• September 21, 2023

Rams are hot after Owens?

Sources tell Chris Mortensen of ESPN that the St. Louis Rams have intensified internal discussions regarding signing former Philadelphia Eagles WR Terrell Owens. Take this with a grain of salt because Mort is wrong constantly, yet no one holds him accountable.

If this is true, apparently Steve Spagnuolo and Pat Shurmur didn’t mind having him around in Philadelphia. Either that or they really hate their wideouts right now, and that’s entirely possible.

Owens doesn’t have a home right now and at first it was thought that his contract demands were too high. He supposedly wants $5 million per for 2010. But after a while it just seemed like no one wanted him.

He also said he wants to play for a contender. If he signs with the Rams then he was lying when he said that.

Now also keep in mind that Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer has been working out with Owens in California recently and has been very impressed, team sources tell Adam Schefter. Chad Johnson also has been tweeting recently that the Bengals could get T.O.’s services. There have been reports that Antonio Bryant’s surgically repaired knee has been a problem, so that could make Owens a fit there.

But if he wants to play for a contender, the Bengals are a bad option too. Yes, they have some talent over there, but they always waste everyone’s time in the playoffs. Palmer has led the Bengals to the playoffs twice and the team lost both games (yes, I know his knee was shredded in the first one). He receives no criticism for this. He’s always had talented wideouts, so T.O. wouldn’t be solving any type of problem that would get them over the top.

But, if both of these reports are true, then this is good for Owens. He’ll need some sort of bidding war to get any kind of a decent contract. That is, unless he waits until training camp injuries start to hit.

Micah Warren

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Paul Mancini
Paul Mancini
July 26, 2010 6:02 am

I see no reason why the Rams would be interested in TO..
They are rebuilding and will start the Season w/AJ Feeley and then by mid-season start playing
1st Rd pick S Bradford to get some game experience under his belt.. Playoffs are not in the picture
for the Rams for the next couple of seasons anyways so they need to find out about their young WR’s as much as they can and as fast as the can… Where does TO even fit for them…
Now the Bengals, I could see a interest and a need, as I do for the Seahawks,Titans, & Redskins..
A team with legitimate playoff aspirations this year and that has a need at WR, but a team that is rebuilding and most likely win 4-5 games, why would they want the headache that is TO and why would he want to play for a team with no playoff chances to win…