• August 16, 2022

Tag Team Battle: Reid & Kolb vs. Shanahan & McNabb

The Eagles and the Redskins will play each other only twice in the 2010 NFL football season but they’re going to be battling each other every week as far as Donovan McNabb and most Birds fans are concerned.It will be billed as a tag team battle with Eagles head coach Andy Reid and his quarterback Kevin Kolb on one side against Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and his quarterback McNabb on the other.

Every time the Eagles play a game Birds fans will¬† have one eye on their team’s game and the other eye on the scoreboard to see what Shanahan, McNabb and the Redskins are doing.

When the Skins are playing you can believe that number five will be doing everything he can to win, while stealing glances at the scoreboard to see how the Eagles are doing.

Reid and Kolb will have an outstanding group of receivers to get the ball to but they have some holes in the offensive line and their defense could use some help.

As for Shanahan and McNabb, they’ve got to put together an offensive line that will allow them to run the football and give McNabb some time to throw it.¬† They have major holes in it right now, and they have to develop some of their young wide receivers.

You’re going to see two completely different comcepts of how to win.¬† Reid and Kolb will start each game throwing the ball to get a lead, while Shanahan and McNabb will start each game establishing their ground game.

The Birds will be trying to get ahead quickly with their air attack, while the Skins will be trying to grab a lead and wear teams down by controlling the ball, so they can dominate them later.

The Eagles will try to use their group of outstanding playmakers to outscore opponents, while the Redskins will try to grind down their opponents with a ball control offense and lean on their outstanding defense to win.

How will the Birds draft?

We’ll see whether Reid continues to mismanage the clock and finds ways to lose close games or will McNabb be coming up short in those close games as he throws the ball in the dirt?

The Birds have a large number of draft picks, which they must utilize to build an outstanding defense.¬† Draft picks don’t mean anything if they’re not turned into Pro Bowlers.

The Skins don’t have much in the way of draft picks, but they must build an offensive line by using the few picks which they have and patching them together with a free agent or two.

Shanahan will need to employ his zone-blocking scheme to create a dominant running game with veterans Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson and Willie Parker carrying the ball.

They’ll need McNabb to make some plays each week in the passing game, buy time for his receivers with his legs and stay away from turnovers.

The Skins must win most of their close games and they’ll probably play quite a few of them.

Shanahan knows how to build a running game and McNabb knows how to move the ball without great weapons.

The Birds front office could be made to look like geniuses, if Kolb proves to be a great quarterback and they have a great draft.  They must have a great draft.

At this time, I¬† don’t know which team has the better chance of making the playoffs next year, but I think the Eagles have the better chance of having success in the long-term.

Nothing is guaranteed either way.

I think we’re going to get the chance to get a better assessment of Reid and McNabb, meaning who was helping the other and who was holding the other back.

If either team finds a way to win a Super Bowl in the next three or four years, then they win the argument.

For example if the Eagles win a Super Bowl then everyone will say McNabb was the reason they didn’t win before that.

Likewise if the Redskins win a Super Bowl, then Reid will be considered the reason McNabb didn’t win it all earlier in his career.

Chances are neither will win a Super Bowl, so all we’ll be doing in debating the same issues years into the future.


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  • Let’s not forget that the Birds need to “patch together an offense line” in addition to building a worthy defense.

    Kolb is not going to be able to escape like McNabb, so the offensive line troubles will be more important to address than last year.

    Defensively, I am really worried about the secondary. Anyone think we can land CB Haden or some other secondary stud in the first round?

  • We’ll never get an accurate assessment of who “fault” it was we didn’t win a Superbowl. In my opinion it was both of them equally. Anyhow, we’ll never get the good assessment because of the fact all things aren’t equal. Both of them are in entirely different situations than when they were together. Reid now has a young QB with a young good offense and a defense that needs a lot of help. So if Reid doesn’t win one it will be because of that no matter how good Kolb is. If McNabb wins one it will be because of Shanahan and establishing a balance attack with a good defense.

    The problem with this team has been that we never truly had a team that was ready on both sides of the ball. Early in McNabb’s career we had a great defense but below average players at the skilled position. Now we have no defense and very good skilled players. Point is Reid never built a complete team (setting 2004 aside) to play together for a few years and McNabb never overcame his and the teams shortcomings which is what you like to see the franchise player too. Fair or not, it is what it is. Here’s my question though, how long does Reid have before they determine if he is the problem? Gotta give him 3 years at least right? Especially with how young this team is?

