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GCobb.com 2010 NFL Mock Draft Number 13

I’m confident that the Eagles are going to try to move up and get Texas safety Earl Thomas, but his stock is rising and it might make it impossible for them to get him.

They’re intent on getting help in their secondary which could mean getting a safety in the first and corner in the second or vice versa.

I don’t think they’ll be willing to go into the top ten to get Thomas, so I have them grabbing Alabama cornerback Kareem Jackson with the 24th pick here.

Jackson is a young Sheldon Brown who will get physical with wide receivers and come up and tackle when appropiate.  The Birds know that the big, physical receivers in the NFC East will require that they have complete football players at the corner position.

GCobb.com Mock Draft #13

1.    St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford, QB РIt will be Bradford after superb Pro Day.

2.    Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh, DT РI don’t think you can lose with Suh or McCoy.

3.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy, DT РBucs want shot at one of the DT’s.

4.    Washington Redskins – Russell Okung, OT РSkins must replace Samuels.

5.    Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Berry, S – He’s a special player with whole package.

6.    Seattle Seahawks – Trent Williams, OT – Replacement for Pro Bowl OT Walter Jones.

7.    Cleveland Browns – Earl Thomas, S – His stock has been rising and he’s a playmaker.

8.    Oakland Raiders – Mike Iupati, OG – The Raiders are impressed by his toughness.

9.    Buffalo Bills – Bryan Bulaga, OT – They need to replace Jason Peters at left tackle.

10.    Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Morgan, DE – Must improve worst pass rush in NFL.

11.    Denver Broncos – Dez Bryant, WR – Replacement for Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall.

12.    Miami Dolphins – Dan Williams, NT РThey need a nose tackle for the first 8 games.

13.    San Francisco 49ers – C.J. Spiller, RB – Success of Chris Johnson will make him go higher.

14.    Seattle Seahawks – Joe Haden, CB – He will greatly improve their secondary.

15.    New York Giants – Rolando McClain, MLB – He’ll replace Antonio Pierce in the middle.

16.    San Francisco 49ers – Jimmy Clausen, QB – They know Alex Smith isn’t the answer.

17.    Tennessee Titans – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE – They think he’s a young Jevon Kearse.

18.    Pittsburgh Steelers – Maurkice Pouncey, C – He’s a Steelers type of player.

19.    Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Wilson, CB – They’ll be utilizing his playmaking ability.

20.    Houston Texans – Devin McCourty, CB – A replacement for Dunta Robinson.

21.    Cincinnati Bengals – Arrelius Benn, WR РThey need some deep speed at WR.

22.    New England Patriots – Brandon Graham, DE/LB – Their pass rush needs help.

23.    Green Bay Packers – Jared Odrick, DE – He will improve their 3-4 defense.

24.    Philadelphia Eagles – Kareem Jackson, CB – They think he can play immediately.

25.    Baltimore Ravens – Jermaine Gresham, TE – They improved the WR’s, now a young TE.

26.    Arizona Cardinals – Taylor Mays, S – Replacement for safety Antrel Rolle.

27.    Dallas Cowboys – Roger Saffold, OT – They need youth on their offensive line.

28.    San Diego Chargers – Ryan Matthews, RB – He will replace LaDainian Tomlinson.

29.    New York Jets –Brian Price, NT – They need a young stud behind veteran Kris Jenkins.

30.    Minnesota Vikings – Patrick Robinson, CB – Viking CB’s have trouble against speed.

31.    Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Davis, OT – They need better protection for Manning.

32.    New Orleans Saints – Sean Weatherspoon, LB – They need to add a defensive playmake


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  • G is addicted to making mock drafts

  • No way the Raiders are taking a OG. They have lost all faith in Jamarcus and will draft Clausen. Once they do I will be on here to brag to everyone like I TOLD YOU SO.

  • If we can’t/don’t move up to get a safety I can easily see them getting a O-lineman or CB. I don’t want Kareem Jackson. Another small CB. Can we get someone over 6 feet tall. Seriously. We are undersized in too many positions on defense and we need some big physical guys out there.

