• May 24, 2022

Flyers Let A Wild Game One Get Away In The Third Period

What a Saturday night it was?¬† The Roy Halladay perfect game was sweet but it doesn’t erase the bitter taste of the opening game loss by the Flyers in what was there for the taking.

They were very close to going into Chicago’s house and stealing game one, which might have been a major shot to the confidence of the young Blackhawks.

Nearly all of the big named scorers didn’t do much but some how both teams were able to score frequently, anyway.

I guess the biggest reason for my regret for the Philadelphia loss is the fact that they let this one get away despite doing a great job against the top Blackhawks line.¬† They can’t expect to keep those guys down for long.

I think with the first game nervousness now over, the Flyers know in a practical way that they can beat the Blackhawks.

Danny Briere who had a great game while contributing four points on a goal and three assists let it be known that they know what they can do offensively but their defense must improve.

“We realize we can score goals, but it’s a matter of better coverage in our own zone,” Briere said afterwards. “That’s why we lost the game.”

Their defense must improve in game two because they didn’t do much in helping Michael Leighton who was shaky in goal.

Leighton can play better and he must play better than five goals on 20 shots.¬† Brian Boucher wasn’t as bad in stopping¬† when he got in there but that final goal was a killer.
Peter Laviolette seemed to be leaning toward Boucher after the game,¬† “I thought Boosh came in off the bench. He looked good in practice, and he did a good job.”
Laviolette made it point to make sure the finger of blame was pointed at everyone and not only the goallies, “Everybody has got to be better. We win as a team and we lose as a team. We have to be better if we’re going to win as a team.”
I think they should go back to Leighton in game two but I don’t have great confidence in him.
Who do you think should start in goal for the next game?

Should it be Leighton who was very shaky in his time on the ice against the Blackhawks or Boucher who gave up the game winner?

On Memorial Day tommorow, I encourage you to remember all of the men and women, who have sacrificed so much and many who sacrificed their lives over the years so that we could live in freedom in this wonderful country.

Happy Memorial Day to you and your family from GCobb.com.


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  • One of the most exciting Hockey games I ever watched..It appeared the Blackhawks got stronger and got their “legs” under them as the game wore on in the 3rd period, while the Flyers starting to look more tired. Obviously, Leighton or Niemi played very well but is appears the Flyers Defensive Strategy to get close in front of the goalie appears to have backfired for the mid to high slot was open all night for Blackhawks which is where many of the goals came from.. Boucher really made an error on the winnning goal by Chicago, he didn’t need to come that far like that and gave up a soft one..
    I think Leighton will come back and play strong in Game 2, I also thought Pronger,Richards,Briere,Hartnell,Asham,van Riemsdyk,Powe,Timonen all played very well and had lots of chances… I though Defenseman Coburn played a poor game as did Giroux who was tryting to stickhandle thru too many defenders all game long…
    I am sticking with my original prediction of the Blackhawks winning in 6 games for they have more
    speed,size and the more consistent goalie to win the Cup, but I do believe that it will be close and
    exciting games with lots of goals scored.. Both teams play a similar style and really push the puck up the ice to utilize the speed of their wingers,create mis-matches and to wear the defense of the opposing team down… (kind of like a fast-break paced team in basketball) but in the end, I think the
    Hawks have a little more depth, a little more size and better goaltending … The Flyers really has a golden opportunity to snatch game and really outplayed the Hawks and had lots of chances during the 1st 2 periods, they now must win Game 2 to have a chance in this series

  • should have been goalies Leighton & Niemi “did not” play very well..

  • it would not surprise me to see a couple low scoring games now. chicago is the fastr team but i think the flyers have been the best team in the playoffs for making adjustment. if the flyers win the next game they win the series. if they lose not going to be easy to come back.

  • Coburn SUCKED last night.

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