• July 7, 2022

Eagles WR’s Jackson And Maclin Have Public Argument Then Mend The Fences

I remember standing by DeSean Jackson’s locker a couple of years ago after Jeremy Maclin was drafted.  Jackson was being questioned by reporters and I could tell that he wasn’t pleased by what he was being asked.

Jackson was being questions about Maclin taking his job as the team’s punt returner and threatening him as the number one receiver.  The then second-year receiver said Maclin had to earn his stripes before he should be considered for doing anything much-less taking his job.

Both of these young receivers are cocky and don’t feel that anybody can cover them.  Like most receivers they always think they’re open and that’s one of the reasons they seemed happy to say good-bye to McNabb because he wasn’t swayed when they came back to the huddle talking about how they were open.

I was told he dressed them down a time or two.  It may be a challenge keeping control in that huddle this year, if the team stumbles out of the gate.

Jackson was clearly the superior last year, so the two receivers flowed together, but you can sense some healthy competition there.   Maclin, who now looks like a body builder with his shirt off, doesn’t see himself as being inferior to Jackson anymore, so yesterday’s flare up might not be the last skirmish we see amongst the two because I don’t think Maclin is going to back down.

Philly.com heard Maclin saying, “We’re still cool.”

Later on he spoke to the reporters.

“It’s training camp. There’s no bad vibe between us two,” Maclin said. “We talked something out and that’s all it was. I don’t hate him, he doesn’t hate me. We’re still good. We’re still friends. There was a little mix up and it’s all good now.”

During the afternoon workout, Andy Reid was talking to Jackson and Maclin yesterday for five to ten minutes as the team went through a special teams practice.  Their body language made me think of times when my dad would scold my brothers and I for fighting.  There was one big difference though, he didn’t seem to be threatening them that he was going to take off his belt. LOL.

This might not be the last we see of problems in this relationship.  If Kevin Kolb throws the ball to Maclin more often than Jackson, there could be problems.  Maclin is bigger and seems to fit the short passing game better than Jackson.

DJax, who isn’t talking to the media as of yet, doesn’t have his new contract and isn’t making as much money as Maclin.  He’s not likely to take kindly to losing his position as the team’s number one receiver.

– The biggest play in yesterday’s practice was made by rookie defensive end Brandon Graham when he jumped up and picked off a Kevin Kolb throw, then took off and outran the quarterback to the end zone.


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  • Glad to see pro athletes still have the market cornered on maturity.

  • The wheels are falling off. If Mcnabb was still here this would not have happened. Where’s the field leader?

  • McNabb couldnt hit the broad side of a barn with his accuracy and these kids were prolly sick of it so McNabb would tell them to shut up. Or when T.O. bitched about his play, he had the brass trade him. Or when Jeff Garcia stepped in and ran the offense better than McNabb did. Jeff disappeared the following year. Yeah, great leader Songs. Just dont play better than him or your gone. McNabb was no leader.

  • Much to do about nothing in my book…
    These players (all players) are compeitiors, it’s hot,humid and it’s training camp, tempers,frustrations and yes, emotions, sometimes get the best of everyone when competing at a high level…
    Let’s have a story on how well J Avant, R Cooper and K Washington have been at the WR position all camp and the Battle between Harbor and Ingram at TE (Ingram has been one of camps biggest disappointments by most observors and needs to pick it up if he’s going to make the active squad)

  • Mcnabb is having an exceptional camp in Washington D.C…….They are gushing over his arm strength and elusiveness.

    It’s crazy how things change.

    The Redskins will be contenders while we get use to mediocrity. Man…. how things change.

  • If this keeps up, D. jackson will be traded next offseason. lol

  • Yes songs, McNabb is famous for dealing with WR egos expertly. And I LOVE it – quite hilarious – that you read the Redskins hype and take it for the truth, but then disagree with the Eagles hype. If you ignored both, that’s credible and reasonable. But you sir, like always are either pathetically irrational or just being malevelontly playful – either way, you act like a tool on these boards.

