• August 19, 2022

Will Eagles Do The Right Thing And Eat Andrews’ $5 Million Dollar Salary?

The Eagles made a good move in drafting cornerback Trevard Lindley.  He was supposed to go in the second round in 2009 but he decided to stay in school.  He injured his ankle but played on it anyway, but the injury caused his play to dip.

It allowed the Birds to draft him in the fourth round.   They were able to draft him later than his ability dictated because of his ankle injury.  It’s called an injury-discount.  So far, Lindley has looked like a steal.

In the 2008 draft, the Eagles selected Wisconsin cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu with a fourth round pick.  Ikegwuonu was rated as a late first-round or early second-round selection, but he tore up his knee while preparing for the draft.

The Eagles were able to grab him in the fourth round because of his injury.  It was an injury discount.

Unfortunately Inkegwuonu never totally recovered from his knee surgery, plus he had some off the field problems, so the Birds released him early in the season a year ago.

In the 2009 draft the Birds selected tight end Cornelius Ingram, who fell to the fifth round because other teams thought the knee surgery he underwent at Florida during his last year there, was botched.

He was supposed to be a first or second round talent, but the knee injury and suspect surgery caused him to fall to the fifth round.  Ingram is in danger of being released now because that knee doesn’t seem to be right.

What this suggests is that you can draft and sign injured-players all you want, but you must accept the fact that regardless of their talent level, some of  them will never be able to recover from their injuries and play the way they did before sustaining them.  Sometimes you get a bargain by using the injury-discount, while other times you must accept the fact that it was a mistake and count your losses then move on.

That brings us to Eagles right guard Stacy Andrews.  They signed him as a free agent a year ago while he was recovering from off season knee surgery.  He tried to play a year ago, but his knee was no where near being ready.

He trained all off season and worked to rehabilitate that knee.  He ‘s currently starting for the Birds at right guard, but his knee continues to slow him down.  Andrews is guaranteed to make $5 million dollars this year whether he starts, sits the bench or is released.

I think the Birds should cut the cord with Andrews now and admit that signing him was a mistake.  He can’t move anymore.  Andrews doesn’t seem to be able to bend his right knee very much.  He doesn’t have enough power in it to do his job.

The veteran doesn’t get any movement at the point of attack because his knee doesn’t have the strength needed to push those big defensive tackles off the ball.   He can’t run well, so he too slow to pull or move outside on sweeps or screens.

The Birds should take the $5 million dollar hit right now, rather than hang in there with this guy who can’t play anymore.  it would send a message to the rest of the guys on the team and their fans.

Admitting mistakes and doing it quickly, is something that the Birds have struggled at, but they can do the right thing right now.

You’ve got to have quality play on that offensive line or it’s going to create major problems in the passing and running games.  Young quarterback Kevin Kolb needs to have everybody on that offense playing well around him or this could be a long season.

Check me out in this video Philly.com talking about Andrews, injury-discounts and the Eagles lagging confidence.


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  • They would’ve done it by now. He’s an Eagle for 2010.

  • I think it’s because AR has a big soft spot for OLinemen and will give them too many chances to prove themselves. The obvious choice would be to cut him of course but we all know AR will give him just one more chance to see if he can play. All it’s gonna cost us is a QB or two, maybe a RB, and a few wins because of big defensive stands by our opponents, who will attack the weak link in the OLine, when we need to score. But honestly, what we have to replace him isn’t that much of an upgrade either. I doubt the Mankins deal is anything more that a pipe dream right now and Gaither, well…PMan thinks he can be had but again, I doubt it because of his on/off field attitude problem.

  • The Birds love the Monte Reagors of the world. The pay a few top-dollar contracts to give the illusion that they spend, then make up for it at other positions. Every dime saved under the cap goes directly into Lurie’s pocket. It would not surprise me to learn that Banner and/or Reid receive a percentage of each dollar saved under the cap. After all, it’s total profit.

  • drummer, do you think that the team should spend to the cap at all times? Do you realize that it would be the most horribly stupid way to run a team? You need room to operate. And Montae Reagor is a player that never made the Eagles so what are you talking about? This is a case of them spending TOO MUCH on Andrews, and him not playing well for the team. It has nothing at all to do with underspending and cap management. I think you’re confused.

