• July 4, 2022

How Secure Is Andy Reid’s Job?

Double Jeopardy Category: Rhetorical Quotes for $1000

“We consider ourselves the gold standard of the league”

“I’m confident in the guys we have”

“We have the best roster in the league”

“It starts with me.  I have to do a better job of putting players in position to make plays”


Gold Standard usually leads to a trophy from Tiffany’s.  The coach was confident in James Thrash, Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell as the wide receivers.

The best roster doesn’t give up 27 passing touchdowns and get spanked 58-14 in a two week span by a division rival.  I’m sorry sir, but you’ve been struggling to put players in the best position for 12 years now.

Listening to propaganda has never been one of my strong points.  Mr. G. Cobb himself has said on numerous occasions to watch what the Eagles do, not what they say.

This thought process takes me back to December 9, 2009.  This is the day the Eagles announced that Andy Reid signed a 3 year extension to remain their head coach.

The timing of this announcement couldn’t have been more perfect.  There were rumors about Reid’s extension early in the season, but after the Eagles lost to the lowly Raiders 13-9 October 13 it was quietly swept under the rug.

When Reid was extended, the Eagles had just come off a 34-7 win over the Falcons in Atlanta which was third straight win.  Michael Vick scored his first TD of the season, so it looked like Reid’s devotion to the Wildcat paid off.

The Eagles were also preparing for a game in the Meadowlands against the NY Giants (whom they defeated 40-17 earlier in the season).  Things were looking good in South Philly because the Birds were poised to win another NFC East title and possibly a bye week in the playoffs.

During the press conference for Reid’s extension, owner Jeff Lurie talked about the importance of stability in the organization.  Things haven’t looked to stable since the beginning of 2010.

We all know what happened two consecutive January weekends in Dallas.  After the Cowboys ended their rival’s season in embarrassing fashion, there has been a shift in power at the NovaCare complex.

Regardless of the recent extension and what has been said publicly, I believe Reid may be in danger of losing his job soon. Here are some reasons why Reid’s position as the Eagles’ head coach might be in jeopardy.

A Change at General Manager

For five years Tom Heckert held the title as the Eagles GM.  While he had the position, most people probably didn’t know he existed.  You didn’t hear much from him except during the drafts.

That’s because Reid has been the executive VP of football operations since 2001, giving him the final say.

In January Heckert accepted the GM position with the Cleveland Browns.  Three weeks later, Howie Roseman was promoted to the position in Philly.  Roseman has spent ten years moving up the ladder under the tutelage of Eagles VP Joe Banner.

Shortly after, rumors circulated that there was an internal feud regarding QB Donovan McNabb.  Banner and Roseman wanted McNabb traded while Reid insisted he stayed.

Although Reid publicly stated McNabb was his guy and he still had final say on those decisions, No. 5 was ultimately traded to the Redskins Easter evening.  I refuse to believe that move was Reid’s preference.

The Quarterback Situation

If it were up to Reid, Donovan McNabb would still be an Eagle. If it were up to owner Jeff Lurie, McNabb would’ve been traded after the 2008 season.

The latter would’ve happened if the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t lose their season finales.  Reaching the playoffs and ultimately the NFC Championship game changed everything.

If Lurie had his wish, two things would’ve occurred.  Kevin Kolb would have had a year under his belt already as the Eagles starter and McNabb would’ve have been here to persuade the signing of Michael Vick.

Instead, you have a starting caliber player backing up a guy the organization invested a lot of time and money in. After Sunday’s loss to Green Bay, the ‘Tale of Two Halves’ has the city split between who should start the rest of the season.

Kolb suffered a concussion, but before his injury his stats were horrible.  Reid stated Kolb will remain the starter, but I think deep inside he would prefer Vick.

Vick has the athletic ability and improvisation skills like McNabb had.  Those are the same attributes that helped cover up Reid’s flaws when it came to game time decisions and adjustments for 11 years.

