• May 27, 2022

Is There Anything The Phils Could Do To Resign Werth?

Jayson Werth is putting himself in position to make a boat load of money when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season, but Phillies are asking themselves a very important question.

Is there any way the Phillies can resign him and keep him here for future World Series runs?

It’s going to be tough with the money they’re already paying out to Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Roy Halladay and Jimmy Rollins.

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro has made it clear that they can’t sign everybody.¬† Amaro says the Phillies aren’t the Yankees, but how can they let a guy go who is the righthanded bat behind Howard who forces pitchers to pitch to Howard.

Werth seems to be getting better and he’s an all around player who hits for a decent average, hits with power, runs the bases well, does a great job of running balls down in the outfield, and has a great arm.

You know teams are going to be all over him if he makes it to free agency without the Phils signing him.

He was an All-Star last year and right now it looks like he will be one again this season.¬† Werth is currently batting .349 with seven homers plus he’s leading the team with 26 RBI’s.

Would it make sense for the Phils to get rid of both Raul Ibanez and Shane Victorino and in order to hang onto Werth?

Can we depend on the Phils farm system to supply youngters who can come up and get the job done?

Do you have any other ideas of how the Phils could hang onto Werth?


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  • Right now I think Jimmy Rollins is the odd man out. I think they have a team option for 2011 for J Roll. Plus they’ve showed they can win with out him. You cannot let Werth walk. Hamels will be gone after this season and thats another thing they have to look at so right now theres some serious issues in the phillies FO they need to work out.

  • Maybe trade or cut Ibanez. That’s a hard move and I know it’s early, but he is struggling so it might be worth it if it means we get to keep Werth. Maybe have Francisco/Mayberry/Brown start next season in left field

    I highly doubt Hamels is going anywhere

  • You have to bring the kid Dominic brown up at some point, he is probably starting in this outfield by next season. If they are creative enough to move him to left and keep Werth than I will hail Ruben Amaro. However, most likely scenario is that he replaces Werth.

  • The best move would be to trade Ibanez but who would want him. He has been awful since he got injured last year. Almost every park in the league has a bigger LF than CBP, and he can barely cover that field anymore. Cutting him won’t save any money. MLB is not set up like the NFL.

    I would hate to lose Victorino because of everything he does, he is a good bargain even though he is struggling at the plate right now. Polanco at #2 gives you that option although only for the short term.

    They can’t let Rollins go. He is too dynamic of a player as a hitter and especially as a fielder. They also have no depth for him in their system. They only guy that is close to him in the field can’t hit a lick.

    As far as Hamels goes, they won’t let him walk, so they would have to trade him. Their perceived value for Hamels is higher than what they could get for him. I think that they will pay him.

    Werth is the odd man out if they can’t pay anyone because of Brown. They have the depth for next year to replace him, and it is easier to fill an OF spot than SS. He is playing himself out of town right now, because the Sox need a big bat in their order. I wish that the Phils could keep him, but I don’t see how.

  • Ibanez is untradable because who wants him at 39? And paying his salary defeats the purpose. The odd man out is Victorino. If you move him, you will have enough room for Werth

  • Trade him to the Eagles. Undoubtedly, Reid would find some worth in Werth.

  • Who’s going to trade for Ibanez? This isn’t football. Can’t just cut him. His salary is guaranteed. If it were me, it would be Victorino gone.

  • Trade Werth to the Red Sox at Trade Deadline for Closer J Papelbon, Utility player J Hermdia
    and a pitcher from their AAA club… (thats if the Phillies want to compete for a World Series in 2010 & 2011) The Phillies wil not even make it to the World Series with this present Bullpen of Lidge,Madson,Romero,Baes,Durbin and Bastardo
    No new Closer, no World Series
    Ibanez is untradeable at 39 years old and making $10-$11 million a year
    Hamels should be traded before his trade values completely sinks.. (I still say he is the most overrated Athlete/Player in Philadelphia since Peter Zezel…)