  • I am of the opinion that McNabb was too slow in getting the ball out sometimes. When the ball was snapped and hadn’t come out 3 heartbeats later I would worry. When it was snapped and then 123 out I could feel a catch before I saw it. Kolb is much more of a 123 passer. Why is this important?

    This O line will look much better pass blocking for a fraction of the time. We don’t need to get every ball 60yards down field in the air a quick slant or screen to Jackson and he can go the distance. I predict that this offense will look more like the Montana – Rice offense of the 49ers and less like ehat we have seen here with donovan. (NO I AM NOT SAYING KOLB IS MONTANA) (I hope he is half that good)

  • The Draft will be huge for this team. 11 Picks and possibly more could really define this team for years to come.

  • Yeah that’s if they don’t screw up the draft picks. We haven’t been steller with drafting defensive talent over the years especially recently. We got some solid players but only 1 stud (Cole) in Reid’s entire 11 years on the defensive side of the ball. By the time we get studs at other positions who can really contribute, Trent Cole will be getting ready to ship out as he approached 30 along with Mikell and Samuel. Not too long after them, Bunkley and Patterson. I hope we can find some players to contribute immediately, but we all know the odds of that are slim. We might get 1 guy out of 11 who can contribute in 2010.

  • Regal, I hear what you’re saying about the timing of the routes and stuff but please don’t discard the importance of the offensive line whether your QB gets the ball out quicker or not. Because what will happen teams will jam up on the receivers and if line still isn’t great, there will be no where for Kolb to go with the ball. We all love Desean Jackson, but teams with DBs like Dallas and Redskins, beat up on him. They will have to go down the field because good teams aren’t going to let you throw slants and out routes all day. It just isn’t going to happen. Short passes are fine until DB start sitting on them routes and they’re going the DB is going the other way for an INT. The line needs to be fixed period. No matter how fast he gets the ball out because teams will force him to make errant throws if he gets no protection and they jam up on the receivers.

  • Good points Scorp-I’ve always been of the opnion of the 4 second rule. Every play has a 50/50 chance of success or failure. From snap to 4 seconds you’re on the right side of 50% anything more than 4 then you get into coverage sacks, miss-reads, throw aways etc. The O-Line needs to be stout and a healthy off season could help alot with that. I hear alot about different players at Novacare but not too much about the OL. I would like to know who’s there putting in the work/rehab and who’s not. Either way, this OL needs as much improvement as the DL IMO. I agree with everyone but it goes without saying. This Draft will be crucial, and as deep as this draft is supposed to be, I hope we nail a few of them. Just don’t draft Taylor Mays…please…I know everyone’s in love with his size and speed and he can hit you so hard it will make you find Jesus, but let Al Davis have him. The kid has ZERO cover skills, takes poor persuit angles on a consistant basis, and he’s really fast in a straight line but once he’s moving he cannot adjust to a ball carrier once a move is put on him. Just another Combine Darling and not enough of a student of the game, he relies too much on his speed to make up for poor coverage. Not something the Eagles need. We’re so hard up in trying to find the next Dawkins but there was only one…and he’s in Denver right now.

  • The biggest issue I have with this trade is their Headcoach/ F.O. tell us how hard Andy’s offense is to master. How it takes years for the runningbacks, recievers and tightends to get the system down. Yet they trade the guy who knows Andy’s system ( which we all know he won’t change)as well as he does and EVERY weakness in it to a divisional rival. Along with a pretty weak and unstable offensive line.This doesn’t even begin to mention the weaknesses McNabb knows about on our defense.
    The arrogance of Andy to think he can go against conventional wisdom and trade within the division speaks to the level of stubborness.He constantly thinks he is smarter then everyone else but rarely is. Having players convert form their natural positions, signing players after major injuries, not having legit players playing in specialized positions, having coaches with no real coaching experience. Having conviction is good, but being bullheaded and stubborn has not worked out well for this team.

  • @ssAs, guess you’re not a Dave fan huh. I do agree that McNabb, after 11 years, would know all of the strengths and weaknesses of both the O and D. Perhaps in our 2 meetings this year Shannahan can just go get a coffee or something and let 5 run the whole show. I can almost see the camera coverage now of him yelling to the Defense about what the play is before we even break huddle.