I think Lurie, Banner and Roseman have taken the business approach.  Vick is gone after this season, Lurie will probably be sure of that.  They probably approached Reid and said something like “You had Kolb drafted here and touted him as our QB of the future.  He has one year left on his contract.  You need to prove you can be productive with him at the helm”.

Lurie Detests Negative Publicity

Unlike Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Lurie prefers to stay out of the spotlight.  He appears to be an entrepreneur who likes to sit back and let his company work for him.

Outside of the State of the Eagles addresses and championship celebrations, if Lurie has to speak publicly it’s usually not good.

When he spoke about Vick’s signing, Lurie was obviously not excited about the deal.  Lurie also didn’t have too many kind words when Lito Sheppard voiced his opinion about his contract.

How do you think Lurie feels about the national spotlight the Eagles have attracted regarding concussions?  Yes the Eagles may have followed protocol but with the awareness placed on NFL players and their brains, the only option should’ve been to sit Kolb and Stewart Bradley down immediately.

Doctors are questioning the Eagles procedures.  The NFLPA isn’t finished investigating.  I’m sure the Birds will hear from Commissioner Roger Goodell soon.

Lurie has to be upset at this public black eye.  Unfortunately, the ultimate person responsible on the sideline is head coach.

Despite the problems with play calling, time management, game time adjustments and roster moves Reid has managed to keep his team competitive for the majority of his tenure.

The Eagles organization also has a solid foundation that has created a strong front for the fans and media.  Changing the face of the franchise and a major decision maker has already affected that foundation.

If that foundation shift starts to show signs of crumbling, the first person to go is usually the head coach.  The only way Reid can avoid this is to show this team is competitive WITH Kolb on the field.

We shall soon see if he can accomplish that.

Haran Knight

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  • Just alot of speculation if you ask me. Reid will finish out his extension and barring going 6-10 the next couple of years, he will continue to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • He will be here for the rest of his contract and will get an extension once again. He is not going anywhere. Stupid is as stupid does , the motto of our FO.

  • No matter what his record is.

  • Any is signed through 2013. Laurie is too cheap to fire him and have to pay, so he’s here for at least this season plus 2 more.

  • Haran, thank you for this insight by articulating what most people suspect. Joe Banner and Lurie had a jump on the league with salary cap management by knowing when to release players as they became too old to warrant a high salary on the downside of their career and resigning the productive youth to long term deals before they prosper into pro bowl players for multiple years and demand a top 10 salary…..but these type strategies come with a price. You must hit a bulls eye in the 1st rounds and have a high % of players that make it in the 2nd and 3rd round to compensate for that older player who is being released but still produces…Now when the GM Reid/Heckert….give you the McDougles, Fred Mitchells, in the first rounds who are busts..and the Mccoys at linebackers, Abimiri’s, Considines etc in the top round to reload your team….high signing bonus and salaries goes to waste along with productivity loss by dumping productive players over 31. To compensate…. the Eagles ….opt out of the 1st round two years in a row and Andy grabs Kolb to take Mcnabb’s place. The organization need Reid to produce on his end or the system of dumping players to manage the cap won’t work. You couple that with the rest of the league following the cap system Banner was using but hitting in the early rounds brings us to our current state of mediocrity. Couple that with the Andrews and Peters signing debacles exit Heckert with Reid on his last leg to make Kolb compensate for a franchise quarterback risky release ….This concussion might be Reid’s saving grace….At least he got one thing right to cover him for a brief moment……

  • No way AR is going to get fired. To think this is to show how little you get this front office. Just like there was NO WAY McNabb was going to be our QB this year. There was no way we were going to pay a 35 year old McNabb (his age at the beginning of his next contract) over a 26 year old QB – whom they liked. This front office acts today for tomorrow – not today for today.

