• August 14, 2022

Is It Time To Start Looking For Outside Options At Right Guard?

After watching the Pre-Season game on Friday it seems obvious that the right guard position needs to be reassessed. Stacy Andrews needs to take another pay cut, while Max Jean Gilles seems to have lost his talent along with his weight. Our other options at right guard, Nick Cole and Mike McGlynn, have been battling for the privilege to keep the seat warm at center until Jamaal Jackson returns from his ACL tear.

It baffles me that Andy Reid, a former offensive line coach, has not made a bigger play to address the need for a change in the position. It just seems all too similar to the story we heard last year. When once again the offensive line was depleted by injury: ‘When the offensive line gets healthy, they will be a force.’ So here we are, one year later, with the same problems, and the same company line.

The Eagles did look into options earlier in the off-season. They had Rutgers offensive tackle Anthony Davis and Idaho offensive guard Mike Iupati in for a visit leading up to the draft. They also made a bid for Seattle Seahawks guard Rob Sims. However none of the three wound up in midnight green.

As much as this team is lauded for their youth movement, the time is now to infuse a veteran presence.

There are costly options, like a trade for disgruntled Patriots Pro Bowl left guard Logan Mankins. The talented 28 year old mauler would cost at least a second round pick, as well as a new contract, as he feels he has out performed his rookie agreement. Putting Mankins at RG with a healthy Jackson and Todd Herremans would make for an imposing inside trio, presumably helping Shady McCoy to a stellar sophomore campaign.

There are creative moves as well. For instance, picking up a veteran center like Kevin Mawae, until Jackson returns. I understand that Jackson says he is ready, but this would also provide further insurance if he falters early. This move would also free up Nick Cole to move back to his natural position at RG.

From a purely speculative standpoint, Mawae, who is very involved in the NFLPA, would have to be talked into coming in for a few weeks, very similar to how Jeff Garcia joined the team when Donovan McNabb went down Week One of last year with broken ribs. It is doubtful that Mawae, age 39, would be able to last an entire season, however his veteran presence would be a strong asset to a team whose median age is 25 years old.

There are numerous ways to make sure Kevin Kolb keeps his green throwback jersey clean come week one against the Packers. The Eagles front office could swing a trade. They could sign a veteran via free agency. Or, they could rely on the components they already have, and hope they are ready Week One. It worked out so well last year.

Andrew Lazaunikas

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  • 2 other options I would like to see the Eagles Pursue
    #1) Trade with Ravens to obtain OT J Gaither (they are in need of CB help and WR which the Eagles could package a CB J Hanson & WR K Washginton), then have Gaither play RT and slide W Justice to RG.
    #2) Simply promote Austin Howard to RT and slide Justice to RG (though Howard would be a big risk only being a rookie though he does have outstanding upside)

  • I’ll pick Logan up after work tomorrow from the airport.It’s 30 minutes from the homebase.Man that would be clutch. Scale of 1-10…10 being legit shot .How ya feelin Birdbrains?Phillywill…this would ease your pain. Im saying 5-6. If we inked him we would be set for a lil bit in the interior. Paulmandomis….the Howard train is rollin in your posts.Love it…went too camp and he did have some serious mauler in him. Like him at tackle in a few seasons.Spot duty maybe this year.

  • Decent comments – when writing an article like this – loss the snarkiness – the last two lines are compeltley uncalled for – the line did gel last year and they were at a point where the team was 11-4 and playing for a bye and a home playoff game – and THEN Jackson’s knee blew out and we got our butts kicked twice by Dallas. Last year is the prime example of why the Eagles should NOT go out and find someone new – when Jackson comes back and cole shifts over you have last years starting 5 (after Cole replaced Andrews) – you remember – the starting 5 that set the team records for most points and most passing yards in a year…… and now we seem to have a much better defense so..

    What is the real story with MJG. Have read in multiple sources that he looks really good and the line problems are 1) Peters not playing well and 2) Andrews not playing well and 3) bad job picking up blitzes. Before Hermanns came back was it Peters or Giles on the left side?

    And what is ‘Veteran Presence’ Is Peters not a veteran, what about Q Mikell, A Samuel, Trent Cole Akers – isn’t Vick a veteran , J Parker, Hermanns, Weaver, what about the long snapper Dobrones (sp) – how many years do you need to be in the league to be a ‘veteran presence’ – plus didn’t we bring in a bunch of veterans (Duce Staley – Tra Thomas for example) to help mentor/coach? Didn’t we add some serious veteran coaching with Jauron and April…

    Mawae would be a gimmick – he did not play well last year, he is hurting. HE would be a short term possibility at best and who would you cut to give him a roster sport? This is of course if he spent the off season getting ready to play this year.

  • PMan – I’m betting Andrews is about 50/50 before the seaon – 90% gone before next season – unless something seriously changes – if the eagles don’t draft an OL in the first two rounds next year – Justice will probably slide inside.