  • Just like the Eagles and media said in Philadelphia over the last 5 years about how good McNabb
    looks and he’s in the best shpae of his life.
    Lets talk about Mediocrity for a moment Songs..
    I believe McNabb’s Record since 2005 is something like 38-34-1 which sounds pretty mediocre to me and the Eagles overall record since 2005 is 43-35-1 (remember that J Garcia led them to 4-5 wins in
    2006 when McNabb was injured)
    Anyways, most of the reports I have read and heard about McNabb so far this camp is that he is in great shape as usual, has a very strong arm but is a little bit of a hard time picking up Shanahan’s System and of course his accuracy has been up and down (which it has all his careeer).
    I guess the big differnece is he doesn’t have the talented WR’s on the Redskins that he enjoyed in Phila the last couple of seasons,they have almost an entirely new Off/Line (4 new Starters) which is a work in progress and McNabb is, of course, 1 year older about to turn 34 this fall..
    I wish #05 well and hope he has a healthy and productive 2010 season, but not against the Eagles.
    I expect him to put on good overall numbers for a team that may win 7-8 games

  • hahaha every post has kolb gettin picked 6 in it somehow
    am i the only 1 paying attn to this
    and all this kolb learns from mistakes crap please of course he does when he makes 1 every other play how tf cant u learn from it
    and g wasup let us have our comment box back or make a new comment box
    just block mancini’s post thnx lol

  • SONGS: I don’t remember the Eagles ever trading T.O.

  • Chris. That was Jimmy Mac who mentioned TO being traded. Either way he was released outright.

  • Paul….That’s the Eagles record you posted not Mcnabbs and if you look at the moves the FO have made along with the blind spots of Andy Reid with his perpencity to ignore the run… it would be obvious why the team have been mediocre since 2005… Glad you put those wins and loses up there….We need not say more….Now, we have a young inexperienced team we can expect worse.

    Thanks a lot.

  • i hope all u lames get in the fantasy gcobb league lol for bragging rights scorp havent checked my email in a min whens the draft

  • There is going to be trouble in the looker room with Jackson and Maclin. I feel it is not a question of competition it is how the Eagles unitizes there talents. Apparently there is something going on an I hope that the Eagles will put this to an end.

  • awful i accidentally looked in the comment box and see a girl with a 1000 zits on her face cmon g
    at least have some good ads my god

  • To Songs, the Eagles Overall record from 2005 is 43-35-1 (regular season) but Garcia won 4-5 games at the end of 2006 when they finished 10-6, I am not sure what the other QB’s record was in 2005
    when the Eagles Finished 6-10 and McNabb only played in 9 games
    Bottom line is that McNabb’s and the Eagles record is a .544 winning % which is slightly above average, wouldn’t you say…

  • Songs & PW: Plenty of neg drivel and irrational analysis per Schiller. It’s spelled “propensity,” not “perpencity”

    Remember your words: “Paul…. That’s the Eagles record you posted not Mcnabbs” So if we lose half our games this year, will you say the same of Kolb? LOL!

  • PW I sent the invitations out a while ago. Check your mail. Once everyone joins I will pick a draft day.

    Why does every post about Eagles drama turn into a McNabb post? Seriously? Let it go. And seriously, get off the Jeff Garcia crap, his has done nothing and his career is nowhere near McNabb’s. Is Garcia is so great why isn’t he playing or starting? Anyway, I think McNabb is a good leader regardless of what people say but I don’t think he would/could have stop them from arguing. Players argue and you have 2 receivers with massive egoes. One who wants more money and the other thinks he can overtake the other as the number 1. Everyone knows Maclin struts around like he owns the place. But these young guys don’t care about what others have to say. More than likely, they were sick of McNabb and the other veteran leaders because of their egoes.

