• July 4, 2022

Phillies working “very, very aggressively” to move Werth

It’s funny how all the “they have to re-sign Werth!” chants have faded. After a stellar 2009 season with 36 bombs and 99 RBI’s, Werth has been just ok this year. He was off to a hot start and the entire city of Philadelphia was screaming for the team to not let him hit free agency after this season.

But now? While his average is up to .280 this year (.268 last year), his power numbers are down and he’s been swinging wildly at times at bad pitches. He’s still a nice player, but not the fireball that most had hoped (yet, he’s still the Most Interesting Player in the World).

Well, despite Werth being the only productive right-handed batter in the lineup, ESPN‘s Buster Olney says that the Phillies are seriously looking to move him.

“Jayson Stark and I heard this: Tampa Bay involved in discussions for Jayson Werth. Could be landing spot for his salary, to free up (more) payroll space for a more expensive commodity — such as Roy Oswalt. The Phillies are working very, very aggressively to move Werth,” Olney tweets.

I’ve also heard rumors that Werth would be sent to the Boston Red Sox. They would send some prospects to the Houston Astros, who would then send Roy Oswalt to Philly.

But at this point, it’s all speculation. I would just have to think that if the Phils are able to land an Oswalt or Dan Haren, Werth and perhaps JA Happ would have to be involved.

Micah Warren

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  • I think I stated a few weeks back ago to move Werth to Red Sox for 3B M Lowell and one of their relievers. Now the Red Sox have recent njuries to their bullpen and are looking for help in that area too.
    Moving Werth to Tigers is out since they are now in need of a reliever (losing J Zumaya) and 3B Inge broke his wrist so they have nothing to give up…
    The Yankees are a possibility, send Werth to Yankees for RHP Joba Chamberlain and OF Gardner
    Joba become’s the Closer and OF Gardner takes over CF and bats leadoff, call up D Brown to play RF and platoon Victorino/Ibanez

  • we r trying to get a starter what the heck the does werth for lowell have to do with anything lmao u just like to type

  • Phils woould need a right handed bat to protect Howard and produce a little power..
    Young OF D Brown is a Left-handed hitter… With Lowell, you play him at 3B and move Polanco to
    2B until Utley recovers from his injury next month..
    Line-up could look like this

    #1) Rollins
    #2) Polanco
    #3) Howard
    #4) Lowell
    #5) Ibanez
    #6) Victorino
    #7) D Brown
    #8) Ruiz
    #9) Pitcher

    When Utley returns, you put Polanco back at 3B versus Right-Handed pitchers and then use Polanco in LF versus LHP and have Lowell play at 3B. I also move Howard up to the #3 spot to
    get as many at-bats as possible. When Utley returns, then have Utley bat #3 and Howard to #4.

  • seriously u just like to type
    we need starting pictching we r only looking for starting pitching
    ur trade propsal was stupid 2 weeks ago and is just moronic when commenting on an article specifically saying we want starting pitching
    i hate stenographers

  • Mancini

    Sorry to inform you that you are so so so wrong Lowell will not be in the deal. The Phillies only are gonna get prospect in return for him. Oswalt is making over 16 million a year. The Phillies are only trading Werth the free up money and get some prospects.

    If they get Oswalt they would have traded almost all there prospect that they have had in the past 2 years. So Werth would help get some talent down on the farm.

  • we get oswalt tampa or whatver team gets werth astros get farm players
    of course we wont get lowell cause chase is back in a week or 2 and we dont wanna spend any doe on position players
    he just likes to type

  • Paulman’s Top 5 Trade Scenarios
    #1) Werth to Cleveland Indians for RHP Carmona and OF A Kearns
    #2) Werth & JA Happ to Arzona Diamondbacks for RHP D Harens and OF C Young
    #3) Werth & D Baez to the NY Yankess for RHP J Chamberlain and OF M Thames
    #4) Werth & Kendrick to the Chicago Cubs for LHP T Lilly and OF X Nady
    #5) Werth & JA Happ to KC Royals for OF DeJesus & RHP K Farnsworth

  • these are more realistic and along the lines of what the phils r probably thinking at least but i doubt any position player comes back unless the team they are coming from will pay their salary

  • also a trade to Red Sox
    Werth for RHP D Bard and OF/IF Bill Hall would be a good one too…

  • well any starter would be an upgrade here
    we’re starting kendrick and moyer for chris sakes
    how could u give a 45 yr old a multi yr deal like i know we arent the experts but my god how smart do u have to be to know that

  • truth is that if this team doesn’t start hitting and producing runs it doesn’t matter what the pitching does…you can bring Cy Young back from the dead and it won’t help if we cannot hit and score. Never thought I would be saying that about THIS team, but we have lost too many games this year when we got decent pitching efforts and we could not score runs.