  • Good points/analysis Haran..
    I believe it all started 2 years ago when AR had the unfortunate family issues with his Sons,
    I think it was at this point that Laurie & Banner decided that there was too much on AR plate in running everything. Heckert was strictly a AR guy and basically a yes man to AR and that was never close to Banner/Lurie from most people close in the know. Laurie & Banner wanted their own man in place which is Howie Roseman. Being very image conscious as Laurie is, the personal issues and the appearance that AR was not in “control of his own household” has had a negative ripple affect on their entire relationship
    The Brian Dawkins is another expample where AR with his dwindling authority in the FO was outvoted by Banner & Co about whether to pursue Dawkins and match the ridiculous offer made by the Bronco’s.. If you go back to that time, you can see,hear & tell how angry and belittled Coach AR
    felt that very obvious to the other Veterans on the team at that time..This was really the first time that the FO told AR , “this is what we decided and this is what we are going to do” and AR could do nothing about it..
    This off-season with the McNabb deal, most observors knew last year that when the re-did some bonus $$$ and added to his final year of his contract but dediced not to extend it, that it would be his final year in the Eagle uniform. Coach AR I belive knows that his best chance of getting back to the Super Bowl in the short-term was with McNabb at the helm
    Now fast forward to this year, they Hire GM, Roseman bring in Scouting guru P Savage, hire an ex-head coach in D Jauron, bring in veteran ST Coach B April.. I believe the writing is on the wall and even though AR has a contract thru the 2012 season, I think he he will have thru the 2011 season to get back into a Super Bowl contention with at least a deep playoffs run..

  • very good post. Andy is a terrific organizer and planner in the week before the games. His weakness is calling a game from the seat of his pants when the game plan isn’t working. All coaches have the most thought out game plans go to sh*t in many games, usually against other good coaches. This is shown in poor time management and very very few come from behind victories.

    But first and foremost Andy is supposed to run the offense and score touchdowns. This just isn’t happening. I don’t want oto hear the Eagles set a team record for points several times in the last 10 years. The whole league is doing that, the Eagles are typivally in the middle of the pack scoring relative to the league. He is responsible for the offense.

    Jim Johnson held up his end with a great defense for many years. I was very impressed with McDermott’s plan last weak against the best offense in the NFC.

    If the offense works with McNabb, Kolb, Vick or Songs then Andy’s job is completely safe.

  • Eyes are beginning to open.

  • And if it doesn’t..

  • Here’s the statement with which I most disagree:

    “Despite the problems with play calling, time management, game time adjustments and roster moves Reid has managed to keep his team competitive for the majority of his tenure.”

    In my opinion, McNabb and Westbrook kept the team competitive, in spite of Reid.

  • Let’s not forget that two years ago, there rumblings of Reid being fired. In fact, even Howard Eskin questioned whether Reid should be fired.

  • I do believe deep inside Reid was Vick as the QB. He loved Vick from the time he came into the league and right now Vick reminds him of the QB he drafted in 99. He’s sees a young McNabb in Vick. I never thought it was his intention to trade McNabb. I think he had no choice but to trade him or lose his own job. If Kolb doesn’t work out, it will look like it’s Reid’s fault when actually it could be the fault of the guys who wanted Kolb but have no idea about personnel and just need to stick to money matters. Reid could ultimately lose his job if Kolb doesn’t work even if it wasn’t his decision. Vick may be Reid’s best choice to keep his job. I mean could you imagine the story. The Eagles rehabbed a convicted felon and restored him back to being a good NFL QB and productive citizen. And imagine if Vick actually takes you somewhere. The media will eat that up. I have my issues with Reid but changes at the head coach and QB positions often result in an organization heading to the bottom. I could also see that if Kobl doesn’t work out, with McNabb gone and Vick not being resigned that Reid could resign to “spend time with his family” to get away because the power was taken away from him by people who don’t know what they are doing.

  • Even if Reid loses the HC job, who’s to say he doesn’t still stay with the Eagles in some other capasity in the FO. So we’d get a new coach but AR’s hands would still be in the pot for good or for ill.

  • Paulman, I agree with you. I think he has until next year to make a deep playoff run. If we don’t make the playoffs this year or next, he will be done with 1 year left and that’s not a lot to eat especially if they think they can get a high profile coach ready to go.