    Seriously, every argument in camp doesn’t have to turn into what McNabb would have done. And Paulman forget it with the bogus stats. Anyone can find a stat that supports how they think. How many times did the Eagles make it to the playoffs when McNabb either finished the season or played the majority of the games? Forget all the dumb stats about when McNabb played here. Why must you always try to degrade what he meant to the team? The guy is the best QB to ever put on a Eagles uniform and that’s the truth regardless of what bogus stat you pull out.

  • pman degrades d5 vick ai
    lol pman certainly not a philadelphian
    how can u degrade ai
    to much hip hop for ya huh
    well u will hate djax very soon if not already u’ll hate maclin 2 mccoy 2 so get over it
    tho they may seem like some type of gangsters to u they r pretty much normal dudes get over it
    u wanna hate gangsters in sports u start with david stern and work ur way down

  • word yo

  • Pauly lives in NC I think.

  • SONGS, then please enlighten us to the difference between McNabbs record and the Eagles record.

  • I don’t hate any of the Philly athletes,
    I don’t like some of their actions/behavior on and off the field (AI/Vick/Pete Rose/Lenny Dykstra & many others over the years) But I was always a McNabb fan and had supported him as leader of the team for the last 10 years, But I also recognize when it’s time for a player,coach,team and fans are better off when they move on..(as it was in McNabbs case)
    Look at some of the great Athletes that have moved on in recent years (J Montana,M Jordan, Wayne Gretzky,S O’Neal, E Smith, Jerry Rice,B Farve) and these are players who actually won Championships for their Franchises and are some of the best to ever play the game..It’s the way it is
    As far as the hip-hop generation, it doesn’t bother me but I am 47 and come from a different generation of poeple and are not so swayed by Pop-Culture and everyones 15 minutes of fame…
    Show me hard word,mutual respect,teamwork and a appreciation of their God-given talent and abilities and I will support any Philadelphia athlete… Start dogging it, acting selfish and ego driven,have off the field trouble with the law and walk around with a ‘who cares’ type of attitude, then eyes, it bothers me and will not support people like that whether they are athletes,teachers,bar-tenders or anything else…

  • true-dat

  • and proper spelling…

  • Here’s the bottom line….I accept Mcnabb was the problem and now that the problem spot have been upgraded with Kolb we can expect a better record than last year with the team advancing far into the Playoffs or even a Superbowl.

    That will be the true barometer on this matter.

    Don’t say the Team Failures are Mcnabb’s and then make excuses for the replacement who is clearly better according to Mcnabb’s critics.

    This is a Superbowl team since they have actually improved the Most important position on the team and we do not want to hear about the center, or the Corner position with Hobbs, or the defense.

    Kolb must show us he’s the leader and lead us to a Superbowl or at least win one playoff game this Season.

    If he go 2-4 after the first 6 games …sit him down and go with the former pro bowler Michael Vick.

  • SongrsrnotforEagles1,

    Poor logic Songs,
    Every year is a new year , every team is a different team,with different players,coaches,opponents change and even football annoucers change…Though the Eagles finished 11-5 last year, it was time to make some changes and they most certainly did, the rid the roster of older players who either underperformed,overpaid, were injured a lot or simply were not in the teams future plans (which I believe McNabb fell into for he can still play at high level for 2-3 more for another team)
    So now the Eagles have 5th youngest roster in the NFL with Average age somewhere near 25 years old.. Their Defense may see as many 5 new starters than the Eagles 2009 version (Graham,Sims,Bradley,Hobbs,Allen) , their Offense has a new starting QB but most of the Offensive starters are returning for their 2nd/3rd years together and still is very young with lots of upside
    (McCoy,Maclin,D-Jax,Celek,Avant,Kolb,Weaver,Ingram,Harbor,Justice,Cole,MGJ,McGlynn are all under the age of 27) are you kidding me…
    Even if the Eagles struggle a little out of gate early on, what good would it do to switch to Vick when he is a goner after this season and Kolb is the now and future QB of the Eagles moving forward..
    Vick is a back-up only and will mmove on after 2010 season.

