• January 21, 2022

McNabb and Owens Would Make Skins Playoff Contenders

Could you imagine the Washington Redskins returning to Philadelphia to battle the Eagles with Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens leading the way for the Skins?

You think that’s impossible.¬† Well it’s not.

ESPN has reported that McNabb has encouraged Washington coach Mike Shanahan to sign Owens and make him a Redskin.

ESPN reported that McNabb and Owens patched up their relationship when they were teammates at a taping of the Pro’s vs. Joe’s basketball segment earlier in the off season.

Their relationship was rocky in Philadelphia when Owens demanded that he be able to renegotiate his contract and McNabb refused to publicly get involved with it.

From a football perspective, I think this is a great idea for the Skins and would make Washington a threat to make the playoffs.  Like Owens or not, the guy continues to be productive and nobody takes care of his body like the future Hall of Famer.

Everybody knows the Skins have serious needs on their offensive line, but they also have needs at the wide receiever position.

Young wide receivers Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas haven’t proven they can play in the NFL as of yet, but they would benefit greatly if the Skins were to sign Owens because he has tremendous knowledge of the west coast offense from a wide receiver’s perspective.

They will get better as receivers from seeing Owens work against a defense.  He would also draw the attention of opposing defenses which would help veteran wide receiver Santana Moss and Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley.

I know these guys aren’t spring chickens, but the thought of dealing with McNabb, Owens, Moss, and Cooley as well as a tough running game would give any defensive coordinator a lot to think about.

McNabb and Owens wouldn’t have to put up the numbers they did in 2004, but if they could do half of what of they did then, it would make the Skins very tough to beat.

They already have one of the better defenses in the league, adding Owens would greatly improve the production of their offense.

Will it happen?  I doubt it but if it does, you know where the NFL cameras will spend most of their time this season.


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  • As an eagles fan I hope they sign him…they can have all of the drama in DC, and retard the development of any young receivers while the eagles look to move forward with young, talented and speedy playmakers.

    You talk about the 2004 season like it was yesterday. There is a reason that no team has taken a sniff at TO, his talent has eroded and he is not worth the trouble that he can bring. Like I said, I WANT the skins to sign him, it will only hurt the teams development in the long run, which is good for the birds.

  • If they did it, it would be the best thing on TV. Hands down. Though Owens isn’t the player he used to be he’s probably still better than anyone the Redskins have on the roster. So you put him on the team with Moss, Cooley, Portis, Parker and Johnson. Of course the running backs are past their prime but you figure under Shanahan combined you could get 1400+ yards rushing. And McNabb has worked with less WRs before and they do have a good defense. That would easily be a dangerous team is you sign Flozell Adams (for one year) and draft the best LT this year, trade Haynesworth and Campbell for picks this year as well. This is why I don’t like Shanahan in Washington. He will find a way to make them contenders sooner or later.

    But back to the topic, man I would pay to see McNabb and TO come back to the Linc in Redskins uniforms. That would be the highest rated game of the year, yes higher than Brett Favre going back to Green Bay.

    I hope it does happen. This is why I love football…. the drama!

  • they won’t even sniff the playoffs w/out an O-Line

  • Hands down, the story of the season! Like TNT, we know drama! Personally, I like receivers with some size. I love DeSean Jackson, but I don’t think Andy uses him correctly. I see injury on the horizon.

  • Two Superbowls missed in Eagles’ history: 1. The Fog Bowl; 2 One more season with TO.

  • Forgot to say that if the Eagles had paid the T.O., we’d have had a Lombardi trophy by now.

  • As an Eagles fan I love it. I hope the skins come in here and kick our rear ends twice a year. Donovan and T.O. would have set records, would have hoisted the lombardi trophy. Instead, the stingy Eagles refused to talk contracts with their players and rather get rid of them then give them a few bucks to shut up. The defense was good enough, the offense was good enough but now everything has gone down the crapper. Our RB’s stink, QB position is who knows, our defense is awful, offensive line is over paid. This team is going nowhere fast. Pray for a bad year so we get a top 5 pick next year. Hopefully #1 overall so we can get Jake Locker.

  • Scrap, good statement…I knew it….The Eagles were the class of the NFC…Giants were garbage and got new management=Superbowl..Cowboys were garbage retooled=kicked the living snot out of our team…now the skins who were the laughingstock of the NFL will have the “DUO” that guided us to our 1st superbowl in over two decades. You heard it hear 1st on this board….”Defense win Superbowls” So….The Redskins will win a minimum of one Superbowl with Mcnabb and that Defense, and if they get T.O. they will stomp our Eagles…our defense is ravaged and the window have shut on the opportunity the Eagles organization took for granted.