  • You think all the money the Eagles make goes to paying salaries and then all the left over into Lauris checking account? What about all of the community service projects the Eagles sponsor throughout the Tri State area? All of the Charities they give to and countless other organizations? The Eagles, and by direct extension, Laurie give tons of money to worthy causes year in and year out. Just dumb to think otherwise.

  • They’re call tax write-offs.

  • For years, the Eagles have slotted dollar values to positions (at the cost of winning). How long did we go without wide receivers, backs, linebackers? Sorry, it’s not Kool-Aid, but more like yellow snow.

  • not to mention that they need to have money on hand to negotiate new contracts and operate a business. I’m sure they have a budget specifically for paying players money, and they keep that separate from their funds for other things, such as profits. They don’t just say – oh great, we have leftover money from the paying players pool – cha ching – that’s just not how it works in the slightest bit.

  • Exactly how do you think Laurie has become a billionaire so quickly?

  • He was a billionaire prior to owning the Eagles. He did it by making smart business moves, one of which is to keep a sound budget that doesn’t mix the salaries to employees and profit columns. You point that Lurie is cheep still has absolutely nothing to do with this article and the Stacey Andrews situation.

  • I think Laurie/Banner both secretly work for “Hugo Chavez of Venezuela” group and are planning the Armegeddon of 2012 with other “extremist anti-Philadelphia groups”

  • Banner has been called a great capologist, right? Tell me then, which teams have had problems with the cap? Washington spends more than anyone (albeit foolishly), but they don’t have cap problems. Dallas spends – no problems, right?

    Banner is considered a great capologist because the team has successfully fielded playoff teams while remaining well below the cap. Those playoff teams were against a weak NFC and on the backs of a few greats, i.e., McNabb, Westbrook, Runyan and Thomas.

    The Ealges sign rookies to long-term contracts (hoping that they’ll outperform those contracts, i.e., DeSean Jackson, Brian Westbrook and Sheldon Brown). Then, they don’t budge when the players does outperform. They know that if they sign a rookie to a 5 year contract. and the average life of an NFL player is 3.5 years. That player will probably break down before the second contract comes due. If the player begins to miss games because of injury, their value is decreased at the bargaining table.

    They also sign a lot of injured players at below-market value.

    I’ll give the Eagles credit, they pull it off and still have many fans believing they are doing all they can to win a championship. I get the feeling, however, that the tables are about to turn.

  • The only reason they would cut Stacey Andrews now is if something better is available. We don’t have anyone better than him that is going to be cut, so I expect the Birds to start the season with the bum and bench him if he continues to suck… Now, if they see something on the waiver wire on Sunday, perhaps he will be gone.

  • Drummer – Do you really think the Redskins and Cowboys spend more than the Eagles? I don’t think that’s true at all. They give up draft picks more freely than the Eagles, that’s for sure. But to say that they spend more, how do you know that?

    As for the rookie contracts, the Eagles don’t do anything different from any other teams there – they cant. The rookie contracts are all slotted (within ranges) based on where they’re drafted. Rookies on all teams basically get the same contracts. Whether or not rookies want to take deals from the Eagles to sign extensions during their rookie contract, that’s up to the players. The Eagles do THAT more than other teams, but would you rather they let guys like Westbrook go to free agency or have them locked up?

    And how under the cap do you think the Eagles really are over the years? Do you have that data? How much under do you think they are? If you don’t know these things, then frankly, what da heck are you talking about?

  • Okay, you’re right.

  • Cut him and sign who?!

    Whether he’s cut or benched, you’re going to start Nick Cole or Jean-Gilles.

    Face it, it makes no sense to cut him. Because cutting him also entails signing another player (i.e. paying more money. So now you’re out the 5mil PLUS this other guy’s contract). There’s no one out there that can make an impact so why pay another player to be a backup to Nick Cole when you can bench Andrews for free?