  • Songs – you are addicted to simplicity. ‘There has to be a simple, clear cut, one solution explaination for things. You find it, assess it, and then make a simple conslusion based on isolating the one variable. Your line of thinking would be great for a rocket scientist ina disney movie, or a vacum. But we live on earth and life, not to mention NFL football, is extremely dynamic and complex. You can’t say that if you took Drew Brees – great QB who just won the superbowl – off of the the saints, and replaced him with a good, but not great QB – let’s for the sake of it say Tony Romo – who’s team you referred to as the gold standard the other day- in his place. Can you say that the saints would have lost the superbowl then, even with Tracy Porter’s pick? No you can’t – because there’s so many other factors involved. Has it occurred to you that each year the Eagles haven’t won the superbowl (under Reid), that there is possibly a number of reasons they didn’t? And that maybe, it’s not just 1 simple thing? That’s way more close to reality than your ‘we’ll see’ – it’s all or nothing black or white…. If you can’t buy a lottery ticket because it costs 1 dollar, and you only have 99 cents, does coming back the next day with $1 win you the lottery? Does the team with the best QB always win the SB?

  • Damn, paul beat me.

  • It is my strong belief that one of the main reasons the birdz didn’t beat the pats in the SB was that Belicheat was cheating and his team new our calls. Since the pats were caught, they have been superbowl winless, and largely worse than the Eagles. So that year, the reason was the cheating pats. That wasn’t the reason for the other 10 years Reid’s Eagles didn’t win the big one – the pats weren’t involved in those seasons. So look songs – WOW – maybe, every year is unique and there’s DIFFERENT reasons, MULTIPLE reasons for each of the 31 teams that doesn’t win it all. Can you wrap y our noggin around that?

  • SONGs will not be back today, he got kicked out of Training camp for wearing a McNabb Redskins jersey.

  • SONGSRME2 , you are correct on your fouth posting, but keep in mind that the excuses are already strating to come forward so that the FO can protect their future investment.

  • Off topic, is anybody else having trouble finding a night flight home from Jacksonville after the game? Flying in is no problem, Saturday or Sunday, but the last flight back up here appears to be 5:30 pm. ??

  • Songs, PWill…is Darby your 3rd Amigo?

  • I heard songs was taking the “Pimple Queen” to Delasandro’s for a cheesteak in oil to propose to her.
    PW is going to be the best man… Mrs McNabb will be the Maid of Honor..

  • The concept of ‘making excuses’ is pretty funny when it comes to philly fans and sports. I honestly believe that if a philly sports team was winning in a championship game and there was a severe earthquake at the arena/stadium/field (whatever), thus ending the game, then some philly fans, Songs, PW, Darby, etc… would say ‘the FO is making excuses, they should have won the game’. Those 3 posters, and the average negadelphian, truly believe that the team should be held accountable for winning a championship every year and if not, they’re just making excuses. At somepoint, reason has to enter the picture. But for many in philly, i guess reason/logic/reality are just excuses….

  • Now the young guns are not only bragging to the news media and anyone else who will listen to their fragile egos, they are badgering one another. It would be wise for them to shut up and adopt a team philosophy and prove themselves on the field in real games. Show us you bite is worst than your bark.

  • More Injuries to report on from around the NFL
    Saints lost 3rd Down RB and Special Teamer L Hamilton for the season with a torn ACL
    Tampa Bay placed TE M Rucker (From the Eagles) on the Waived/Failed Physical List..
    Colts Center J Saturday had athroscopic surger on knee to clean out loose particles,out 4-6 weeks Ravens placed CB D Foxworth on IR and is out for the season with knee injury
    Chiefs place TE B Cottam on IR and is out for the season
    Cowboys have TE M Bennett (Ankle), OT A Barron (Ankle) and ILB S Lee (Quads) all being held out of Thur Preseason game… (2nd Rd Pick Lee has missed most of camap so far and back-up OT Barron has not seen the field much for practices either..

