• December 6, 2021

Cooper And Hobbs Get Into It As Eagles Have First Practice With Pads

Riley Cooper came off the ball and was jammed by cornerback Ellis Hobbs. The 6’4″ 225 pound rookie tried to fight off the jam, then Hobbs jammed him again.

Next up, Hobbs hands worked their way up to Cooper’s head and knocked his helmet off. Once Cooper realized this had happened he attacked Hobbs and pushed him. Hobbs backed up and started throwing punches, then Cooper started throwing punches of his own.

Middle linebacker Stewart Bradley came out of nowhere to blast Cooper. Then players started coming from every direction as Hobbs and the big receiver were pulled apart.

I’m really started to like what Cooper brings to this football team. He’s a big receiver who is playing like one. Cooper continues to impress by catching just about every pass that touches his hands.

Hobbs feels Cooper uses his hands to get open.

“I don’t know what he’s used to,” Hobbs said. “I don’t know if he knows it or not, but I watched his Florida film. And he’s a guy that likes to pull and tug. Against LSU, he pulled a guy and [Tim] Tebow hit him on a ‘go’ route. So I knew that about him. He likes to put his hand on people and when you got a guy like that, they don’t like to be touched.

Kevin Kolb connected with DeSean Jackson on the second play of the team period. Jackson made a great diving catch on the play. Kolb is showing he can get the ball out there.

I think the most important item I liked about what Kolb did today was the way he pulled the ball down numerous times when nothing was there. It was a quite a few times but it will help him lead this team to victories if he stays away from throwing interceptions.

Kolb made one big mistake during the workout and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley made him pay for it. Kolb telegraphed his pass to tight end Brent Celek and Bradley stepped in front of the tight end for the pick.

Bradley also made a nice play in the 9 on 7 run drill when he ran through and caught running back LeSean McCoy for a five yard loss. The middle linebacker had a nice workout today.

The offense got the best of the defense in the 9 on 7 run drill, which is disappointing for the defense. The defense got pushed around by our offense and LeSean McCoy and Mike Bell took turns running for good yardage.

Although the Eagles plan on getting ahead of people in the first half and forcing them to throw the ball, the run defense must improve if they’re going to beat the big physical teams in the NFC East.


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  • I like it. We need a physical WR who also has the size. Hopefully he plays a lot because it will be good in the redzone with his size and not afraid to mix it up. I also like the fact that Bradley came in a knocked him on his butt. Way to get back out there Bradley. I bet Cooper wasn’t going to try to muscle Bradley.

  • yea im liking cooper too
    in fact im loving it in the pic above bradley dont even look much bigger than cooper
    and he has heart yea im liking cooper alot now if we can get a qb lol

  • the seems like a reoccuring article…..Why don’t we just post the every article this time of year concerning linebackers for the last 5 years.

    Linebackers……another blind spot….Where is Mays now? how many wasted pick at linebackers within the 1st st 3 rounds in the past 7 years? help me people…how many?

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