  • Just like the 3 year 33 Million to Ibanez last year and the big contract they gave Polanco this year..
    too much $$$ tied up with players who have peaked and on the downside of their careers and their bodies are starting to break down…
    Then again, it’s not like there are a lot of young studs down in the Farm System who can come up and play right away (outside of OF D Brown) …
    I really wish they kept SS Donald and Catcher Marson and P Drabek from last year trades
    I think Victorino and Rollins will become .240-.260 hitters at best for their remaining years

  • Also,the Phillie Bullpen has blown many games and Manager C Manuel has such little confidence in them that HAlladay is pitching 8 innings every start even though he’s getting shelled,
    Moyer/Blanton and Kendrick are at their best when held to about 6 innings, but since the Bullpen
    has been unreliable all season, Manuel is forced to keep them out and then they get hit hard and start tiring and get the ball up which leads to Home Run time for opposing batters..
    I think Blanton should have been groomed for the Closer spot from the beginning of this season when it was apparent the both Lidge/Romero would be out for the 1st month or two and that Madson would kick a chair and break his own toe/foot…

  • thats true green cant really argue but its like hand and hand we go up 4-0 and kendrick gives up like a 6 run inning very next inning
    blanton has had maybe 2 good starts all yr he’s been atrocious
    the funny thing i notiice is we score when our bums are pitching kendrick moyer blanton
    hamels halladay pitch we score like a run on 4 hits to a no name pitcher i dont understand this
    personally i’d trade shane i love werthy i know we prob cant resign em but shane pisses me off he’s 5-2 145 lb wanna be power hitter like use ur speed get on base do something other than pop up

    any 1 else hear that werth is doing the thing with chases wife

  • hadn’t heard that…but wouldn’t be suprised

    that kinda shit can really screw up a locker room

    look at what happened with the Cavs this year…Lebron looked completely disinterested in playing those last 2 playoff games..he wanted the season over so he could get away from all the Delonte / Mama talk

    hope the rumor ain’t true, but would make some sense on why the whole team chemistry seems off this year

  • Pitching Coach R Dubee probably needs to go after this season.
    Also, the Phils cannot hit off-speed, junkball pitchers.. they have a line-up of good fast-ball hitters but when they face an off-speed pitcher and especially left-handed) they are in big trouble..
    They are also a team who taked almost every first pitch, the league knows this and most pitchers come out throwing a strike right down the middle to get the batter 0-1 in the count, then a off-speed pitches come and the batters never see a godo fastball to hit the rest of the at-bat…
    Victorino/Werth are getting nothing but breaking pithces and are looking silly trying to make solid contact and the league will keep pitchign them that way until the prove otherwise…

  • i didnt understand the ibanez deal either he was like 36 when we signed em also he bats lefty so i didnt understand it
    of course i didnt knock it because ibanez started off on a tear and made fo look like geniouses but yea that prob didnt make much sense
    i didnt and still dont mind the polanco signing regardless it was upgrade over pedro feliz im all for upgrades

  • yes shane and werth ur right they can only really hit fastballs but their problem is they wont just go with the breaking ball
    they keep trying to pull it or hit it out the yard just make contact jesus

  • It’s too late anyways for Phils to save their season,
    After being swept by Cards and then losing 3 out of 4 to the Rockies, they will be more than 10 games out and remember, there will be no Wildcard team from the NL East, so if the Phils don’t win the division
    outright, they will be home for October and available for all the pumpkin/fall festivals..

  • Polanco is a good player, it’s just that Phils overpaid for him when they didn’t need to..
    Anyone notice that GM Amaro likes to overpay a little bit for Hispanic Players (Ibanez/Polanco/Baez)

  • “Anyone notice that GM Amaro likes to overpay a little bit for Hispanic Players (Ibanez/Polanco/Baez)”

    Has to be one of the dumbest statement you have ever made

    Stick to your dumb football trades you dont know baseball

  • hahahaha true
    yes i couldnt comment on that 1 cause i dont want the G.COBB post police coming back out for me

  • Just like my dumb comment from a month ago..
    “Anyone notice that the Phils are playing like crap since they announced the long-tem deal with R Howard”
    Since it was announced, Werth has gone in the tank (since he knows the Phils cannot afford him with the big $$$ commited to Howard and that he will be trade bait and have to move on..)
    I am all for locking up Howard.. but he was already under contract and it could have been annouced once after the Season is over.. I am sure most are on the team are happy with Howards Deal,
    I am also sure that there may be a little resentment from a few players too, it’s only natural when 1 player is getting $20 Million per year and some guys have to go to abritratation to get what they feel is fair market compensation …Amaro has made too many poor moves here in the last year that
    it’s caught up to him and now they very few bullets to make any deals to improve the team (outside of Werth and maybe Victorino)
    Last year, why trade 2-3 good young players for a top end Starting Pitcher only to have him for 1/2 a season which makes no sense, now they are talking about trading for a top-end Starter.
    Then they straded C Lee for 2-3 players who are struggling at Double AA level while Cleveland INdianas are playing SS Donald and C Marson quite a bit…
    They should have retained Chan Ho Park in the Bullpen knowing both Lidge & Romero would not be ready to start the season, they should have pursued a LHP for the Bullpen to replace the retired Scott Eyre, they should not have signed D Baez, they paid too much for Ibanez and Polanco
    Once JA Happ and Madson went out injured in late April, they should have obtained a Starter and a Reliever.

  • Yeah, I think Werth and Happ for Oswalt make a lot more sense than just Werth.

  • ryan king only phillie thats playin any ball
    watched the game last night
    just sickening down 2-1 bottom 8 2 outs ryan takes 3 filthy sliders to walk
    man on 1st and 3rd for werthy who taps the 1st pitch up the middle to the 2nd baseman
    werthy is 0for his last 26 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position unreal

  • ***Trade Alert***
    Phils trade Werth and JA Happ to Astros for RHP B Meyers and 3B P Feliz and OG Jason Michaels…
    ****** Good Grief Reuben ******

  • hahahaaha a family reunion

  • left out michael bourne

  • Just don’t tell Brett Meyers’ wife about the Family Reunion though,
    She may just show up and give Brett a black eye and beat the pis* out of him again…

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