  • Drummer… here’s data just pulled off Sports City news service regarding cap money paid out last year within NFC East:
    Eagles- $128.4mil, NY Giants- $120.5mil, Redskins- $112.4mil, Cowboys- $96.4mil
    For comparison: Patriots- $111.1mil, Jets- $117.3mil, Texans- $108.4mil

    Keep in mind that the Cowboys, Redskins, Patriots, Giants, Patriots, Jets, & Texans were recently valued by Forbes in that order, all above Eagles at #7. And the Eagles paid out higher cap money than all of them last year. And you think Lurie is splitting “the pot” with the FO. You’re losing it, man. Sounds like you’re another one of those current administration socialists who will attempt one day to control every cent you/I make.

    Winning in NFL depends on decisions by owners to hire the the right personnel with the right football philosophy. That’s why Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Redksins are/were successful; has nothing to do with being rich. Owners change, focus changes and hiring right people/coaches goes awry. Lurie was never originally a sports guy so he’s still learning… making movies and running a big sports team are hugely different enterprises.

  • ok schill we have a great organization
    gold standard
    we make less mistakes than other teams (draft wise and free agent wise)
    we have a better coach than most other teams
    we have a great front office who spends money
    then y were teams the were irrevelant win sb’s before us
    the giants lost sb in 01 completely dismantled team drafted new qb and all (eli) but they still somehow won a sb before us
    their best player even retired
    steelers when we used to play them they had like neil odonnel they were garbage
    even the lowly tampa buccaneers were able to come into our house where they were like 0 and 40 in games below like 30 degrees or something and hand it 2 us then go win the sb
    this team was a doormat team
    i cant ask andy so id like to know from the closest thing
    what mistakes do we make and what dont u like about our fo if anything
    im really curious not even being smart

  • The reality is, they are going to have to suck it up and keep him for some of reasons listed by Shamu
    and some of the others..
    By 2011 , Andrews will be released after the 2010 season, MJG will leave via-free-agnecy
    Austin Howard will compete for the RT position and the Eagles will go into the off-season with the
    plans of W Justice working on and moving to RG
    The O/Line for 2011 will be left to right – Starters (Peters,Herremans,Jackson,Justice,Howard)
    the reserves will the Cole, McGlynn,Topou, Reynolds and they will add a draft pick or 2

    Some Injury news around the NFL
    Steeler QB B Leftwich suffers MCL SPrain and proabably out for 2-4 weeks which most likely means
    the QB D Dixon will start at QB for the Steelers in Big Bens 4 game abscence
    Brown’s RB M Hardesty tore an ACL and is out all 2010 Season leaving the Browns very thing at RB
    Bronco’s RB L WHite also tore his achilles and is out for the 2010 Season
    (Both the Browns and Broncos have been decimated by injuries this pre-season)
    Panthers RT J Otah has another setback in recovery from knee surgery and is still on PUP list
    Giants volatile RB B Jacobs explodes in a interview about being 2nd string RB and being treated like garbage by the Giants Coaches… The Giants Locker room is a real fertile place right now.. You have Osi unhappy and Jacobs unhappy about playing time.. yuo may see the both of them dealt this weekend.. I have a hunch that Osi will go to the Broncos and Jacobs to the Browns or Raiders
    Redskins R Grossman is the likely starter for Opening Day versus the Cowboys while McNabb works to get fully recovered with his ankle injury..

  • After the Phillies won the Series and the Giants won the Bowl (playing rookies), the Eagles realized that their policies had to change. The fan base began to ask questions like why our rookies had to sit for 2 years while the Giants could win playing with 8 rookies?

    Finally, the Birds recognized that they had to compete for a bowl. The Phillies were stealing their thunder/dollars and the Birds recognized that they couldn’t succeed without drafting quality skill position players, as the NFC East continued to improve. Before that, we traded out of the first round or virtually ignored skill positions. However, because of McNabb/Westbrooks’ skill, we survived.

    For those reasons, last years’s stats are not an indicator of their past policies. A lot has changed. We now have 1st round skill players and we also now play our rookies. There were more large salaries on last year’s teams than at any time in past 11 years.

    They still, to this date, however, look for injured players to draft/sign.

  • Iggles say, I appreciate intelligent rebuttals. Thanks!!!