  • spadaro spits And swallows – Hey man, I’ve been hearing that propaganda for years, about how complex Reid’s system is. First off, if it’s true they need to scrap it and learn from 31 other teams.
    It’s nothing but an excuse used to defend Reid’s inabilities.
    This stuff is not a test for the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
    Football is the same for all 32 teams. Those that execute the best have the most success and a little luck helps.

  • The more I think about it the more I’m thinking the Redskins will take Russel Okung for LT, sign Flozelle Adams for RT and draft one or two more O-Linemen out the draft to resolve their O-Line problems. This years draft is regarded as one of the deepest for linemen in years, so it’s not a bad year to be in need of revitalizing that part of a pro team. The most interesting thing will be the difference in play calling with Kyle Shannahan. My suspicion is that a real version of the West Coast offense is going to pay huge dividends for McNabb, Shannahan and the Redskins organization.

  • Stop Copying my thoughts Butch..
    I agree with you that Skins draft Okung at #4 spot and show an interest in Flozelle Adams and possibly
    Shan Andrews and possibly Nick Cole if he doesn’t re-sign with the Eagles..to sure up that O/Line
    They have added RT A KHicks and OG W Montgomery already..

  • The only thing F. Adams is good for anymore is about 30 yards in penalties per game!

  • Careful Paulman

    Butch is a friggin skins fan

  • Back to Eagles draft..
    1st Rd (24th overall) will be a CB… Assuming Haden & Robinson will be gone already
    I think the Eagles will look at CB’s K Wilson,(My Choice) D McCourtney or even K Jackson
    2nd Rd CB’s could be C Cook (Who I like) or B Ghee

    They will grab a CB within the first 2 Rounds I believe

  • I think they either move up or trade out of round 1 for another 2 and 3.

  • I think it’s a real possability that we move up but not for a CB. If we move up we’re looking at either OL or DL. Big Red likes throwing the money to the Big Uglies.

  • I think it’s fair to say McNabb’s biggest problem was his accuracy. 59% completion percentage indicates that. You could also argue the Birds throw as often as a team like the Colts and thus it watered down Nabbs percentage. One thing i’ve seen so far from Kolb (in his 2 starts) bar the int’s, he’s much more accurate than Nabb. WHat do I mean by all of this? The Birds now have a QB who can throw A SLANT PASS!!!!!! Quick slants, curl routes, quick ins & outs….3 step drop and fire. Something Nabb couldn’t do on a consistent basis. If Kolb can stay below 15 picks for the year our Offense will be just fine.

  • I think the first pick needs to be a big guard that can play center. we have no one at that position. Jackson was only OK when he was healthy. Teams would always be able to get pressure up the middle on him and get to McNabb. If they can get a Beast in the middle of that line and sign another guard after the draft that O Line will be solidified. The Defense should be filled in with the remaining Picks. Though maybe they can get Darren Sharper for a year or 2 after the draft as well. remember the Saints D wasnt good last year but the offense was so good the D didnt have to be that great. Maybe if kolb can be that guy Andy thinks we can score enough points to make up for the horrible defense.

  • Butch: I think the only part of the OL that is considered deep in this draft is OT, G and C are weak. Besides, after the 1st round, the skins don’t have another pick until the 4th round. Good luck trying to find a quality starter to come in right away and help your line in that round.

  • RegalEagle ,You see it the exact same way I’ve seen it over the years and have said as much repeatedly. McNabb’s indecisiveness caused him to hold on to the ball forever and a day until the OL finally broke down creating the illusion that the protection was inadequate. This lead to many three and outs as when McNabb finally decides on who to pass to he rushed his passes leading to erratic throws (low/high) thus forcing our tired unrested defense back on to the field with less than adequate time to catch their collective breaths. Eventually, the defense breaks down after repeated three-and-outs courtesy of McNabb’s infuriatingly inconsistent ability to keep drives alive by running if necessary to advance the ball and maintain ball control a tendency which, against the NFLs better teams, lead to failure in the playoffs. Yet, as he did in his redskin press conference today, McNabb has often vowed to, ” do whatever is necessary to win” but stopped running because he wanted to be a “pocket passer”. In my estimation, this is when McNabb’s decline began.

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