• May 24, 2022

The 17 Eagles Players Heading Into Their Contract Year

This past offseason was one of many changes.  The uncapped season came as a blessing in disguise for the Philadelphia Eagles.  It allowed them to rid themselves of some underachievers without having to suffer because of a cap hit.

If this season had the normal collective bargaining rules, players like Kevin Curtis, Darren Howard, Reggie Brown and even Shawn Andrews would probably still be wearing midnight green.

Stacy Andrews would not have been traded over the weekend, either.

It was a necessary evil for the future of the franchise.  Whether it’s called rebuilding or retooling, the bottom line was to get younger and correct previous mistakes.

The 2011 offseason is going to involve its share of changes for the Eagles, also.  Assuming a new CBA is worked out and an NFL lockout is avoided, it will be Howie Roseman’s first time as general manager with a salary cap.

Currently, the Eagles have seventeen players scheduled to be free agents after the 2010 season.  Six enter this season as starters, four are primary backups and two more essential to special teams.

Some of the potential free agents you know won’t be in an Eagle uniform next year.  Others you might deem it mandatory that they are resigned.

Let’s look at each player and rate the likelihood (10 the highest; 1 the lowest) of him returning to South Philly in 2011.

  1. Michael Vick-QB: Vick is currently Kevin Kolb’s backup and the team’s ‘wildcat specialist’.  Even though he seems to support the team’s decisions, he wants to be a starter again.  Chance of being re-signed: 0 (The Eagles were Vick’s NFL halfway house.  He’ll move on after this season)
  2. Quintin Mikell-SS:  Mikell made his first Pro Bowl in 2009 and was voted 2nd team All Pro in 2008.  Despite his recent accolades he’s a solid player, but not a game changer.  Mikell also turns 30 this month.  I’ve said the last few years that it wouldn’t hurt if the Eagles looked to improve at strong safety.  Chance of being re-signed: 6 (I see the Eagles finding their SS of the future in next year’s draft)
  3. Stewart Bradley-LB: Bradley’s ACL tear last summer was a brutal loss for the defense.  Not only can he play both the run and pass, he’s the leader of the defense.  If he stays healthy, there’s no way the Eagles are letting him walk.  Chance of being re-signed: 9.5 (Only another season ending injury would cause the Eagles front office to hesitate)
  4. Mike Bell-RB: Bell is a stopgap solution who’s had a history of nagging injuries.  When the next CBA is in place, the Eagles will pursue a younger, healthier running back to complement LeSean McCoy.  Chance of being re-signed: 2 (Only because you just never know)
  5. Eldra Buckley-RB: Buckley’s a traditional, north/south runner but it’s his special team play that has kept him on the roster.  I don’t know if that’ll be enough to get him another contract.  Chance of being re-signed: 5.5 (It depends on the market when the next free agency period begins)
  6. Hank Baskett-WR: I still don’t know why he’s on the roster and think Kelley Washington should be here instead.  Chance of being re-signed: 7 (Whatever he brings to the table, Andy Reid likes it)
  7. Reggie Wells-OG: The recently acquired Wells is a veteran in his 8th season who’s accustomed to starting. We’ll find out more about him as the season goes on.  Chance of being re-signed: 6 (He has to first take the starting right guard spot from Nick Cole to start proving his worth)
  8. Max Jean-Gilles-OG: Jean-Gilles is better at run blocking than pass protection although he plays in a pass oriented offense.  He was cut over the weekend in order for the Eagles to follow league rules while the Stacy Andrews trade was finalized.  The next time his contract ends, I think we’ll see the last of him as an Eagle.  Chance of being re-signed: 4 (The improvement and versatility of Mike McGlynn makes him expendable)
  9. Nick Cole-G/C: Cole is a dependable backup.  When he’s starting it’s mainly due to an injury or someone underperforming (Good thing the Andrews brothers are gone).  I see Wells taking his spot at RG by week 3 at the latest.  Chance of being re-signed: 7.5 (Can’t deny the fact that Cole provides quality depth on the roster)
  10. Victor Abiamiri-DE: Even when healthy, which is rare, Abiamiri doesn’t make enough plays.  I think is safe to fully label him as a bust and part ways ASAP.  Abiamiri’s currently on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list, but do you really think he’s going to contribute this season??  Chance of being re-signed: 0 (On top of underachieving, microfracture surgery comebacks are extremely difficult.  I think Abiamiri’s NFL career has come to an end)
  11. Ernie Sims-LB: I think Sims’ fast, hard-hitting style will fit this defense well.  Unlike with the Lions, he’ll get his chance to make some game changing plays.  That’ll be what keeps Sims around.  Chance of being re-signed: 5 (One would think Sims will be back in 2011, but I thought Will Witherspoon would be back this year.  A lot depends on the progress of rookie Keenan Clayton, also)
  12. Akeem Jordan-LB: Like Nick Cole, when Jordan’s starting someone else isn’t doing their job well enough (Omar Gaither, Moise Fokou).  Jordan’s better off as a reserve/special team player.  Chance of being re-signed: 8 (The coaching staff likes Jordan too much to let him walk)
  13. Omar Gaither-LB: Gaither has had multiple chances to be a starter on this team.  I’m pretty sure he views himself as one and will look to join a team that feels the same.  Chance of being re-signed: 2 (If no other team gives him a decent contract and the chance to start, he may return to Philly)
  14. Ellis Hobbs-CB: Hobbs will replace Sheldon Brown this season as the starting right cornerback.  So far, so good.  Hobbs health and the progress of Trevard Lindley are two huge factors.   Chance of being re-signed: 6 (Hobbs has to prove to the coaches that he can hold down the starting spot the next 3-4 years)
  15. David Akers-K: How much longer can Mr. Automatic be automatic?  Akers made his first Pro Bowl since 2004 last season.  I think he has about 3 years left in him.  Chance of being re-signed: 10 (There’s no way the Eagles let him go just yet.
  16. Sav Rocca-P: Rocca looked wonderful during training camp.  The problem is the wind isn’t a factor like it will be in December.  He does this every year and every year the Eagles bring in other punters to challenge him.  I’m still wondering how he beat out Dirk Johnson in 2007.  Chance of being re-signed: 3 (At 36, Rocca’s not improving.  He’s mediocre at best)
  17. Antwan Barnes-DE/LB:  The Eagles traded for Barnes over the weekend, stating he can play the ‘joker’ position.  He’ll likely only be on the team for special team plays.  Barnes is currently playing on a one year tender he signed with Baltimore.  Chance of being re-signed: 5 (His special team performances will be key)

