• June 27, 2022

Marijuana Charges Dropped Against Juqua Parker

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Juqua Parker is probably thinking about battling Darryl Tapp for his starting left end position but he won’t have to worry about getting prosecuted for marijuana possession, anymore.

You remember Parker being arrested out near Lehigh University during training camp a year ago, for being in possession of a small amount of hemp flower.

The Northampton County prosecutor has decided to drop the misdemeanor charges because he thought the officer which arrested him, searched his car without probable cause.

This doesn’t mean that Parker and his teammate, Todd Herremans weren’t getting high on their night off from training camp practices. It simply means Parker won’t have a misdeamnor charge on his record.

The officer who stopped Parker and Herremans said he “saw the marijuana in plain sight under the seat’.¬† Would those guys be that stupid?¬† Maybe.

Thankfully for Parker, the prosecutor didn’t buy the officer’s explanation of why he stopped their car.


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  • I “smell” a conspiracy here….
    I guess this means there will be no movie (“The Longest Yard Part III”) coming out anytime soon…

  • Wonder if they were smoking Eagle Green!

  • He’s going to thinking about Abiamiri too…since the Eagles got rid of Darren Howard they’re expecting to slide Trevor Laws up and draft one or two more tackles which will force Abiamiri back into the DE competition. Who knows, with the guy being in his third year and and not getting pressed into service to play tackle he may pull a Winston Justice.

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