  • I dont know how many times I have to keep saying this to these dumb people. Werth is more important to this team then any other player in the everyday lineup. If you trade Werth you wont have anyone good to breakup the Leftys

    Utley LH
    Howard LH
    Werth’ RH
    Ibanez LH

    And the people who say let him go next year and bring up Brown. Do you understand that Brown is also a Left handed batter. If you let Werth go you need to get another RH bat. If not your lineup will be basicly have all its run producers Left handed. Sorry its not gonna work

  • A Victorino trade probably would do it, but trading Rollins is probably the less painful deal to make over the long term. On top of that, like with the Cliff Lee trade it’s ridiculous for the Phillies to be creating an artificial salary cap and allow that to make personnel decisions for them. At this point they are printing money and that cash cow will only grow if they can actually WIN a few more World Series Championships. If anything they need to be figuring out how to effectively market the “Phillies” in more places to sell more gear, accessories etc.

  • Ya know its a shame we cant be the Yankee’s..Ya know? Whats the harm in taking a loss to keep a guy? SPEND THE MONEY!!!

  • They’re not the same team without Rollins who is the best defensive shortstop in baseball. When he’s hitting and getting on base, the Phillies are the best team in baseball. There’s no way you get rid of Rollins.

  • Yo G!..Howard was talikn shit on you tonite on his spot on 610..LOL..Talkin ’bout how you fall asleep and have to be woken up for your shows..Wassup wit that?

  • Gary…I agree with you on Rollins, however the Phillies have been able to win without him playing and/or without him being effective at the plate for long stints. I can’t say that the Phillies won’t do it though, because they need another legitimate starting pitcher (probably for less money for a fairly young one) and/or Jayson Werth. The Phillies are the team that could have had Roy Halladay as the ace, Cliff Lee behind him and they blew it so there’s no bone headed move you can say they absolutely will not do.

  • Rollins isn’t going anywhere. They already picked up his option for next year and they have no depth at SS. The odd men out would be Victorino or Ibanez. They have Francisco who can play the outfield and of course Brown waiting in the minors. I think they would rather move Ibanez but with his age and contract people may not jump at him. But he only has one year left so someone would bite if he has a good year.

  • Paulman I think they can win with the current bullpen but they need Werth’s righthanded bat in the lineup the easy fix is to trade Raul and suck up some of his salary. The Phillies are all long ball without Rollins and they will eventually need him back in the line up.

  • I respectfully disagree Jaxeagle,
    There is now way they even win the NL Championship series and get to the World Series with this current bullpen..

  • True… people probably don’t listen for 2 reasons. 1) because you call everyone dumb. 2) You assume that the people posting want Werth to go to bring up Brown. That is not the case at all. It is just the likely scenario with the artificial salary cap and the organization depth.

    Paulman, although I will give you the fact that a trade of Werth isn’t out of the question given the fact that the Phils organization doesn’t just want players to walk, it is not very likely. My 2nd point to you would be that the Phils got to the NLCS last year with this bullpen, so who got dramatically better this year in the NL to take it away from them. The Cards, the Giants? The Cards folded completely in last years playoffs and have had no success against the Phils. And don’t bring up that they haven’t faced Carpenter, because I will take Halladay against him anytime. The Giants- I am not even convinced that they will make it out of their division. Didn’t you pick the Braves as your early season favorite. What place are they in again?

  • Ok im sorry bugsyhawk I shouldnt have said dumb I should have said people who dont understand baseball.

  • Lidge could be traded. Moyer will be gone after this season. Ibanez should be cut or given to another team for some Gatorade. These 3 players would free up some serious cash. But I would also like to see Roy Oswalt or Cliff Lee return before the trade deadline. That would cost around 20 million, which Werth would be at about 18. He is worth it, but the Phillies need another ace. This would have the Phillies as the team to beat for the next 5 years. Halladay/Oswalt or Lee/Hamels/Blanton…God that is scary. Would hate to be a mets or Atlanta fan if something like that happens. Also Domenic Brown could come up for Ibanez or Ben Francisco. But we need Werth and Victorino. They are both too valuable in hitting and fielding

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