    Here’s the thing, I think Andy was always surrounding by good assistants. Now some would say that they were good because of Reid but I think they just good at doing their job. From Childress to Harbaugh to Johnson, we had good assistants in place. Over the last few years we have always lacked really bad whether it was defense or special teams. Obviously, the ultimate responsibility is Reid’s but I just don’t think we’ve have the good coaches on our team for a while. And now this is totally Andy’s show and he could get exposed. This is the QB he drafted, no defensive players left from Ray Rhodes, his skilled players, his coaching staff so everything is on him and that may be too much. I’m telling you, Vick gives him the best chance to remain a good team right now. Because he would be the one credited with his turnaround into a good QB if that happens. And you can’t fire a guy who turned the life around of one of the most dynamic players in NFL history and at the same time have a winning football team. I think the choice this season will determine what happens after the 2011 season with Andy. And if he’s gone, we better buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • @ drummer…..I can understand you disagreeing with that statement.

    @ scorp…There are teams that improve with coaching changes. Gruden to Tampa Bay (Brad Johnson wasn’t an elite QB); Sean Payton to New Orleans with Drew Brees. It depends on who they bring in.

    @ Wellwell….I don’t think Reid’s ego would allow him to lose his coaching job and stay in another capacity. But, let’s say he did. It takes him off the sidelines which is alright with me.

  • htkrocks, I agree but it’s more likely that it doesn’t ESPECIALLY if your QB isn’t good. The Saints got a change at the QB position as well and it took them a few years but they created stability together. Gruden when to Tampa with a team built by Tony Dungy ready to win. So it’s not just the HC change it’s also about having stability at the QB position as well. I know it’s possible but it’s just not as likely if the new coach has to figure out who his QB is.

  • Did anyone hear Mike Lombardi on WIP this morning? He even had Angelo saying that maybe McNabb was carrying Reid all along. Now that was shocking to me!

  • Yeah and we know how Angelo feels about McNabb. He’s even saying he’s going to get back together with those idiots from draft day to get in front of every camera they can to boo McNabb again when they play washington. But we will find out this year who was carrying who.

  • Maybe that’s why McNabb always pointed to his back after a play. That was Reid on there…

  • Paulman’s list of replacement Coaches to take over for Andy Reid after the 2011 Season

    #1) Leslie Frazier – Currently a DC for the Vikings, fomerly was a DB Coach for the Eagles a few years back
    #2) John Harbaugh – Currently Head Coach for the Ravens and doing an excellent job who would be hard to pry away (the Ravens just may win the Super Bowl this year)
    #3) Steve Spagnola – Currently Head Coach of the Rams who decide to make a change for a more offensive minded coach since they have budding star in QB S Bradford
    #4) John Gruden – After being a commentator, would chomp at the bit to return to Phila
    #5) Jeff Fisher – Former Assistant under Buddy Ryan who would be difficult to pry from Nashville
    #6) Herman Edwards – Would love the opportunity to coach in Philadelphia where he once played
    #7) D Pederson – Currently QB coach, depending on Kolbs development, could be considered to keep some stabillity if Kolb would turn out to be a top-flight QB which if Kolb did, AR would still be coach…

  • @HTK..first, I think it’s cool that you come back here to answer questions we post..respect! And if AR sin’t on the sidlines he would still be VP of player ops which means he still would have the final say in aquisitions and roster moves regardless of what the GM and Coaches say right? So he would still be responsible for what product we put on the field, just not so much as motivating these guys to play and running a game. But I digress…If AR loses his HC job I’d think he’s gone. His ego would get in the way just like you said.

  • PM..#7…really….I’ll call that one Paul-diculous!

  • I’d rather have someone come in here with the cajones to tear this team down and build around a solid core of talent. Someone to really light a fire under these guys. Just say enough wil the experiments and bargian basement shopping for players. If we need a big physical WR..go and get one. Big D/O Linemen..go get them..across the board!