Other players whose contracts might be ended after the season

  1. Jaqua Parker-DE: With the likely return of a salary cap 2011, Parker will make too much money ($4.3 million) for a 33 year old reserve.  Rookie Brandon Graham should have the starting left defensive end position complete secure by then.
  2. Joselio Hanson-CB: I didn’t think Hanson should’ve had his contract extended last year.  I don’t think he should’ve made the final cut this season.  Hanson is a mediocre nickel back who can’t be counted on to move outside if needed.  By keeping six corners on the 53 man roster, the Eagles are monitoring their productivity closely.  Hanson’s salary may be expendable once a salary cap returns if he makes it though this season with the team.

Haran Knight

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  • We already have Mikell’s replacement on the roster G. His name is Kurt Coleman. Try to keep up.

  • I see the following gone for sure after the 2010 Season

    Vick,Bell,MJG,J Parker,O Gaither,J Hanson, V Abriami, E Sims (unless he had a very good year which I am not so sure about)

    I think they resign Akers,Rocca,N Cole, S Bradley, A Barnes, and offer a short-term deals (1 Year offers) to Mickell,Buckley,& Wells who may refuse and test the Free-agency market instead.

  • With the scale being “10 the highest; 1 the lowest,” how exactly did Vick and Abiamiri get 0’s

  • I love these breakdowns and these lists, G. Nice article. Not trying to be up your butt, but I think you’re spot-on on most of these.

  • Good stuff G. I agree Birdo, I believe Quintons replacement might be K Coleman. Just to throw this out here…”Pay DJAX El Cheapos” (I know his contract aint up yet…I know I know. Let me hear it)

  • Yeah Coleman looked liked a stud against the backups. Whatever happen to our other stud safety pickups and drafts? You know, Macho Harris, Demps, Sean Jones. All those studs that did an excellent job replacing Dawk.

