• July 4, 2022

Phils Season Could Hinge On The Move Amaro Makes

The injuries to infielders Placido Polanco and Chase Utley made most Phillies watchers believe that team GM Ruben Amaro Jr. was definitely going to make a trade for an infielder, but now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

CSNPhilly.com reports that Amaro didn’t seem to be angered by the fact that his search for an infielder wasn’t going well.

“With the teams that might have (an infielder) available, the asking price has been greatly significant,” Amaro said. “I can’t let our infield situation preclude me from doing other things that will likely be more important down the road. I can’t give up our best prospects for a two-week rental.”

After last night’s extra innings win, Amaro talked about Charlie Manuel believing Polanco will return to action by August 1st and Utley will come back about three weeks after that.¬† Althought the Phillies GM would like to add an infielder with some pop in his bat, he’s much more intent on getting some help for the team’s pitching staff.

The situation was helped last night when he saw closer Brad Lidge come in a blow another save attempt.¬† What are going to do if Lidge doesn’t develop more consistency?¬† I don’t know and I don’t think Amaro or Manuel knows what they’re going to do.

I don’t see the answer on the staff right now.

With the All-Star break coming up after the weekend, it’s going to be very interesting to see what moves Amaro makes or doesn’t make.¬† It would be good if they acquired an infielder who had the ability to swing the bat, but it’s a must that they get another arm or two to help.

Amaro will have to find a way to add a pitcher even though he doesn’t have much in the minor league system to trade in return.¬† Young promising outfielder Dominic Brown is considered untouchable, so Amaro’s job won’t be easy.

Could they make a surprising move and trade Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth?  I doubt it but you never know.


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  • According to my sources as of 30 minutes ago..
    Yankees obtain Pitcher C Lee from Seattle for OF B Gardner & Pitching Prospects ..
    The Phils trade CF S Victorino to the Yankees for Starter RHP J Vasquez and Relief Pitcher D Robertson

  • Look, I can see them moving Werth, because they are not going to re-sign him next year and they can’t move Raul. They should get something for him while he has value. Domonic Brown is slated to be in the OF next year.

    There is no way they should move Victorino though. If Werth walks or you trade him, then you have another OF spot to fill besides Brown. Also Victorino is too dangerous a player to get rid of. This year, his numbers are down, but the adjustment to the 7 spot probably played a part in that. I would be pretty unhappy if I was him. Didn’t he lead the team in average last year and then he gets dropped. I think that the addition of Polanco actually created problems in the lineup because 7 is not a good spot for Victo and Polanco can’t run. Add that to the fact tha J-Roll is not 100% and you don’t have a basestealer in your lineup until # 7. Not good.

  • Your sources are off, because everything I have seen online says that the deal includes Montero and not Gardner. Then if the Yanks keep Gardner, why would they need Vicorino,.

  • Then my New England Sourse told me about this over some Clam Chowder

    Phillies Trade RF J Werth to the Boston Red Sox for Relief Pitcher D Bard and 3B M Lowell
    Phillies also trade Closer B Lidge to the Chicago Cubs for CF X Nady and pitching prospect
    Phillies New Line-up after All-Star Break

    #1 SS J Rollins
    #2 2B P Polanco
    #3 1B R Howard
    #4 3B M Lowell
    #5 LF R Ibanez
    #6 CF X Nady/B Francisco
    #7 RF D Brown
    #8 C C Ruiz

    Pitching staff now looks like this for 2nd half of Season
    #1) Halladay
    #2) Hamels
    #3) Vasquez
    #4) Moyer
    #5) Blanton

    Bullpen Pitchers
    Durbin, Robertson in middle-long relief
    Romero,Madson,Contreras as Set-up
    D Bard as the Closer

    Bard or Lidge rotae as CLosers

  • When Utley returns in late Aug/early Sept
    Then Utley returns to 2B, Polanco to back 3B and occasional LF versus Left-Hand PItching and
    M Lowell plays 3B versus lefties while Ibanez takes a seat

  • That would be good Paul , but i say put the lights out on Lidge , he is done!! ,but Manuel just can’t see this!!!

  • I could see Jayson Werth for Cliff Lee in one deal and then something separate for a closer. Amaro likes to work two at a time deals for whatever reason. Alternatively J.A. Happ, even though he’s generally a starter could probably be shifted into the closer spot or Madson could be back or maybe Contreras could wriggle back to life. Pedro could come back and close for the team, he didn’t seem to have a problem starting or working out of the bullpen and he seems to have the confidence a closer needs.

  • Yanks are getting Lee it appears,
    Vasquez and Gardner for Werth would be my guess ..
    ( I am sure Yankees would prefer to trade Granderson instead, but he makes too much $$$ and
    Garder is a better all-around player)

  • Amaro is a complete MORON! This ownership is a joke. One Championship I can live with but when they had the chance to win two or more, they completely dropped the ball. Remember the 90’s peoples when the Phillies were laughed upon by every other Major League Club. We were called the Sillies. Amaro and this ownership are unwilling to bend a little and give back to the loyal people who watch and buy their tickets, memorabilia, etc….Cliff Lee would have made this team a powerhouse this year with Cole Hamels being the #3 pitcher. Instead Hamels is the #2 and Blanton, Moyer, Kendrick, and whomever follows. Halladay is doing this alone and we will not be reaching the World Series this year. They just are not good enough. Everybody has gotten better and we have gotten worse by a little bit. They rather over pay Ryan Howard, Joe Blanton, Raul Ibanez, Lidge, and Moyer. Why doesn’t Ruben make this move. Trade Ibanez and offer to pay half of his remaining deal and bring Brown up to play left field. Then give Werth some money. Give Werth his due, 12 to 15 million a season. A 3 year deal worth around 40 million would be fair for a player of Werth’s stature. This will be their last good season. Trading Lee for those 3 bum prospects who will never reach the majors was a joke. I’m just so disappointed in this team if you can’t tell.

  • Werth will command a bigger contract than $40 Million over 3 years..
    He will be looking at similar deals that J Bay and M Holliday received… (5 years at $80-$100 range)
    look for the Red Sox,Yankees and the Cubs to pursue him hot and heavy once he’s a Free-Agent..
    If I was GM. I would ttrade him tonight to the Red Sox for RHP Reliever D Bard and 3B M Lowell
    Lowell plays 3B and move Polanco to 2B, Lowell is a good RH Bat to protect R Howard..
    Then I would then use RHP Bard as my closer and try to trade Lidge to someone who needs
    also needs relief Help (like Detroit or Anaheim) and get an extra Outfielder and a pitching prospect…
    Then call up Brown and have him play everyday in RF. I would do this if I was trying to get into the
    Playoffs this season for until they get a legitimate closer, they will not make the playoffs

  • Well Lidge is in the same situation as Ibanez. He is making alot of money and isnt playing well. No one wants him. Look I would love to trade Werth but its just not gonna happen unless they can get another RH bat in return or in another deal. If he signs as a free agent at the end of the year they will get a 1st and 2nd round pick next year for him.

    In my perfect world this would happen.

    A) The Phils sign Garrett Atkins (Who was released from the O’s)
    B) Trade Werth for either Harden or Oswalt and some how get Corey Hart
    or trade Ibanez and bring up Brown to play left with Werth in Right
    C) Some how get Scott Downs

    The Phillies are a good team they just need to shake things up.

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