  • if not andy reid, and if bill cowher goes to coach his hometown panthers, then who??? i just really want to hear opinions i personally would love cowher.

  • Personally I would like to see Gruden coach this team! I think his time off has given him an even better feel for the game. He has a superbowl under his belt!

  • I would love to see the fat man go but you and I both know that he is going nowhere.
    As long as they keep selling out each game and they just barely sweak by each year, why would they make a change at the head coach position.

    I dream of having a coach that is not so damn stubborn that he contiuously makes the same mistakes over and over again. I want a coach who will run the ball as much as passing it.
    A coach who will be good at clock management. A coach who has some charisma and tells it like it is. (I miss Buddy Ryan)
    The only way this clown is getting fired is if we start boycotting by not going to the games…just look at how it helped the Phillies….

  • I’ve wanted Reid out of here for many years. That SB game (plus the losses in 4 NFC champ games) spoke volumes of what type of gameday coach he was. If someone like Gruden were hired, I think he’d keep McDermott and number of others on this staff. He’s the offensive mind, and kept the excellent Monty Kiffen as DC in Tampa. He likes fast, active defensive players and was always an admirer of JJ’s schemes. I do not want Cowher here; it would take too long to transition this team to a Steelers type of operation. We need an offensive-minded coach, who KNOWS how to put his players in good position; we have a boatload of skill position guys. The league has become so high octane on offense, you need a head coach who understands all facets of offense for the team to have success. Not saying Reid is out at end of this year, but something has happened within the FO, per Haran’s observations, that I believe Reid no longer is on a long leash despite having been given an extension until ’12. He must get this team DEEP into playoffs next year because Roseman & Co. will be searching for some impacting O linemen.
    Lurie knows the culture of this town, and with the Phillies and Flyers (Sixers will rise out of dust) he’ll have to compete with those franchises for sports dollars. He also knows the prestige of winning NFC east titles, which also historically determines who gets to SB. Eagles fans won’t stand for last place or mediocrity and Lurie would also receive the brunt of bad publicity. In that respect, which Haran correctly points out, Heckert was released and Roseman brought in to shake things up. They’re telling Andy in effect… we’ll give you a secure contract, but you’re no longer going to run the entire football side of operation. We’ll get you the players, but you need to produce. Just another’s 2¢.

  • I like that Steelers and Eagles stayed with the same coach because usually a team needs better players rather than a different coach. It took Cowher a long time to finally win a SB then Steelers were so good they won another one with a different coach. That said, Reid makes the same mistakes all the time(Doesn’t run, clock management, takes 1/2 decade to fill a need) If u wanted a good team to consistently go to the playoffs and even win your division, then hire Reid and have Mcnabb as your qb.If u want a SB, then get a new coach and qb. They were good but not great. We are giving all these tests for Kolb(i have no idea how good he is) The tests for Reid and 5 were the 4 championships and SB. They failed. Some of those games we failed as a team, but the coach and qb has to prevail. When Mcnabb was hurt 3 out of the 5 years, our record was 15-9 which shows we still had a good team without 5. One week 5 looked great, but next week he looked bad. 50% comlpeting % doesn’t cut it. His td/int ratio is amazing but trouble the pass wasn’t catchable for either wr or cb. Reid should have drafted a qb to fit his own system. He must go.

  • Gruden..ehh I don’t know on that one. He’s a QB collector and we have enough problems without that. Also his Offensive terminology is wwwaaayyy out there. He’d have these kids so confused it would be surprising thay’d get a snap off in time.

  • Well put Iggles. I’d like to see both Reid and Mornhinweg let go, but I’m not big on Cowher or Gruden.

    It took Cowher over a decade to get win a Super Bowl and I don’t think his personality would last with Banner (who’s not going anywhere unless Lurie sells the team).

    Gruden got a Super Bowl his first year inheriting a team Tony Dungy established but that team digressed after that.

    Leslie Frazier would be a good choice, but the guy I think would replace Reid is San Diego’s defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. He already has experience coaching in Philly so he understands the pressure here.