  • Coleman not only looked like a stud against “backups” — he has looked great in training camp. He has rarely made a mistake AND he has brought the hammer on some of these receivers. He will be replacing Mikell.

    We already found Dawk’s replacement — his name is Nate Allen. Try to keep up scorp.

    On a side note, has anyone noticed the amount of times we have brought Allen on the FS blitz? That play use to be a catalyst to big things for us when Dawk use to do it…..if Allen can continue to execute with the amount of success he has so far….then damn, the FS spot might be something we no longer have to worry about.

  • Scorp – you forgot rashad barksdale and cj gaddis. But seriously, replacing a Brian Dawkins should be easy right? Ha. Nate Allen is the solution, yeah it took a while, but that’s not surprising. Get over it.

  • Schill, I know I’m just fooling around because the schmuck has already propelled Coleman into the starter. That’s just funny to me. Preseason and camp means squat. How many players look good there and then stink in real games? A lot. I hope he is a player but I’m definitely not going to say he’s a starter.

    And schmuck, I know we have Allen but he’s STILL AND ROOKIE AND HASN’T DONE ANYTHING. So until he does, Dawk still hasn’t been replaced. Lastly, I was pointing out the inability of these guys to get a good safety. Who was the last good safety they drafted? Please tell me. I’m dying to know.

  • Stewart Bradley, MAYBE Nick Cole, and MAYBE Akeem Jordan are the only ones that will be re-signed leaving some holes with the expectation that they’ll be able to draft their way out. Akers is “Old” so they’ll try some kid out college or another Soccer player. Not that I think they should re-sign many or most of the players, but I’m to the point where I expect them to make the bone headed decision based solely on the age criteria.

    A lot of people want to say Nate Allen is Dawk’s replacement, but those are extra large shoes to fill and he might be, BUT the kid hasn’t played one regular season game yet. People were buzzing last year about Macho Harris coming out of the pre-season and look where he is. The year before people were buzzing about Demps and look at where he is. I’m already starting to wonder who next year’s “The next Dawk” will be.

  • Exactly Butch. Thanks for the sanity. Allen is playing the same position but he’s far from a suitable replacement at this point in time. And then he wants to name another dude who shines in preseason games against backups and in training camp as the suitable replacement for our other safety. Just playing the same position doesn’t make them a replacement. Each year we come out of camp and they tell us who’s the enxt best thing and 2 years later they aren’t even on the team.

  • People were buzzing about those safeties but no one was TALKING about them like they are with Nate Allen. On top of that, Nate Allen has actually made PLAYS to back up all the talk — but you’re right, we’ll see when the season starts and he’s under the real bright lights

  • Some of you just don’t see football talent for what it is. You have to have a special eye for it and some of you clearly don’t have it. I was NEVER confident in Macho Harris. I thought Demps sucked arse. I was right on with both observations. I said Mikell was going to be Michael Lewis’ replacement — I was spot on. I AM confident in Nate Allen and believe that he is going to be a more than formidable replacement. He has all the intangibles, the speed and the smarts to be a great safety for us. It’s up to coaching and staying healthy now.

  • Yeah BirdoBeamen you were right about everything. You happen to dislike every player the Eagles cut or got rid of and love the ones they keep. Nice try. Hindsight is 20/20

  • No, it’s called making proper observations by what you see on the field — not by being biased and butthurt because your favorite player, and probably the reason you became an “eagles fan”, got traded to a different team.

    I think Joselio sucks and he should have been cut instead of Macho. Am I wrong?
    I think Baskett should have been let go instead of Kelly Washington. Am I wrong?
    I think Asante better continue his tackling and not giving up big plays or this may be his last year in an Eagles uniform. Am I wrong?

    We will see.

  • The Eagles should just hire Birdobeamen. He’s right on everything. Instead of wasting money and keeping garbage players they should just come to gcobb.com and read what he has to say and use that to evaluate their players. I mean come on the dude is batting 1.000. Everyone he didn’t like wasn’t good and everyone he does like is or will be a stud. There is no one that he has ever liked that didn’t work out. Dude is on point. Birdodamus.