  • Desean need to demand his money before kolb destroys hs numbers this year. dink and dunk, pass to celek, possession throws, or interceptions…..Desean will explode especially if Maclin gets better numbers. DJax need to demand a new contract for at least this year or be traded….Coming off of last season with a pro bowl at 2 positions which have never been done…his stock can not get any higher…

    It can only go downhill. Demand a trade to the Redskins where you can continue your dominance with a strong armed QB that can get the bombs out there for you to run under and Snyder will find a way to get you the money. They are paying DJax pennies for his talent. DJAX STAND UP – THE TRUE FANS ARE BEHIND YOU!!!!

  • clearly pman i dont think ur prjudice i apologize maybe i came off wrong
    basically saying u dont like dudes wit alot of swagger maybe a lil baggage
    vick ai TO r moss and tons more to name especially in nba
    i was just saying that the athletes of today mostly looked up to those guys so ur going to see alot of the same stuff

  • songs r u jim devlin
    jersey looks good on u

  • Do you guys think it’s true that they were having a spat over who works the hardest? I heard that on the radio last night and I was just thinking to myself how immature that argument is. I don’t care about them arguing about messing up on a play or something but over who works the hardest. Seriously? You want healthy competition there but not that kind of talk when one clearly thinks they are better than the other. It will be interesting to see if this does linger on. We all know the media will try to stir up some stuff throughout the season when Maclin has some better games than Jackson.

  • Bottom line – Songs would rather Desean Jackson – a man he has never met and doesn’t know or have any personal ties to – get paid more money than he is getting paid – than the Eagles team succeed. Think about that for a moment. That pretty much defies any definition of being an eagles fan. I realize that we all knew Songs is a ‘troll’, potentially an actual fan of another team, perhaps an NFC East team, or whatever. Still, he’d rather Desean get money – again, I can’t for the life of me figure out why Songs cares what Desean is payed more money – there’s billions of people in America who work more hours than Desean, make WAY much less money, and have families to feed, debt, and more important things to worry about – but no, Desean, cares about this one guy who is a millionaire payed to PLAY A GAME, who will make a bunch more money in his career – he cares more about that person he’s never met than the Eagles winning and succeeding. Beyond that being dumb and mindboggling, I just can’t see WHY. How does Songs benefit, be it directly, indirectly, emotionally, feeling a sense fairness? I just don’t get it.

  • Songs, why does it have to be Washington? Why not Baltimore, don’t they have a “strong armed” QB? Or Indy, Green Bay or Chicago for that matter? Why Washington? I’ll tell you why. Because your an anti-Eagles FO Jaded McNabb lover who still feels salty that your man crush got traded. Give it up already with “the wheeles are falling off” and “DJAX must demand a trade” and “this FO is cheap” crap. The sky isn’t falling…the sky is the limit because the TRUE EAGLES FANS ARE BEHIND THE TEAM, THE WHOLE TEAM, AND NOTHING BUT THE TEAM!

  • Schill to answer you…why I want Desean to get paid? It’s the same reason I wanted Trotter paid.he wasn’t and Levon Kirkland was there…..killed a shot to get a SB.

    I wanted T.O paid..the first receiver to help put us in position for the best season in over 20 years..they got him on a technicality and he had to go to the stinking Cowboys to get money he should have been paid here…..The same reason I wanted BDawk paid..now look at who’s manning his position..he still haven’t been replaced. I wanted Reggie White paid…he went on to win a Superbowl with a team that was willing to pay him his worth..I wanted Keith Jackson Paid..He won…I want Djax paid because “I WANT A FREAKIN SUPERBOWL”!!!!!! Can’t get that if you keep stiffing the all pros on your team because it sends a message throughout the locker room that if you don’t take care of your proven warriors when their time come you will not take care of them. It’s bad for team morale and as long as this team continue with this way of business they will continue to be the “COPPER STANDARD”…With “0” Superbowls.

    wELLWELL….I want him to go to the Redskins so he can get his money and help Mcnabb get a Championship since the FO don’t mind trading picks and players within the division. I think Djax deserves his money as well as a chance to win a Superbowl.

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