there is at least one team out there who likes him enough to consider him in the second or third round; Meaning if the Eagles want him they will be forced to reach — something Andy Reid very rarely does.

Drafting Skelton in the fourth round wouldn’t surprise me, nor would I condemn the pick, but anything more than a late-round pick on Tebow would be an absolute waste.

I’m not convinced he’s an NFL quarterback, and he’s definitely not going to get the chance to prove otherwise in Philadelphia.

Bob Cunningham

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  • I go on vacation and all Hell breaks loose!! Sooo glad McNabb is gone!! Thanks for the memories now bye. Done deal. The whole Eagles locker room is PUMPED and ready to have Kolb’s back. YOUNG GUNS. I see the McNabb whiners are still hating on Eagle fans. Guys, guys, guys the Redskins blog is down the street. Follow your hero’s lead and go there please. You sound pathetic. That being said, Spring is in the air. An air of renewal is in there. Thank God!!

  • I sure hope not. And I doubt it. Does anyone think that the plan isn’t to stick with Kolb through any growing pains… at least for a season or two? That would naturally imply that they would rather have a young, developmental, low profile guy who would be ok riding the bench for a while…

  • I would support taking Tebow in the 2nd if it meant that Vick was moved. Kolb with garcia or (Name a cheap vet) backing up a year and then Tebow developing would be all right.

    I would prefer to be able to use a 4th on Skelton and do the same thing though. I think Skelton could be a good backup in a year or two.

    I like Tim Tebow but we really need Defense more in the early rounds.

    But Best player around works too

  • Oh geeze….Please no!!!

  • I can see them doing that IF they feel like Vick will displace Kolb at some point this year. Both Reid and Morningweg seem sold on using the WildCat as a permanent component of the offensive scheme. If Vick becomes the defacto starter there would be no Wildcat QB unless they have Tebow.

  • Why not take him??? He has great athletic ability and is the most heralded Qb in college history. Andy Reid is supposed to be this great QB coach. And Kolb is SUPPOSED to be this next great thing. So I say take him and groom him and IF Kolb is real good trade him for a high pick (Like they did for Feely) or if Kolb isnt that good then you just groomed another young QB to take over. WIN WIN situation

  • Like I been saying all along they are going to draft a QB in the second round. Instead of Tebow I would like to see them draft Tony Pike. He can be a Ben Roethlisberger at 6’6 and has pretty good accuracy. Eagles would be fools missing out on Taylor Mays if he is still there at safety.

    While everyone is saying we need to draft defensive players the eagles see otherwise. The FO has picked up Tapp and Alex Hall at LB there for them there is no urgency to address the LB position immediately. NOTE I am not saying this is our answers at LB im simply saying this is how our eagles will view the situation.

  • And please dont take Skelton. The guy goes to Fordham they played Cornell, Lehigh, Colgate,,Bucknell and Holy Cross. The guy isnt regarded as a good player he is the 16th ranked QB in the draft and there is concerns about his work ethic.

    They have to draft a QB. There offense is to good to not take a QB who knows how good Kolb really is. Like ive said before yeah he can be the next Rodgers or he could be the next Bobby Hoying. So take a Qb from a Division 1a school that has good skills and let Reid coach him up.

  • Tebow is a gamer without a position. Like Michael Robinson from Penn State, he has no NFL position. He may play FB/Flanker/TE and be o.k. If he fixes his throwing motion, he may have a shot at QB, but I think that is unlikely. He is a proven winner with a great attitude. I’d take him if he can rush the QB….

  • normally I would agree with everyone but I would like it. At 24? Dude’s a winner, passionate, and smart. I vote take him and trade vick for a 3rd or 4th

  • Why even waste a pick on a guy who has no chance to be an NFL QB. And, on top of that, you’d have to spend one of your top 3 picks to get this fraud. I know this front office is run by a bunch of non football guys and a mormon who would love quote scripture at halftime with Tebow, but I refuse to believe they could be THAT stupid to waste a pick on him when they need so much help on the defense.

  • No way they draft Tebow..(who is a great guy and leader,but not a NFL arm at this time)
    They will look at T Pike from Cincnnati in the 3rd Rd, SKleton from Fordham in 4th Rd,
    J Brown from West Virginia could be an interesting choise in Rd 3/4
    M Kafka from Noethwestern in the 4th/5th Rd
    and my dark horse pick would be QB Armanti Edwards from Appalachian State or
    Eric Ward from the U of Richmond …

  • Reid will probably try to convert him to linebacker

  • I hope the Eagles take him in the 6th round and convert him to ball boy. Kid has loads of talent but so do lots of college players. Not on the NFL level at all, and when he’s selected by some other team he might be a career b/u or gimmik player, not a long term starting QB IMO.

  • I would like him but I’m not giving a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick for him. I’ll give a 4th. Reid is great with young QB’s. If Tebow is off the board, get Jevan Snead. At one point he was supposed to be the next big thing, then tanked his junior season. Both players have promise in the right schemes.

  • Jimmy Mac, I’m copying your posts. You’ll see them again, later.

  • Paulmans Positivley 5th Street Mock Draft for Eagles Selections (as they stand today)
    1st-(#22) CB K Wilson or CB D McCortney if WIlson is gone
    2nd-(#37) OLB J Hughes or OT R Saffold is if Hughes is gone
    2nd-(#55) DT L Houston or FS M Burnett is Houstin is gone
    3rd-(#87) TE D Pitta or OLB J Worlids
    3rd-(#105) SS D Stuckey or SS TJ Ward or OG M Petrus (if they choose FS Burnett earlier)
    4th- (#121) QB J Skelton or QB J Brown
    5th-(#137) WR D Briscoe or WR J Webb or Center E Olsen
    6th-(#200) ILB T Goethel or DT C Peters or TE M Koonawaunii
    7th- (#243,#244) Best CB/RB on the board

  • Pualman – what no Punter

  • dudes you don’t like this tebow? i read an article that say, lots of defensive talent in this draft. so when there is lots of defense, not so much of the offense. you should take the need at offense early no? i say take him, passionate player and proven winner. he score very high on wunderlic.

  • Tebow will not make as much of an impact in the NFL as everyone thinks. Yes, he is passionate and has SOME skill, but he’s not that great to uase anything above a 4th round pick.

  • What are you all saying. If they can move up to the end of the 3rd round or 4th and get him then get him. He has a Kosher amr and will shock all the people that think he can not be a player in the NFL.

    Anything prior to the end of the 3rd. NOT WORTH it.

  • i see point but i dont know how draft work i guess. if teams are looking at him that makes him more faster to go early no? the saying strike while iron hot seems to be overall message with tebow. like i say before, if you trade out of first round and do same thing we do with kolb, i would be ok. when i go to these games i don’t give care about who is in secondary i care only who under center. i like kolb but this dog beater is piece of shit, i say get what yu get for him and move away. i like this town and sports teams because they have good peoples. tebow would be good for city and young comopetetion. sorry for misspells.

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