  • Wow – would be fun to watch –

    scorp – I don’t think the Redskins run that much this year – the O Coordinator is Shanahan’s son and he had that pass happy O down in Texas last year. probably why they would be interetsed in getting Owens, best available WR – and he doesn’t seem to be gettng interest anywhere else.

    And Shanahan did not have very good years his last few (3 or so) in Denver – they tanked, badly. He was fired. They were 9-7,8-8 and 7-9 his last 3 years – they only won 1 playoff game his last 10 years. and missed the playoffs half the time. With the skins – been here (Joe Gibbs return, Steve Spurrier) the interesting thing will be to see if Dan Snyder takes his hands off and lets Shanahan pick his own players (which he did at Denver until fired)

    Scrapdawg – step back from the ledge, its gonna be OK.

  • Everyone keeps saying there recivers are soft but devin thomas ended out the year very good. I had him on fantasy and he had multiple 100 yard games….In fact he had a 200 yard game with 2 touchdowns one week. He ended out the season very well.

  • G:
    What a scenario! If the ‘Skins are smart, this would happen. And they would be favorites to win the NFC East hands down. I hope they don’t read your website, G.

  • G, You talk about McNabb and T.O. As if it was 2004…

  • thanx g for reporting on a playoff team and not this deplorable rebuilding franchise

  • mcnabb and to will beat kolb and djax u freaking idiots yall know nothing bout kolb but what andy tells u and supposedly us eagle fans (been 1 the past 20yrs) dont trust andy . lmao but in andy u all trust idiots i wont root for this terrible front office again

  • this will expose how divisive the front office of philadelphia is by clinging on to greedy check book

  • navy I feel you but I also think they will be more balanced than in houston because of the personnel. I mean out there you has Schaub throwing to Andre Johnson and a couple other solid WRs. Remember the year before last Slaton had a great rushing year so I’m just think in terms of overall yardage. 1400 isn’t really hard to obtain for balanced teams. But even if they run over 1200 that’s pretty good too. I just want to see it for the drama. Imagine McNabb teaming up with the player that bashed him and where he couldn’t get a new contract and they both team up to stick it to team that exiled both of them. I just love the storyline. It’s like the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Not that I would want them to win, but I would love the hype and the drama.

  • dawk, yeah I agree. Their WRs aren’t as bad as people are saying. Jason Campbell was the QB. You add a better QB there and you’ll get more production. And let’s face it, McNabb has done more with less. He won’t make them pro bowlers but I think he and Shanahan could get more out of them than Zorn and Campbell. Quite honestly, Shanahan makes me nervous.

  • scorp – that would be the fun part – the news evaluating every facial tick and every time one of them walked to the other side of the bench to get a drink…..

    kind of reminds me of a guy that breaks up with a girlfirend or divorces a chick and then goes back becuase they remember the ‘good times’. There was a reason they broke up, it will just take them a few games to realize it.

  • With all due respect, G you’ve got to be kidding me. T.O. is done. He’s going to turn 37 during next season, which might as well be 100 in wide receiver terms.

    He’s cooked. Finished. He and McNabb could play together for the next five seasons and never make the playoffs.

  • Damn, it would be nice to get Jake Locker in next year’s draft.

  • No, their play during the season – tallying wins and losses – will (or will not) make them a playoff contender. What TO to Skins will do is make a lot of instant reliably continues media subject matter, hence, G needs to hype it.

  • Scorpiodsu, please leave this site and go to Washingtonredskins.com..there you can can continue your obvious obsession with Donovan McNabb. You are truly pathetic.

  • I would love to see it happen. When the shit hits the fan and it will with T.O and McNabb. DMac will finally smack his name out of T.Os mouth. GET YOUR POPCORN READY

  • The Redskins would do this…and I think that it would probably be pretty significant. The only problem I see with the Redskins is that there’s no way to tell once the transition to a 3-4 happens whether it is going to take the sting out of the D.

  • Jimmy, how about you get off my jock and stop obsessing over me? You are the pathetic one kid.

  • scorp, he’s right. If you’re not an Eagles fan, or you’re a former one, we reserve the right to bust your balls on this website. Bottom line.

  • I think the skins will bring in Owens,don’t let a year on that pathetic Buffalo team fool you into thinking Owens is done.Although not the player he was Owens with Mcnabb throwing his way he will catch 10 TDS and get over 1,000 yards and as a 25 year ticket holder I would love to see the skins(only if Mcnabb and Owens are together) come in here and beat the Eagles for the same reason a few of us want.All of us fans would realize again if it wasn’t for those 2 greedy scuz buckets Jeff and Joe not moving around some numbers on that shit contract Owens signed even after being advised not to by NFLPA .If the “Jeff & Joe Show” has done the right thing we would have those MULTIPLE SUPER BOWLS Lurie claimed we were going to win but clearly the love of the all mighty dollar was more important to”Jeffry the fraud”

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