  • scorp I agree about our size on defense. With the tall recievers in the NFC east we need to have some taller guys that can play in the defensive backfield. As we all know we usually trend towards the smaller guys on the DL, so drafting another Hobbs height CB isn’t something I would want to see either.

  • Kareem Jackson should be the pick if he is there at 24. Kyle Wilson if he is still on the board, but I don’t think he will be. Kareem is a physical and corner and has the height to play corner in the NFL. There really aren’t many corners over 6′ tall.

  • Who is Sam Weatherspoon?

  • I have a feeling that the Raiders will be taking Iupati at 8. It feels just like last year when someone leaked their love for DHB 2 days before the draft, the same thing happened with Iupati this year. If they take him, the Steelers will take Pouncey at 18. I don’t think there’s any way that Thomas is gone that early. We have the ammo move up to 12-15 if he is around then. We would even still have the ammo to move up to the bottom of the first round from 37 if the right guy is still on the board. I will be disappointed if we walk away from the 1st round without Earl Thomas or Kyle Wilson. The FO needs to do what they have to do, within reason, to get the guys that they know can contribute immediately at positions of need. With Roseman being all young and overly eager to prove himself, I could see him trying to pull something wild off in his first draft; or I could see him trading out of this first and second round and stockpiling 3rds so he doesn’t have to pay high round picks. We shall see.

  • 24, 55th, 70 to move up to 12’ish and grab Earl Thomas. Then with the 37th and 87th move up to the Saints pick at 32 and grab Kareem Jackson. That would fill both holes on our team.

  • who reads these? first pick goes incredible hulk, 2nd pick goes my little pony… this is fantasy world football. stupid

  • birds should trade there 4th rd pick to oakland for mcfadden

  • @Ronnie i’m cool with that

  • crohn, you’re right which is why I rather take someone else with the 24th than another undersized player. Let’s face it, our defense has been filled with guys who are undersized and I rather see them get a good offensive lineman than get another undersized CB with the 24th. You can get a good CB in the 2nd round.

  • G: its SEAN Weatherspoon, not Sam

  • Oakland is taking whoever ran the fastst 40 time.

  • Eagles will move up and take E. Thomas and than Todd Tompkins with #37

  • I like Todd Tompkins at #37…great point wellwellwell

  • My Mock Draft- Comment and let me know what you think.

    1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford (QB)
    2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh (DT)
    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy (DT)
    4. Washington Redskins – Russell Okung (OT)
    5. Kansas City Chiefs – Bryan Bulaga (OT)
    6. Seattle Seahawks – Trent Williams (OT)
    7. Cleveland Browns – Eric Berry (S)
    8. Oakland Raiders – Bruce Campbell (OT)
    9. Buffalo Bills – Jimmy Clausen (QB)
    10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Morgan (DE)
    11. Denver Broncos – Dez Bryant (WR)
    12. Miami Dolphins – Earl Thomas (S)
    13. San Francisco 49ers – Joe Haden (CB)
    14. Seattle Seahawks – C.J Spiller (RB)
    15. New York Giants – Rolando McClain (MLB)
    16. Tennessee Titans– Jason Pierre-Paul (DE)
    17. San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Davis (OT)
    18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Iupati (G/OT)
    19. Atlanta Falcons – Brandon Graham (DE)
    20. Houston Texans – Ryan Matthews (RB)
    21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Gresham (TE)
    22. New England Patriots – Sergio Kindle (OLB)
    23. Green Bay Packers – Kyle Wilson (CB)
    24. Philadelphia Eagles – Taylor Mays (S)
    25. Baltimore Ravens – Jerry Hughes (OLB)
    26. Arizona Cardinals – Sean Weatherspoon (OLB)
    27. Dallas Cowboys – Charles Brown (OT)
    28. San Diego Chargers – Dan Williams (NT)
    29. New York Jets – Jared Odrick (DE/DT)
    30. Minnesota Vikings – Patrick Robinson (CB)
    31. Indianapolis Colts – Maurkice Pouncey (C/G)
    32. New Orleans Saints – Everson Griffen (DE)

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