• December 2, 2021

Mikell Should Know That It’s Too Late For Pointing Fingers

What’s up with Philadelphia Eagles safety Quintin Mikell coming out now after the 2009 season is dead and buried, to talk about how the Eagles defense fell apart last season?

He’s pointing fingers and saying too many of the guys on defense were playing for themselves and not the team but he refuses to mention any names.¬† He went on to say that all the guys who he’s accusing are no longer with the football team.

This is garbage and slander on the defensive players who aren’t here.¬† Why is he saying this now?¬† Is it to make himself look good?

He says the guys weren’t playing for the team but playing for themselves.¬† Isn’t it kind of late for that?

That should have come out then or right after the season, but now it’s old news.

Reuben Frank of Phillyburbs.com wrote the article yesterday about the reasons why and how the Birds defense fell apart last year.

“There were some things I had never seen before since I’d been here,” Mikell said recently. “There were guys who were more concerned with their own individual accomplishments than going out and playing as a unit.

“When we lost, instead of looking at themselves and asking what they could have done better, there were some guys who were questioning the coaches and the game plan. But you can’t bring that negativity to the team, especially when you have a young locker room like we have. Because then the young guys hear it and it spreads, and you can’t have that and be successful.”

Mikell didn’t stop there, he continued.

“There was just a lot of negativity,” Mikell said. “A lot of people weren’t putting the team first. Everybody’s guilty of it at some point – I’ve been guilty of it here and there. But when it’s all the time, then it’s a problem. We’ve never had that before, since I’ve been here.”

“We’ve never been a selfish team, where guys were more worried about what they did individually than how we did as a team. But we had guys who were more concerned about how the game plan affected them. It was, ‘How am I going to get my sacks if we’re doing this,’ instead of, ‘Hey, let’s go out and do whatever it takes to win the game.’ ”

Maybe the problem with last year’s team was that guys like Mikell sat and watched as the team fell apart rather than dealing with the problems.

If Mikell didn’t deal with it then he should keep his mouth shut now.¬† Pointing the finger at all the defensive players who left his isn’t a honorable way of getting ready for the next season.

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  • Wait, isn’t this what leaders are supposed to do? Call out players after the season is over. Perform badly yourself but blame others for not believing in the coaching. He probably didn’t say anything during the season so I don’t wanna hear is crap now. That’s leadership for you.

  • Also, he doesn’t realize he’s a senior member of the team and will be exiled soon enough.

  • Thats one thing i loved about dawk!!! Always handled the business…look at brandon marshall. He was such a jerk at the begging of the season.. he said that dawkins pulled him aside. After that marshall was cool.

  • Or how about instead of posting stupid stories like this we actually report releveant information…like how the Eagles just got the LB Sims from Detroit for a 5th rounder…

    who cares about all the he said she said….this is a stupid story that won’t make any difference in a day or two..

  • My prediction is that Asante Samuel is gone by the end of the draft this weekend, and I don’t know how dissapointed if at all I would be. I can’t stand to watch him (Samuel) run the other way or along side a ball carrier waiting for someone else to come tackle, also running into blocks, appearing to be on purpose. Who knows what they could get back for him, but just get rid of him if this post in any way is directed in his way, and I have a feeling it is.

  • Yeah gettng Ernie Sims form Detroit for only a 5th is a steal..we actually made a smart trade!..Sims is a former 1st round pick and is fast and athletic…We may actually have a LB that can cover a TE!

  • I would not be surprised if Eagles,with D Jauron now heading up the Scondary, has an entirely new look come next seaon and for sure by 2011, with 4 new faces then last seasons version….
    I also think that Mickell is a solid player but not in the top half in the NFL at his position ,I believe he had the luxury of playing next to a HOF Caliber Safety in B Dawkins which helped his game and visibility. He got caught inside and was burned doeep and on th eoutside quite a bit and he still seems to drop a for sure Inteception almost weekly…. I don’t like these players coming out and complaining which really goes to the root of last years poblems with this Defense.(outside of injuries). I think it has become evident that many of the players just really didn’t repsect or buy into
    what the new D/C McDermott was doing. I am not saying this is right or wrong, but Coach McDermott did appear to lose control of this defense late last season.. This is a big season for many on the Eagles Defense as well as Coach McDemott.. how he handles the pressure moving forward will dictate the sucess or failure of this Defense and his coaching career

  • I find it hard to believe the Raiders, even though they have made some dumb moves in the past would trade straight up (Asamougha for Samuel),since thats all I’ve heard, but what does everybody think Samuel’s value would be during draft weekend?