  • if Andrews gets $5 million either way like another article states, then Eagles won’t cut him and he’ll unfortunately will end up on the team for 2010 in a back-up capacity..but will be a goner after the season
    I really look for them to move Cole in at RG, McGlynn will back-up C Jackson and then next year
    look for the Justice to slide inside and A Howard playing RT, but that will be for 2011

  • As much as i agree with not picking up someone new and having too acclimate them too the system and gel, Mankins would be a huge upgrade. But i dunno if it really can happen. I tend too agree that the o-line will be improved with Cole at RG and Jackson back. Or just let Mcglyn hold it down for a week or two. Everytime i hear about the vet leadership i think the same stuff N.E.F.. Theres plenty of vets on this team that should be lighting fires under these young guys a$$es. We’ll see what these guys have in there hearts week#1. Good early test for young offense. Defense will play fast week#1. Go Birds.

  • I think the the health of Jackson’s knee and the development of Howard will stop them from going out and getting someone new. But again – other then the OL needing to play better – where is this ‘veteran presence’ need coming from…. Peters is an All Pro and Pro Bowler – Hermanns been doing this for a few years – Andrews – veteran, Cole, Veteran, Giles, 3-4 years, Jackson – veteran. So the O Line has a bunch of veterans – wasn’t it Weaver who admitted that he was the one that whiffed on a couple blitz blocks against the chiefs…….

  • I’ve been saying since the first preseason game moving Austin Howard to RT and sliding Justice to the RT spot. Scamdrews isn’t going to cut the mustard in the OLine and I think it might be AR’s soft spot for OLineman working against him because he must really believe that Scamdrews can play and feels the need to show him that AR believes in him.

    In other good news, looks like Al “personal foul” Harris and Atari Bigsby will be out for up to 6 weeks.

  • sorry. meant sliding Justice to the RG spot.

  • Got the injuruy updates WWW,
    Your right, I like the Idea of having A Howard at RT and Justice sliding to RG
    I think that will be the plan next off-season. I don’t think the Eagles want to mess up with Justice right now and let him get the RT spot down, once the season is over, then have hime prepare in the off-season for the RG spot…
    Also, have not really read anywhere, but FB L weaver has been kind of disappointing this camp/preseason so far.. It appears he has lost a half-step and just isn’t as explosive as he was last year… wonder if that big contract has anything to do with it.. but he has not looked as sharp and hungry as he was last year… any thoughts on #43…

  • I think it would be suicide to give Mankins a new contract without giving DeSean Jackson a new one.

  • Weavers contract must be weighing his pants down. I though I heard something about a “tweaked” ankle in TC but I could be mistaken. I would think in the Vanilla O in presez we wouldn’t see much of Weaver anyway so they could get a better look at C. Scott, which they did and we all know how that ended. We’ll see 43 back out against the Pack good as new.

  • I got an idea. Instead of doing so much moving and shaking on draft day and winning the “I got more picks than everoyone else” trophy, how about we package some things up, go get a few (4, 5, maybe 6) real high value quality draft picks, then you can fill out with all the undrafted camp bodies you want. We’ll need some stud OLineman come next draft and from what I hear next year will be ripe with them.

  • http://WWW…GREAT POINT! how many times have we heard how they have more draft picks than anybody? They wont fix this because they need their excuse for when the brilliant AREID offense fails for the 12 year in a row.

  • I’d leave how the Eagles draft alone. I know its popular to point out the failed selections (Smith, Mays, Bloom, Abrami) and then start to complain about the ones that haven’t hit yet (Laws) the Eagles get lots of props for their drafting from almost all national media – too early to say but Allen, Graham, the other DE , Lindley coupled with last years group (Maclin, Mccoy) – the Eagles do fine drafting sure- you’d like 100% but realistically, Ried and co run a good draft. The great part is they always have the ammo to do exactly what you mentioned.

    Looking at OL for next year – if Howard turns out to be the beast we think he may be – you slide Justice inside – Jackson Healthy – Hermanns is solid, then you are saying we need to replace last years Pro Bowl LT because he is having a bad pre-season – I am all about competition, but shouldn’t we wait until the end of the season before we figure out next years needs in the draft…..

    Pman – I only got to see the Cincy game – but I noticed a couple times Weaver was running very high and looking to cut vice head and shoulders low ready to pound. I remember thinking after a 3 yard run if he had run hard he would hve had 7 or 8.. Will be interesting to watch and see how he does during the regular season.

    IS Weaver going to play against the Jets – or no fullback for the game (or maybe give Harbor or Ingraham a few reps?)

  • this team relish in not picking in the top 10….it’s too much money.

    All those picks we claimed we had to wheel and deal and got what out the deal?

    two possibles?

    Boy, you mean to tell me Andy and the front office thought the Offensive line was fine after the 2 Dallas games therefore didn’t think to draft or trade for a serious offensive lineman?

