• August 14, 2022

Andrews Will Make $5 Million This Year Whether He’s On Field, Roster Or Waivers

Nearly everyone agrees that Eagles right guard Stacy Andrews has struggled in the three preseason games the Birds have played but the veteran guard can rest assured that he’ll be on the roster when the season begins.

His confidence doesn’t have anything to do with work on the field.  It concerns his contract.  According to Les Bowen of Philly.com, Andrews will be paid $5 million dollars by the Eagles whether he starts for the Birds, or sits the bench or is released.

This presents a serious challenge of the decision-making for head coach Andy Reid and GM Howie Roseman because the offense has struggled with Andrews at right guard and one of the reasons they have struggled has been because of subpar play in the middle of the offensive line.

Will they be as good with Andrews at right guard?  That’s the decision the Birds have to make.

I understand that financial considerations have to be made regarding who plays and who doesn’t play, but the Eagles have plenty of motivation to put the very best five offensive linemen on the field because they’ll be responsible for protecting their young quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Andrews has said he would be more comfortable at the tackle position but I don’t see how he could be successful at tackles, if he’s having trouble at guard.


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  • What a deal these Andrews Brothers have gotten from the Eagles over the years..
    I know they are from Arkansas and most would say ‘country folk” , but them and their agent have
    fleeced the Eagles royally… I think they should re-name Philadelphia to “Andrewsdelphia” in their honor..
    Bite the bullet and eat the $5 million and get rid of this bum, he was a bad signing to begin with only compounded by overpaying all in the attempts to keep his little brother happy and motivated and we all know how that turned out…

  • O Lineman from the SEC are so lazy

  • I agree Noel
    It’s a great College Conference but it does appear to have lots of busts once they reach the NFL..
    Guard Alex Smith is a good example from Alabama from 2 years is having a hard time playing as a back-up for the Bengals

  • mike willams, jason peters and the andrew sisters are perfect examples

  • So would we be comfortable with:
    Peters, Hermanns, Jackson (McGlynn), Cole, Justice

    worst case for green bay

    Peters, Hermanns, McGlynn, Giles, justice

    With Dunlap, Howard, McGlynn, Giles and either Topou or Reynolds as the last if they keep 10?

    Boy times have changed – remember last year the schreecing about not drafting anymore ‘fatboys’ and we need ‘weapons’ A year late – but how do all those weapons look without a solid O Line

  • I am comfortable with the P,H,J,C,J O/Line for 2010
    This line played most of last year and did a pretty good job as the season went along
    (until C JAckson was injured) N Cole is a pretty good Guard and hime and Justice played well together.
    For 2011,
    Stacey will be a goner as will MJG (thru free-agency) , so the back-ups will be McGlynn,Howard,Topou,Dunlap for sure and then a couple of Draft picks in the mix…
    But if you look around the league, most teams would love to have back-ups with 2-3 year experiece and ability like a McGlynn,Howard,Topou and Dunlap will have by next season..
    The Key is what kind of Season does J Peters have, does he play up to his All-Pro Status or does he continue to be the “enigma” that is too unpredicatable and inconsistent…

  • No salary cap, no talent and no heart should = no Stacy Andrews. Andrews gets pushed back pass blocking and can’t get down field to block linbackers on running plays. MJG isn’t very good at pass blocking, but he can hold his ground. Cole gets after backers and usually handles pass blocking well. McGlynn and Howard will also give you more at RG.

    Andrews is what he is and it’s time to open the roster spot for a guy that has the heart. I think the word “Andrews” isn’t allowed to be spoken at the Nova Care Complex as per Joe Banner, doing so may lead to being fired.

  • Police Chief Gorden, today on the steps of 1 Police Plaza in downtown Philadelphia, called for the capture and arrest for the Dubious Duo know around the Tri State area as “The Andrews Sisters.” This notorious couple is wanted in the connection of the fleecing not only of the taxpayers but of one of our more esteemed philanthropists (sic) Jeffery Laurie. Over the course of several years the Adnrews Sisters have stolen in excess of 50 Million dollars worth of undeserved salary, bonuses, and revenue from game tickets and concessions, and other marketable items undisclosed at this time. Last seen driving in an all black Escalade around the town of Bentonville Arkansas, anyone seeing the two Andrew Sisters should approach with caution, they are armed with excuses and a severe lack of motivation. Please call the Police at once on their special hotline at 1-888-MYMONEY.

  • you think a little of the cash shelled out to this bum could have kept Dawk around?

    just asking

  • The past is the past. The question is should the eagles spend $5million and keep a guy that can’t play or Spend $5mil to get better by cutting the player and allowing a hungry player to prove himself.

    Addition by subtraction would be my call. I also think that there may be a chance between now and saturday to make a move to obtain a linemen.

  • I think the “Andrew Sisters” are down in PW’s basement working on a Music Video to be posted on
    “You Tube” and sponsered by Delassandro’s.
    Word on the street, is they are doing a remake – hip-hop version of the Steve Miller’s Classic
    “Take the Money and Run” and PW even has a small role and producer credits in it too..

  • “Same old Rat in drain ditch, caught on a limb, You know better, but I know him.
    Like I told you, like I said, Steal your Face right off your Head,
    Ohhh ooo, nothing’s gonna bring him back, Ohhh ooo, nothing’s gonna bring him back”

    “He’s Gone” – Grateful Dead

  • I looked at that schedule again and it’s really hard to see this squad getting 5 games this year.

    Damn, this front office stripped away the excitement of opening season……remember the fan fare when TO was signed and they needed added security for training camp? A star studded team…now we have Quinton Mikell at the podium…..DAMN

  • To Songs,
    I remember the Beatles,Led Zepplin and the Grateful Dead too..
    It’s over man, it’s in the past, time to start a new bus ride and this is the only Football team in town,
    so get on the bus and support your team or get the hell out of the way…

  • Songs – don’t you ever learn from the past? Every year people read the schedule (before the season starts) and make predictions based off of how good a team seems to be or was the year before. And each year, but the real outcomes of the game never match preseason predictions. Remember last year when they lost to Oakland which everyone had chalked up as a win, but they won other games they were supposed to lose? Don’t you learn from that? I guess not.

  • Shauney dude, hurt his back while robbin’ our castle, Stacy too, took the money and run…Paul..I like it.

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