  • WeaponX20..my sentiments exactly. Simms is no Todd Tompkins but he’s a former top 10 pick. I hope he works out.

  • Greenphan-I have a hard time seeing the Eagles getting Asamougha since he’s 29 and would require a huge contract. Doesn’t fit the current dynamic of getting a bit younger.

  • How does g know that Mikell didn’t call out these players? This awful post makes it look like Q was the only leader in the locker room, where was Donovan, B-West, Sheldon, Trot when all of this was going down. This just seems like g as some type of axe to grind with Q. The main reason Q had such a down year was because he was playing all 4 DB positions, what do you expect when they throw Demps & Macho at FS and a oft injured Sheldon. As to all of the Asante hate, what did you expect when we signed him? Did know one watch him play in NE, I never heard anyone on this site killing him till this past year. He’s a ball hawk that’s why we signed him because our DB’s were afriad to catch the ball poior to his signing.

  • @ WellWellWell

    I agree Todd Tompkins is a rare talent and would look good in Eagle Green. But Simms can fit in this defense well.

  • WX20-I heard that in college Todd Tompkins made 11 tackles in one game…on the same play

  • Yea, I said that I doubt that the Asamougha trade will ever happen, for multiple reasons. I’m wondering if there is any value for Samuel since it seems like he’s on the outs with many of his teammates and the organization, also i’m not positive, but he’s probably the highest paid player on a team that has gotten rid of every other high paid player this offseason.

  • This is people making a big deal about nothing at all. All that matters is that they team that they have now sticks together and puts the team first from this point forward. Nobody knows for sure if Q or other leaders on the team did or did not deal with that problem during the season. But if there are veterans that are determined to be selfish aholes, the only thing you can ultimately do is ditch them. Which is apparently what the Eagles have done.

  • @ WellWellWell
    I heard in college Todd Tompkins once forced the opposing team to punt the ball…on 1st down

  • IMO, I would’ve kept..and PAID..Sheldon..booted Asshat-eh, and then delt for Asamougha.

  • @ Paulman is a hack, because this has nothing to do with McNabb or BWest. He’s talking about guys not buying into the defense. The defensive guys in most cases study film and practice mostly by themselves. Just like I wouldn’t expect Mikell to say anything about the offense I wouldn’t expect BWest to say anything about the defense. And you’re right where was Sheldon and Trot? This is exactly why it’s stupid that he says anything about it now. It’s over and done with. Leave it alone now. The problem is we the fans envision leadership in a entirely different way than what it actually is. Where was Dawk, Trot, BWest etc… when T.O. was being a little punk. No where. We had Hugh Douglas, who was retired who had to fight TO. So it’s not surprising here that no one said anything or at least made it visible that they needed to say stuff to their teammates.

    Also, don’t give Mikell a pass either. Just like you can say he had a bad year because of the players around him we can said he only had good years when Dawkins was the other safety. Not that Dawk is gone, people couldn’t pick on Dawk not being able to cover like he used to and there also isn’t anyone there who knows their job so it made it more apparent that Mikell is a good solid player and nothing more.

  • There goes you leadership role for Mikell

  • So who is he pointing fingers at? He said them guys are gone S Brown, Gocong, Witherspoon. Thats confusing.

    Brown didnt seem like that kind of player at all. Unless hes talking about getting paid.

    Gocong wasnt a good enough player to matter

    Witherspoon is that who he means. If so one guy isnt gonna make the whole defense that bad

    He needs to get over it the defense sucked those last two games of the year. The Eagles front office saw it and now there making major changes to the defense.

  • dont matter u been here at least 5yrs now quentin so that means ur gone lol very sad i hate this franchise now

  • I’m trying to figure out who he’s talking about too, but I don’t know. Sheldon Brown made similar statements, so it probably wasn’t him. Gocong didn’t seem like a selfish attitude player. Maybe he was talking about Babin and Witherspoon? Don’t know.

    Either way it really doesn’t matter since the team is pretty young and he and Samuel are getting “old.” After draft day the Eagles defense may not be a concern for either one of them to be concerned with.

  • Hopefully after the Asante trade , the Eagles can also get a playmaker like Myron Rolle to replace Mikell at SS. Phillywill…Go away. Why are you reading an article about the Eagles if you hate them so much. Nobody cares about you or your statements. Boohoo..You hate the eagles now. Want a tissue??

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