• January 21, 2022

Redskins training camp notes

I just passed along some of this and that from New York Giants training camp, but the Washington Redskins have a lot going on as well. So let’s see what they are up to down in our nation’s capital.

-The ‘Skins just traded for QB John Beck from the Baltimore Ravens. It really isn’t a huge deal for anyone except Colt Brennan, who was promptly cut. Brennan never showed any of the brilliance that he displayed at the college level. But, it doesn’t sound like Beck will be competing with Rex Grossman for the job of backing up Donovan McNabb. The Washington Post reports that Grossman is “entrenched” as the backup. Worse news for Beck? Mike Shanahan says he’s fine with just two quarterbacks.

-This Albert Haynewsworth stuff is absolutely comical. He’s been failing these 300-yard sprint conditioning drills that Shanahan keeps making him take. This is payback for all of the moaning, complaining and misses offseason workouts. He stopped taking the tests because he is having knee issues that NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora (former Redskins beat writer for WaPo) is calling “legitimate.” Looks like he’ll have to wait a little bit to start working at the right end position in the 3-4.

-Shanahan likes what he sees so far out of Clinton Portis. “I sure hope so,” Shanahan said when asked if Portis has his burst back. “If not, he’s not going to be our running back.” This means that Portis will start off strong and then fade like he always does.

-Multiple reports over the last week or so indicate that former second-round picks Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas are in danger of losing their jobs this year. And I don’t mean starting jobs. I mean jobs as in roster spots. They have done nothing so far at the NFL level, although Shanahan says that Thomas has been a little bit better lately.

“He’s got to compete everyday and he’s got to win a position,” Shanahan said about Thomas. “He’s got to be better than the guys that are in front of him consistently. … The last couple days, he’s done just that.”

He could just be trying to give the kid some confidence. His main competition is Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams. Yikes. In case you are scoring at home, Williams hasn’t been in the NFL in two years.

-Speaking of Kelly, he went down with a hamstring injury a few days ago. If one of those two is getting cut, I have to think it’s Kelly. The one thing that he and Thomas have going for them is that outside of Santana Moss (and even he isn’t what he used to be), the rest of the Redskins WR’s are garbage. Have fun with that, Donovan.

-LaRon Landry is hitting people….hard. Even if he’s not really supposed to.

“It’s kind of what you would call a thud tempo,” tight end Chris Cooley said. “Most guys just bump up against you when you have the ball. LaRon likes to go into the full tackling mode. He’s in scrimmage mode at all times. We talked about it in the locker room and he said, ‘Why are you giving me a hard time?’ I said, ‘You are the only one that tackles. So if
you’re going to tackle me I am going to give you a hard time about it. You’re going to have to deal with that.'”

Shanahan doesn’t seem bothered by it, so he’ll probably continue to pop people in practice.

“I don’t mind those hard hits,” he said. “I mean, we’re going to get those in the game. I love those hard hits.”

-Speaking of Landry, his role is going to change a bit this year. Last year, he says that he was basically told not to let anything get by him deep (that’s probably still a good rule heading into this year). But now, he’s going to be in more of an attacking role.

“Don’t let anything get behind you,” Landry says of what he was doing in 2009. “This year, it’s not. It’s more aggressive, go and get it. Be smart about it, but go get it, be aggressive.”

Micah Warren

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  • Thns for the update,
    I really look for the Redksins to be a running team (especially the first 4-6 games of the Season)
    they will utilize 2 TE sets a lot and throw to their RB’s out of the backfield due to their weak WR players
    Look for TE Cooley/ and emerging F Davis see a lot of balls thrown their way. RB’s Johnson & Parker have never been known as good receivers out of the backfield so expect Portis rolling out to catch a few.. I really expect PArker to be released and RB Brian Westbrook to be signed to fill that 3rd Down Role which will be improtant to the Redksins Offfense as well as QB McNabb.. Thier Defenses is going through a lot changes going to a 3-4 base attack Coached by J Haslett, The signed NT Kemoeatue from the Panthers who is a great NT when he’s heatlhy but has missed a lot of time the last couple of years.. They have a lot of age across their front 7 in P Daniels, Haynesworth, A CArter and L Fletcher..
    They did make a nice pick-up in A Carrkier from the Rams and of course drafted rising star B Orapko
    who made the Pro-Bowl as a rookie last year and is the real deal.. They really haven’t addressed the Safety postion and CB’s Rogers and Hall are decnt players but another year older… Bottom line, this team has lots of age and lots of ??? at the skills positions as well as a shaky O/Line…

  • great post best post all yr

  • Well…isn’t DMac used to crappy receivers? (recent history excluded of course)

  • Man….I wish we had Landry at safety. Is there a safety as good as Landry on our team? sorry, we let a safety that was actually better leave for nothing. boy we are left with a suspect secondary and an interception waiting to happen at QB. Well at least we can cheer Mcnabb in the post season.

  • Landry is another head-hunter who is very poor in pass coverage (or at least has been the last 2 seasons) and very poor in basic open field fundamental tackling…

  • answer the question Paul….what eagles safety that’s better than landry?

  • I would take N Allen as a rookie over Leron Landry anyday…

  • Paul….what? last year you have probably said the same about demps. ur crazy

  • Last year I would’ve said Sean Jones, Landry is garbagio!

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