    Something is seriously flawed here

  • Perhaps with a new rookie salary cap in the new CBA the Eagles would be more inclined to moving into top 10 tallent. The last thing they need to to have a Jamarcus Russel type pick blow up in their face. I’m not saying how they draft now is bad, just thinking a little something different for perhaps a higher quality pick might not be too bad either.

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  • Top 35 prospects for 2011 Draft are loaded with CB’s, DT’s, QB’s and some O/Lineman,
    Not a very deep one at RB,WR,TE or S it appears
    A quick revier of some of the top O/Lineman and CB
    #1) OT N Solder (Colorado) 6′ 8″ – 310 lbs (long arms and reach, needs upper body strength)
    #2) OT G Carini (Wisconsin) 6′ 6″- 320 lbs (good feet, strong and a bulldog,probably a G in the NFL)
    #3) C R Hudson ( Fla State) 6′ 2″ 290lbs (good feet,strong and a 3 year Starter)
    #4) OT O Franklin (Miami) 6′ 6″ 320 lbs (best pure athlete among OT, could be a 10 year Veteran)
    #5) OT A Castonzo (Boston College) 6′ 7″ 300lbs (moves well, needs upper body strength, long arms and is a typical BC polished O/lineman with good technique and nasty attitude)

    Top 5 CB’s
    #1) P Arunkaman (Nebraska) 6′ 0″ – 205 lbs ( 3 year starter, great tackler with a nose for the ball)
    #2) R I-Dowler (Virginia) 6″ 1″ – 200 lbs (solid cover guy with good hands and physical)
    #3) J Jenkins (Florida) 5′ 11″ – 190lbs (super quick,great ball skills and some return experience)
    #4) P Peterson (LSU) 6′ 1″- 210 lbs (big,physical cover guy who can run,mayve a Safety in NFL)
    #5) B Harris (Miami) 5″ 11″ – 195 lbs (physical cover guy with speed, 3 year Starter)

    Top 3 QB’s are J Locker, A Luck & R Mallet which all 3 will go in the top #10

  • Songs – yes, the Eagles front office thought the O Line was fine after last year scoring a record number of points and record passing yardage prior to a knee injury blowing up the middle of the line against Dallas. I think – as demonstrated by the draft, the Eagles were very concerned with their inability to sustaina pass rush without blitzing, so they focused on DEs. They also went and got Sims and some more DBs to shore up the D, which I think the front office was in much greater need of help then an offense that had just scored a record number of points and record amount of passing yardge and hed the team at 11-4 and playing for a first round bye and a home playoff game – you did watch last season right?

    Then I think the Fo thought that they would have Jackson re-habn, Cole a whole off season to prep and McGlynn, a very highly thought of, drafted OL from Pitt where he played under Dave Wanstad, and then signed the former winner of the award for the best center in college football, Penn State graduate, Shipley to compete (see that – an injury to the starter and they had 3 people come in to compete – see how they didn’t seem to care) Then they sent a 1st rdr and gave a big contact to a guy that went to the pro bowl – Hermanns has been solid the last two years – they extended Justice, and thought they would have a better, healthier Andrews, along with Cole and McGlynn and Dallas Reynolds to fight it out for the last guard spot – your right songs, as usual, what the heck was the Fo thinking

  • Back to the OL issue. No matter who is pitching and catching, if they have a line like what appears to be taking shape (even if Jackson comes back to near 100% and that has to be a big if….), they are going to struggle. If they can Mankins for a 2, they shoudl do this in a heartbeat. And man, you have to love Peters blaming the center for jumping offsides twice…

  • Beijing, long time no hear from. Hope all is well. I think they will settle out. Give it some time. You should never, ever get excited about scrimmages or pre-season games. You play them to find out what you need to work on, not to show other people what you do well. I din’t here about Peters blaming the center – I thought McGlynn did a nice job the one pre-season game I saw. I would be OK with McGlynn at center and Cole at guard if Jackson not 100%

  • Thanks Navy for you in depth explanation on what the “FO” was thinking……now answer the question

    With all you have typed in your comment….is this offensive line ready to take on the best defenses in the league? Yes or no?

    If the answer is no….do any of what you claimed the “FO” did or didn’t do concerning the offensive line matters?

  • Grey – been busy and out of the country (little busy) in Korea. I watched the replay which had Trent Green as announcer. He was making a joke that Peters was pointing and blaming whoever was the center at the time (probably McGlynn). And of course mentioned that only Peters moved early. Anyway, hard for me to sympathize with someone making that kind of money and yet needs to be “motivated”. Yea, its only preseason but still. Hope he turns it around, as LT is critical for a right hander.

  • Yes songs they are ready. Yes songs they are ready yes songs they are ready. What does that mean – it means sometine around the 2nd week of the Sept the eagles will play a game – followed by 15 others, and then hopefully a few more. So yes songs, they are ready. I am sure that a few times they may not play that well, sometimes they will play great, but hopefully come Febr 2011 they will have played great a bunch more times then they didn’t – enjoy the ride

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