• August 15, 2022

Eagles Seem To Be Concerned About The Play Of The Center Position

You have to watch what Andy Reid and the Eagles do rather what they say, if you want to find out how they feel about their players.  Reid says Nick Cole is the starting center until Jamaal Jackson returns to action, but his actions did coincide with this words.

Despite proclaiming Cole the starter, Reid had everybody and their brother working out at the center position during mini camp other than Cole.

The veteran center and guard played in place of injured starting center Jamaal Jackson in the two Dallas Cowboys games which ended the season year ago.¬† He didn’t play particularly well physically or mentally.¬† He seems to be better suited for the guard position.

Pro Bowl nose tackle Jay Ratliff got the best of him and he could have been better in making the blocking calls to the line.

The Eagles don’t want new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb to be forced to deal with these problems at the center position.

They don’t want him dropping back into the pocket and having a pass rusher in his face, so they’re trying find someone who is better than Cole to put at the center position.¬† Reid telling us Cole is the starter means nothing.

You can’t run your offense if you can’t block the other team’s defensive tackles.¬† If they get penetration on the snap, they will disrupt a run or a pass.

This disruption and mistakes by the center in making blocking calls to the defensive line would also mean trouble for Kolb.

Veteran backup Mike McGlynn got most of the reps with the first team offense during the mini camp. ¬† He’s going to get a good shot at the starting job. He’s got good size, long arms and some knowledge of the Eagles offense.

The big question with him will be his foot quickness, strength and body control.¬† He will have to be sharp in making his line calls, then he’ll have to prove he can keep the likes of Ratliff and the Redskins Albert Haynesworth off of Kolb.

Eagles offensive cooridinator Marty Mornhinweg had this say about McGlynn and their problems at the center position.

“That is the one (position), right here, right now, that we would like to solidify at some point,” Mornhinweg said. “I think McGlynn’s got a great opportunity here.”

Free agent signee A.Q. Shipley, who was drafted by the Steelers last year, will get a look but he’s got to learn the system.¬† Shipley is also very short and has short arms which could make him vulnerable to pass rushers.

Reid said that McGlynn did a good during the minicamp, but we’ll really find out how he did by whether they give him more reps at the center position at the next mini camp and during training camp.

“I’m looking at it as an opportunity. All of those reps I get against the ones is an opportunity to show my talent and I’m taking it as an opportunity to play,” McGlynn said. “I take it as getting as many reps as I can with those guys is always a plus. It’s an opportunity for me to show my talent. These opportunities don’t come by very often so you want to take advantage of them when they do.


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  • A lot of typos in this article but if they don’t have a quality center it’s Reids fault and may be another one of his oversights same as punt returners fullbacks,etc.causing an unneccessary problem.

  • I am not sure I would classify M McGlynn as a veteran…
    He’s played in parts of 2-3 games during his time with the Eagles and obviously is unproven, but I guess he’s the longest tenured player on Eagles Roster who can play Center (besides N Cole)
    It’s funny that after the hoopla and feel good of last weekends SPring/post draft camp, that her we are
    and have some serious questions and concerns about 2 postitions for this Upcoming Team…
    Center and Conerback…. I go back to may statements before the draft and shortly after the draft that fora team to have 13 draft slections (7-8 of them of the top 150 players and not to address these positions will come back to haunt this team)
    I look around and see 4 other quality Centers drafted besides M Pouncey
    3rd Rd #80 Overall – JD Walton from Baylor to the Broncos
    5th Rd #158 Overall – M Tennant from Boston College to the NO Saints
    6th Rd #183 Overall – E Olsen of Notre Dame also to the Broncos
    6th Rd #205 Overall – T Lane of NC State to the New England Patriots

    I really liked M Tennant from Boston College who could have been selected with one of 4 4th Round selections the Eagles had

    by 2011 Season

  • 1) According to Mayock the interior lineman in this draft were not good outside of the top 3-4 guys
    2) The Eagles like athletic lineman. In college the most athletic guys play tackle, next step down guards, least athletic play center. Taking a college center isn’t really their MO.
    3) They like taking guys later in the draft or as undrafted players (like our last 2 centers) and hand them to the coaches for a few years to familiarize them with the system.
    4) The reason for #3 is because we use such a complicated system and ask a lot of the centers. Its HIGHLY unlikely that a pure rookie was going to come here and grasp everything they asked him to do. Who to block, when to pull, where to go and how to play in the screen game, and make the calls for the rest of the line. Heck I seriously doubt that they’d trust a rookie to make those calls period.

    I’ve said for awhile that I think McGlynn with be the guy. He fits the profile, played center exclusively last year in the pre-season, and has been with the coaches long enough that its plausible he’ll be able to grasp what’s needed of him and make the proper calls along the line.

  • How atheletic is Nick Cole at 350 pounds and 6′ tall.

  • How atheletic is Nick Cole at 350 pounds and 6′ tall.

  • Kevin Mawae?

  • gibs – good points all around – i disagree with Maycock, I think center is the toughest O Line position that requires the best athlete – they tend to be the shorter, which detracts the colleges and pros becuase of things like ‘arm length’ etc.. The ability to snap, and get two quick steps for positioning is very difficult, to then be able to drive.. If you can do that in High School your All State and going to college. I think the size issue gives McGlynn an advantage over Shipley – even though Shipley was voted the best center in college a couple years back. I agree that if the Eagles settle on the O Line they want and the group works together all camp and pre-season McGlynn will do a fine job – but… still need a darn reliable back-up, and I think Cole will see lots of first team reps just in case he’s needed again this year.

  • I know Kevin Mawae is old and everything, but he could be a solid stopgap and would be very cheap. I could see Center being a significant problem this season….

  • I thought the Tennet kid from BC was woth a forth or fifth round pick. I don’t think J Jackson will be able to play this entire year. I’ve never been a big Jackson fan, but he has done a good job. I really hope McGlynn has been the plan for the last 2+ years, even before the injury. He’s young, big and must have a good head for them to keep him around for several years. It’s not like he has been in the roation at guard so there must be a reason to keep him on the roster and off the practice squad. I’m wearing my green colored glasses giving the Eagles the benefit of the doubt on this one. A problem at center will send shock waves through the O-line and greatly affect Kolb.

  • This can be expained in one word…”TURNSTILE”…pay for a freakin center to protect your young unproven, unmobile, quarterback!!!!!

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