• July 4, 2022

Andy Reid Tones Things Down In This Morning Workout

Andy Reid toned things down today as the Birds took off the pads and worked out in shorts this morning.  They did more situational work with the offense driving late in the game while trailing by just two points.

It wasn’t full speed during this period because they were focused on getting the play in and making the proper decision based on what happened on each play.  David Akers came in and made a couple of kicks from 50 yards out.

They got blitz work in again, but this continues to be an area where the offense is still behind.

Running back LeSean McCoy was out there for the entire workout after missing yesterday’s work because of a thigh contusion.  He looked like he was back at full speed with no ill-affects of the injury.

Asante Samuel strained his hamstring during the workout and had to go in early.  He must have strained it on a deep corner route, which saw Kevin Kolb hit DeSean Jackson for six over Samuel’s head.  The interception-machine was quiet for the rest of the practice.

The other starting cornerback Ellis Hobbs missed the workout because of an illness.

Tight end Cornelius Ingram was last seen walking in early with Jamaal Jackson.  The Eagles are taking it easy on Ingram because his knee doesn’t seem to be able to take all the heavy work.

In a surprise after practice, Duce Staley talked DeSean Jackson and a group of offensive players to run some gassers which are sprints back and forth across the field.  Once he convinced Jackson they could use the running, the wide receivers talked a group of his teammates, Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin, Leonard Weaver, Mike Kafka and a number of others to get in some extra running.

Staley said he thought the guys could use the work for their endurance late in games.


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  • Duce…nice to see Big Red bring him back. I saw an interview with McCoy earlier this week and he appears to appreciate the perspective that Duce brings to the coaching staff.

  • Pearls of wisdom from an old pro. That’s leadership!

  • Hopefully we will see B Westbrook,B Dawkins came back and help coach and mentor once they retire
    Not to change the Subject.. but what’s happened to M Fokou and C Ingram latelty… It appears they have fallen further behind and have a good chance of not making this 2010 Sqaud or at least playing a significant role with the team…Ingram appears to have lost his enthusiasm and explosiveness and appears to be going thru the motions.. He is this years biggest disappointment in camp to me…

  • Come on guys, who’s getting in the fantasy football league. Let me know and I’ll send invite. Those of you that requested invite, it was already sent. Please join already or I will look to fill the vacancy.

  • I will sign up today Scorpion

  • Scorpio…do you still need people for the fantasy league?

  • I am trying to sign up for a team Scorp…
    I see teams # 3 thru # 10 open and tried to grab # 3.. Where and how do you get a Team # assigned

  • Yes Walken. Send me an email and I’ll send the invite drew_sg2000 at yahoo.com

  • Paulman, I can see if I can switch them around. Not sure though.

  • Ok paulman you are team 3.

  • Ingram’s knee has not come back as fast as I think he expected it too. He’s competing against Celek and Harbor, neither of whom had injuries before and both of them are competing and working hard. Ingram’s always been a competitor and you could even hear it in his voice last year and see it on the field. Florida used a team doctor to repair his first ACL and it was clear that that doc botched the job. So the 2nd specialist not only had to undo the preceding mess, but rework that plus take care of the greater damage in total. Corny’s knee isn’t able to allow a natural explosion and this has gotten to him; you can hear the lack of confidence in his interviews. He has too much talent (hands are still great) that Eagles don’t want to give up on him, but he may need to go to the PS for a year until both he and Eagles know if his knee can recover. Really like that guy, but…

  • i agree Iggles about Ingrams Knee not 100% Healed which is causing his sluggishness and lack of explosion.. Eagles may be better to indentify an injury with him and place him on IR for the Season to get 100% healed and give him 1 more year of recovery and then it’s do or die for 2011 Camp..
    My biggest concern is that Celek for as great as he is, takes a lot of hits over a course of a game and season, with Harbor being a Rookie and not a very good blocker at this stage of his development and the ups and down of being a Rookie, what happens if Celek were to get hurt or need some rest.. I think they may need to check the waiver wire once Cuts are made through-out the NFL and pick up an experienced TE who can block and be a reliable red-zone target..
    I think if Celeks contuinues to catch 60-70 passes and take the pounding that he does, that he won’t last 2-3 more years at this pace.. He needs some help and relief which I think Harbor will be a good receiving TE down the road, but not in the Physical part of the playing TE and to be honest, I am not sure if Ingram will ever be able to become the player that his talented skills show him to be due to his injuries..

  • Scorp..I sent my email address twice..hit it up bro.

  • Sent again Jimmy. I sent it 3 times. Everyone else has gotten it but you.

  • yea i mssed the flyer that duce was some type of coach with us
    i saw him on the sideline 1st preseason game gotta love that
    for old times sake

  • Word. Scorp..I got it. The invite was sandwiched in between like 20 porn site invites..Word to the wise never give a porn site your email..Sheesh.

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