  • Nope I was a fan well before McNabb got here and I criticized the team for moves long before then and I’ll continue to do so. My head’s not up Andy’s ass like yours.

  • Who said I was talking about McNabb scorp? Sheesh, that dude just stays on your mind doesn’t he? Get off his sack.

  • Just figured that’s who you were talking about. Not too many other players who fit that bill. Other than dawk who else fits this statement;

    “not by being biased and butthurt because your favorite player, and probably the reason you became an “eagles fan”, got traded to a different team.”

    You get off Kolbs and Reid’s sack. All you do is take up for the team as if they have done something to warrant the praise. They have done nothing but proclaim to be the best and not show it. Your arrogance is in line with the Front office so I’m not surprised.

  • I take up for the team because they show promise to be contenders for years and years to come. The new era of Eagles football has begun and I’m ready for it.

    I’m NOT going to put Kolb down until he fails me. I did the same with McNabb. Everyone badmouthed McNabb and then jumped on his sack when he started doing well — I see the same thing happening with Kolb. Until Kolb shows that he can’t handle being a starting QB, I WILL NOT put a player that is going to lead my favorite team week in and week out down. If you’re that angry with McNabb being traded, go join him in Washington.

    The name on the FRONT means a hell of a lot more to me than the name on the back — period. I’m excited for this new beginning and this new regime since the old one gave us good memories but just couldn’t get the job done.

    And just FYI, Dawk wasn’t traded — idiot.

  • Soon ..we’ll be thinking on the times we were playoff probables…

    Ths thing is sinking fast

  • Bird…you’re a fool

  • I’m a fool because I see promise in a young football team that can ALSO win now? Most ppl that come here see YOU as the fool — so I’ll join the masses. Majority rules.

  • You can be excited all you want dude. Doesn’t mean everyone’s an idiot that doesn’t feel the same way. Well then strengthen my point, since Dawk wasn’t traded what other player could you mean by your statement? Just what I thought.

    You like what people have to say get the F out then. It’s time for Andy to go just like it was time for McNabb to go period. Don’t like, don’t give a F.

  • Songs, how many losses do the birds have this season so far?

  • I too wonder what we would be like if we had a more competient coach. AR wasn’t that bad but the obvious things coud be better i.e time management. T/O management, running the ball…

  • Schiller- How many games has Nate Allen played this season so far. Get over yourself.
    ” Nate Allen is the solution, yeah it took a while, but that’s not surprising. Get over it.”
    schiller says:
    September 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm Songs, how many losses do the birds have this season so far?

  • Didn’t Reid make a challenge in the last preseason game and lose. Do fans have more access to replays than coaches because the announcers showed reruns and it was obvious that Andy was wrong. Does his spotter need glasses or what. A championship organization is good in all phases of the game and not just a few

  • In the last five seasons, he has gotten only 5 of 26 challenges (19.2) correct.

  • AR does suck at challenges.

  • get rid of joselio get burnt hanson’s ass and ‘maxine” jean gilles and hanky panky baskett!! RESIGN BRADLEY, SIMS, GET RID OF VICTOR ABIMAIRI he can do just one sit up and he’ll tear something put him on the curb!!! resign akers he’s still a reliable kicker, i like akeeeem the dream jordan hes physical and a solid tackler, and keep antwan barnes a very firey guy still young with alot of speed hes a keep! nick cole give him a 1yr deal like always, lets see what the rest can do this season b4 they get extensions orrrrr what ever!!! any suggestions!!!!

  • It’s a little strange that some people want to bring up what they thought about players years ago when there’s no verifiable way to prove that they actually had that opinion…Birdo

    Even if I accepted your “Just take my word for it…” position (which I don’t) you were still wrong BIG TIME on the SS issue. If you actually pull your head out of your *** for a minute and compare Micheal Lewis’ career stats with Quintin Mikell’s you’ll find that Lewis has Mikell beat in every statistical category and by significant margins in more than a couple of the categories. You like the Eagle’s FO have a poor eye for talent, because stats don’t lie. Some people can not just be told the truth they have to see it for themselves. (http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/5944 / http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/6657)

    Even not considering the fact that Lewis is flat out the better safety of the two and could have helped the Eagles heaps in some of those critical playoff and Superbowl and championship had I known the Eagles plans were to consistently downsize the defense every year after that I would been in front of the stadium picketing to keep Lewis in Philly.