  • In many ways, I have a socialist mentality, because capitalism (which works) has become greedism (which doesn’t work).

  • The bottom line on winning the Super Bowl in many cases, is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle
    or find that proverbial needle in a haystack… A lot of things have to go right, stay healthy, have some young players step up and make big plays at the opportune time. and of course getting a few breaks by the refs along the the way helps a lot too..
    Look at recent wins by the Saints,Steelers,Giants and even the Ravens within the last 10 yers or so, were these the best teams that given year,,, not neccesarily, even look at SUper Bowl Losers who were close in some of the recent Big Games and still lost (the Seahawks,Cardinals, Eagles, Panthers, Tenness Titans..) , these teams were not all that great during those particulr regular seasons either… Perhaps this is part of the allure and excitment of the NFL where teams can come out of mediocrity one year and then compete for a Super Bowl the next, this is the reason why they play the games, and why now winner is annouced during the Pre-Season or even early in the Regualr Season, It’s a 4 month marathon, a battle of attrition, a few lucky breaks and some balls to bounce your way and at least you will have a chance… As an Eagle Fans for some 35 years, at least our Team has has that chance more often than not in the last 10 years which is a lot more than most NFL teams,Citites or the fans get… You may as well enjoy it for it could be a hell of lot worse,and if you don’t beleive me, go ahead follow the Bills,Browns,Lions,Bucs,Rams Jaguars,Chiefs, from
    the last 5-10 years or so and see how many of fans,players and teams have it…

  • I have been reading you guys for years now, your great fans. I love the Eagles like you do….no superbowl, it breaks my heart, still I love the winning and I want to keep winning. its a league full of grown men all with the same goal, so I am thinking that, that superbowl thing is not as easy as we eagle fans make it out to be. I want a superbowl really bad, and when we lose the conf. champs I am mad for a day or so, but to tell the truth I can’t recall God almighty or any other deity promising me the eagles will win it. So I will hope for a bowl, but I will highly respect and show some gratutude for a hard true effort.

  • Oh and by the way I don’t get people who whine about the poor competion and division the eagles had during their winning years…hmmm did the cowboys have a goodteam when we went to the Conf. Champ forthe 5th time, were the giants any good. Point is don’t piss in my cereal fellows, dang eagles fans can’t even enjoy winning.

  • Paul….you’re the fan this organization loves…you know what? 4 years ago you could have easily added the saints to your poor teams list. You think the saints fans following them for the last 10 years would have rather had the Eagles as their team with chances to win yet failed?

    Stop thinking these poor teams wish they were the Eagles, for they have watched teams like the Saints and realize they could become better than the Eagles and get a Superbowl.
    If the Saints could do it in a short time so can the Bills,Browns,Lions,Bucs,Rams Jaguars,Chiefs….And if any of these teams was to win A superbowl b4 our Birds none of us would be surprised..The G men did it from scratch, the saints came from no where while we were pumping our chest for being competitive….you made a point in stating this is what makes the NFL so compelling knowing any team can win, but you failed to acknowledge what the Superbowl teams had in common outside of luck..A threat of a running game!!!!!!!! Andy will never get over the hump with his philosophy, so don’t act as if there’s just luck involved…This organization flat out failed it’s fans and I’m not going to give them a pass because we’ve been competitve.

    WAKE UP!

  • Songs,
    I agree with you that without an efficient running game or at least the threat of one,
    to win a Super Bowl is almost impossible.. I have stated many times on here that unless AR/MM change their philosophy in this aspect, they will never acheive the Ring .. I am hopeful that they will,
    but am not betting my Kid’s College Funds on them changing their ways..Hopefully this Season with Kolb at the Helm, they will go to a more physical style of running the ball more often and run a more 50/50 ratio of pass to run ratio (if they were smart, this is what they would do)

  • You need an offensive line built to maul in order to run the football……Some people don’t want to admit it and it hurts to say…our Eagles are very soft on offense. There’s no bully mentality and this comes from the coaching. X’s and O’s means nothing if you don’t have the attitude. We are now in the bottom 15 teams in the league …don’t be surprised if our record this year reflects this statement.

    This team will struggle to get 5 wins and let’s see them spin that.

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