• August 8, 2022

Michael Vick Leads Poll Of Most Hated Sports Figure For 2nd Year In A Row

According to Forbes magazine poll, Michael Vick is the most hated sports figure for the second year in a row.¬† Obviously animal lovers nationwide have made it a point to show their disdain for Vick’s involvement in a dog-fighting ring.

Vick has been following through on his promise to travel around the country and talk to youngsters about how and why they should stay away from dog-fighting.  He was recently in Baltimore talking to a group of youngsters.

The other sports figures in the top five on this year’s list are superstar golfer Tiger Woods, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Both Woods and Roethlisberger were involved in controversies involving their sexual conduct which took them away from their particular sports for extended periods of time.    Davis and Jones are controversial NFL owners, who have always been hated by sports fans for their daring moves and bold talk.


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  • Yeah I read that crap too…Ain’t nobody thinking about Vick. If you are, you got problems. Polls are crap. The man did his time and moved on. If you hate him so much get a life. They just mad that he can come out da joint and still get paid millions. He made a mistake and paid a dear price for it. The man is a father, and got a woman and kids to take care of. Leave him the hell alone. I’m not happy he did that to an animal, but I’m more pissed at people who hunt and kill animals in this so called “fair game” society (unless it’s strictly for the purpose of lawful slaughter to eat), make a tv show about it, and then go and place the animals head over their fireplace. We can really be a screwed up society sometimes. I hope he wins a superbowl ring with us and tell the haters to go F-off. Do ya thang Vick. Go EAGLES. Peace

  • Old news now… not even on the radar anymore as it’s in the past as Vick has moved on with his life …
    I would say today the Referee who blew the call in US World Cup game would rank right up with along with Albert Haynesworth,Tiger Woods, Bill Belichek , UK Basketball coach J Calipari, Seattles new
    coach the former USC Pete Carroll and of course Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.. Also the fella who is
    the PAc-10 Commissioner who tried top split the Big 12 conference and came away only with
    COLORADO and UTAH which won’t keep me up at night to watch college Football or Basketball games…..

  • Only in the land of the free can an american pay for a crime and not be forgiven. They claim this is a christian country…yeah right!!!! Where is the forgiveness. I guess he would have to be a white wifebeater like the “Phillies pitcher ” to get a second chance in this world. A busted lip and a busted eye out in public isn’t the equivalent of a dead dog that was actually breeded to fight in europe. Are there anymore investigations for dog fightings to stop this heinous crime now? Looks like there’s no more dogfights in america since Vick was arrested and released. The media could care less about dogs, but will never lose the opportunity to destroy a high profile black athlete. We can even look at “Tiger”..This man bent over backwards to satisfy the white press, but had one act of infidelity and they could not wait to destroy him, as if all the great white golfers didn’t cheat on their wives. And before you losers claim it’s not racial…..examine before commenting. This is reality

  • Whatever…

    The Redskins traded to get Jammal Brown (LT) from the Saints. Looks like that O-line might be getting shored up in a hurry.

  • Vick – has been punished and unless he’s a total brain dead idiot is reformed

    Rothlesberger – border line rapist who’s faced no legal consequences for his actions

    Yeah I hate Ben a lot more than Vick.

    Smart move by the Redskins in that they’re trying to address a weakness. Brown isn’t all that good though and is a serious injury concern (he’s been injured a lot lately if I remember correctly) and he’s 29. He’s a bandaid at best. Still a typical Washington move but better than usual (see Haynesworth, Albert). I still don’t think their defense is going to be that good with this 3-4 changeover.

  • Yes indeed Butch,
    Redskins at O/Tackle now they have OT J Brown, High Draft pick T WIlliams and S Heyer to be back-up
    At Guard they have A Hicks, D Dockery and W Montomery as back up
    At Center they Have C Rabach with W Momtomery as a back-up
    Not much different that the Eagles O/Line when you think about it as far as talent and depth goes..

  • Songs, you are a delusional racist slob. Go get the psychiatric help you so badly need.

  • You conveniently ignore the fact that Michael Vick has already recieved a second chance. He is doing okay with it in limited opportunities to display his skills, and is being compensated quite well for his services. Do people object? Yes, but that does not change the fact that the 2nd chance is already happening. I was at the stadium (LFF) for each and every play in which he participated last year. The response he recieved ranged from standing ovations to moderate applause, never any less than that. The protesters outside the stadium were non-existant.You mention Tiger Woods as well. He is already back playing golf, competing today as a matter of fact. The time he took away from golf was not mandated by the PGA Tour, but rather his own choice to deal with whatever personal issues he so sought to handle.He cheated on his wife repeatedly, not once. That being a given, does not matter at all. The only reason he lost sponsorship deals is because some people object to that sort of thing, and his sponsorship might hurt revenue. That is all there is to it, it is not racial, it is about the bottom line financially. The more like an idiot John Daley acts, the fewer sponsorship offers he recieves. It is about image, not skin color. Tiger has temporarily tarnished his, but he still has all of the same opportunites he had prior to his lapse. If you truly believe is is the “white press” that hurt Tiger, I do feel sorry for you. Your anger must eat you up all day every day, you need to let it go before it destroys your life.

  • Seriously SONGS, shut the hell up with that nonsense!!! The media went after Vick because he was an extremely high profile athlete and he was charged with a felony. To say it was racist is absolutely ridiculous. I guess the media was racist when all we heard about for weeks on end was Big Ben’s issues; trying to keep the white man down. Keep the race sh*t out of here.