    Again Sims hasn’t been the type of player first round players should be which is why he’s in Philly and not Detroit. The only thing I know about him now, other than his less then stellar stats from Detroit , is that he’s willing and capable of injuring a teammate. Before anyone attempts to wax poetic over over the positives of Sims let’s review the “Millen Era” first round picks for the Lions: Quarterback Joey Harrington (’02), receiver Charles Rogers (’03), receiver Roy Williams (’04), running back Kevin Jones (’04), receiver Mike Williams (’05) and Sims (’06).

    Wait for it….

    Ok, Mike Williams might make a comeback, but that still remains to be seen.

    Macho Harris should be on the team instead of Hanson? Are you kidding me? Harris played himself into the position he’s in now. At least I can say Hanson has had big games in the NFL and shutdown Larry Fitzgerald. The worst mistake the the Eagles made in the NFC championship game against the Cardinals was let Asante Samuel start with an injured hip, especially after having seen Hanson shut Fitzgerald down 3 games prior with tenacious press coverage. Dumb, dumb, dumb….Duuuuuumb

    And the Ravens just keep trying to reload by grabbing T.J. Houshmanzadeh. Flacco with Boldin, Houshmanzadeh and the Ravens D that doesn’t look like it’s lost a step? That’s a team that knows what the phrase “Petal to the Metal” means.

  • i think bradley and sims are locks to be on this team. Will witherspoon was up in age. Ernie sims is 25. Unless you plan on drafting a lb in the first or second round, you are not gonna find a guy with this talent level. They haven’t had a good weakside linebacker since carlos emmons? so why would they go in the favor of a 5th round pick.

  • my team have “0” percent chance in making a run this year ….but I’m excited that our team can excite for years to come.

    Exciting!!! Did I say I was excited about this young team?

    They’re young with much enthusiasm…Years of HOPE folks.

    Any thing can happen…a few bounces our way along with injuries to all the skilled players on the opponents side and we’re in.

    The FO and Reid have shown me they have what it takes to win it all!!!!!!! I see that fire in Kolb’s eyes…He’s a real MAVERICK….MARLBORO MAN…….TEXAS



  • @Butch

    Did you just become a fan recently? Lewis USE to be good. He USE to get the job done. His last two years here, he CONSTANTLY gave up big plays and whiffed on tackles. I thought he and Dawkins were going to be a formidable tandem for a decade or so….I was wrong. Lewis fell off and left us with Sean Considine in his place. We found a replacement when Mikell showed he could get the job done and when is the last time you heard Mikell was in the wrong position?

    I like Mikell and I like what he brings to the table. He’s a good football player and he gets the job done. Unfortunately, his contract is about to be up and judging by the history of this front office and the fact that there’s a rookie safety with tremendous upside on the bench — I don’t think Mikell will be resigned.

    Hansen is horrible. Simple as that. He hasn’t been the same player since getting caught for HGH or whatever the hell he was taking and it shows.

  • also @ Butch

    Lewis played in some of those NFC Championship games and the Superbowl — so WTF are you talking about?

  • Yeah Butch, Birdo comes one here spewing about how he was right about players when anyone at any time can proclaim they were right as there is no way to prove it. He’s worst than schiller and that’s saying a lot.


    Mikell has done nothing. So far he has only proved that he could play well next to a Pro Bowl safety. He will have to prove that he can play well when he’s not playing next to a better player. It’s no coincidence he sucked last year playing next to other bums. It’s easy to look good when your playing around talent. Think about it…. this dude played well when Sheldon, Lito and Dawk were in the secondary. All pro bowl players. Mikell has shown very little. Good players play well and step their game up with others players don’t. Mikell is solid and that’s it. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • This is a Home opener and “underdogs” to the Packers with Matt Millen calling the game. That speaks volumes for a team that was once “Prime Time”.

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