  • I don’t agree with Songs on a couple of issues as most people SEEM to have a worst opinion of Rothlesburger because it looks as if the guy is a serial rapist and got away with it, because he’s a rich Pro-Athlete and maybe because he’s White. The Matt Jones situation is one that seems fairly racial…I mean the way it sounds he wasn’t even suspended last season after abusing the league substance abuse policy more than four or five times. No team was interested in him last season, but there was nothing technically barring him from playing as far as I know. The Tiger Woods “Media Bonanza” was definitely racially motivated though.

    There are multiple Black pro-athletes that are/were serial cheaters on their Black wives and those situations never get significant press coverage compared to the Woods situation. There are multiple White Pro-Golfers that have cheated on their wives, like Greg Norman and they never were publicly vilified the way Woods was at all. There are famous white filmmakers that cheat as a way of life, like James Cameron, and the media never takes them to task in any way even someone involved in one of Cameron’s many love triangles wins multiple Academy awards.

    For as much flack as John Daly has received publicly about his weight/alcohol issues with close to a half dozen marriages and apparently boatloads of cheating drama he’s never had the full on media blast Woods had. The strange message that I got from the Woods situation was that somehow it was 10,000 times worse to cheat for Woods, because he was/is married to a White woman and was cheating with other White women vs. the idea that cheating, in general, is egregious.

  • Song- You went off without any real knowledge, just anger. Polls are not responded to by everyone in the country. Who is “they” claim it is a Christian country. The press is always knocking Christians and even POTUS said we are not a Christian NATION. So called “White Press” that you refer to is still beating on George Bush. Bull baiting in England was banished in 1835 and the dogs are no longer breeded for fighting. I think Vick and Woods are doing fine and BEN is white, figure that one. You are very narrow minded and talk like a racist. John Mcenroe, retired from tennis years ago is on the list, figure that. Vick not only fought dogs, he killed them by hanging, electrocution, drowning and other sadistic means also employed by serial killers before they graduate to people.

    His father Earl was 1/2 African American, 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Native American. His mother Kultida is 1/2 Thai, 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Dutch. That makes Tiger Woods 1/4 African American, 1/4 Thai, 1/4 Chinese, 1/8 Native American and 1/8 Dutch. Although simply Tiger describes himself as Cablinasian. IF THE GUY IS 25% AFRICAN AMERICAN WHY IS SONG SAYING HE IS BLACK.

  • Matt Jones cannot be suspended if he is not on a roster, or at least that is my understanding. His baggage is only part of the reason he is not on a roster, the other part is he cannot play. John Daly has been publicly excoriated, as well as suspended by the PGA tour. He does not catch the same flack as Tiger not because he is white, but rather because he is irrelevant. I am not even sure if he has a current tour card. When Dr. J got bagged cheating on Turquoise he got torn apart in the press, remember his daughter, Alexandra Stephenson? Ben R is getting torn apart in Pburg, I was out there for a wedding a few weeks ago, and diehard Steeler fans were saying they no longer wanted him around. He is a scumbag and everybody knows it. Wes Hopkins got ripped for his “other-than-wife” activity, in an age prior to 24/7 media coverage, and she was black too. (And I think she ended up married briefly to the mayor of Trenton, NJ briefly, after she divorced Wes) I just do not think it is all racial. Does racism exist? Yes, it does. But Tiger is one of the most recognizable people on the planet, the hit he takes for his choices is in his image and finances, not in his opportunities to play golf and/or earn a living. He is being denied nothing, nor is Mike Vick. Songs, I should not have called you a slob, that was out of line. I do however think your post exhibits racism. It goes both ways, and none of it is acceptable.

  • Didn’t Kobe get away with the same thing that Big Ben did? Unless you guys know something that I don’t.

  • Christian nation? Last time I checked we were a Christian/Catholic/Uniterian/Lutheran/Bhuddist/Jewish/Muslim/Atheist/Agnostic/Pegan/Wiccan/Evangelical/Episcipalian (sic)/Morman/Free Masonic (yeah, why not?)/and any other religion I forgot Nation?

  • What about O.J.?

  • And don’t forget Loena Helmsley hotel and realestate billionaire went to jail 16 months for cheating on taxes and millionaire Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading. They were both sent to jail to be examples for others just like Vick.

  • No biggie, they were sent to jail for commiting crimes. Not to be examples. What’s the connection? Just famous criminals?

  • The government likes to fry big fish to deter others from doing the same thing. Song was crying that White American Press like to vilify blacks. Leona Helmsley was villified by the press and I was using her and Stewart to counter Songs racial rants. Willie Nelson and Richard Prior never went to jail for their tax problems. I wonder if Wesley Snipes will. Half our appointed and elected officials have cheated on their taxes and haven’t even been assessed penalities just interest. Charlie Rangle comes to mind. You keep spelling my name wrong Siller.

  • Go, BigE! Michael Vick’s brother is a stand-up citizen as well! Nice family! From Wiki: His legal troubles continued after leaving Virginia Tech, and have included a charge of brandishing a firearm against a group of people, a civil lawsuit involving a juvenile girl [5] who claimed that she was 15 years old (below the legal age of consent in Virginia) when forced into a sexual situation with Vick, who was 20 years old., and additional traffic incidents and arrests in January 2007, February 2008, and June 2008 in the Hampton Roads area which resulted in many arrests and seven additional convictions. After the June incident in Norfolk, he was convicted of DUI, misdemeanor eluding police, and driving on the wrong side of the road, and on October 20, 2008, received a 12-month suspended jail sentence and $530 in fines, and his privilege to operate motor vehicles in Virginia was suspended for a year.

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