    The guy I’d like to see replace Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator is Saints quarterbacks coach Joe Lombardi. Besides being the grandson of Vince Lombardi, we’ve all seen the success he’s had with Drew Brees. On top of that, Lombardi has previously coached tight ends, running backs and linemen so he’s well equipped to move up a level.

  • htk, I think that’s about how close we’d come to a Lombardi anyway right about now…

  • iggles – good stuff all around

    htk – good opinions that nobody else has come up with yet

    finally some people with originality or thought put into what they type.
    better than those random 2011 mock drafts after week 1

  • paulman – id mention you but ur either hit or miss and cancel urself out (i enjoy reading when u hit)

  • If Reid had confidence in Kolb then picking up Vick made no sense

    Reid had to know that Laurie wanted McNabb gone

    I think it was those 2 games Kolb started sealed the deal on Laurie’s part

  • The whole premise to this article is that Jeff Lurie isn’t satisfied with being a playoff team almost every year, and that is why this whole notion is ridiculous.
    During his tenure, Reid has compiled the best win total (107), winning percentage (.618) and playoff victory total (10) in team history. He has captured five division titles and five trips to the NFC Championship game, with one Superbowl birth. There is a very long wait(last I checked 10yrs) for season tickets. The franchise is worth 1.1 billion dollars a remarkable number considering he purchase the team for 195 million just 15 yrs ago. It sure looks like his best decision since buying the franchise was to hire Andy Reid.
    Now we as fans may not like some of the things Reid does on game day, the 4th and one call still fresh in my mind, but that doesn’t negate what he has accomplished as a coach and at the same time made Mr Lurie a lot of money.
    If Kolb turns out to be a stiff maybe you can have this discussion two years from now, but way to premature to think he would be in any danger of loosing his job.

  • i would usually agree, but this will be reid’s exposing year without mcnabb as the scapegoat. next year we will only have one of these QBs on the team and we have “our guy” and reid will not be here for the last year of his contract. a lot of us are getting tired of the repetitive failures, i appreciate the past decade but this world and league are “what have you done for me now” and its time to win or be gone this/next year for reid.

  • Thnx wmonell,
    That’s the story of my life “hit or miss” …ha

  • NFL.Com has rated Reid as the worst clock manager in the NFL. Marty has to be the most predictible play caller and neither of them are aware of the value of the run to protect their quarterbacks. I’m tired of this moose in the headlights look on their faces on the sidelines and equally as disgusted in them putting Bradley back in the game after he looked like a heavyweight knockout victim and Kolb looking like he crashed into a tree and a birds nest stuck to his helmet. Sometimes the Eagles are just plain embarrasing.

  • i think with the problems that andy had with banner and howie about the donovan situation was just one of the pronlems andy has had with manangement…i think if he cant get this team going in right direction before his extension is up..then Howie and Banner will go in a different direction… and i like the direction of Cower, Gruden and Dick LeBeau..how many teams havegot rid of coaches and the new coach come and win superbowl with that team…no all but some have..i think we are all tired of the Andy regime..can we trade a coach??..

  • And im not confident in mcdermott at all..i think he sux..i still believ we need to switch over and become a 3-4 Defense..look at all the Teams that won a SB in the last decade 6 teams had 3-4 Ds….2 had Tampa 2 ds and the other two ran a base 4-3..3-4 teams consistenly are tops in the league..look at KC switch over to the 3-4..they lookd pretty damn stout..listen if we get rid of andy and bring in some cower..Dick always said he would work with him again..now thats something i would highly anticipate..im just sayin..we will never win it with andy just like wit 5..

  • Is there any evidence at all that a former steelers coach wants to return to the game? Where im standing, some of you are piling speculation atop speculation.

  • Silencer, it’s not that easy to switch to a 3-4 defense. Not only do you need a new defensive coach and staff that can teach it, you also will have to change your personnel to fit that new defense. That means you need a NT big and strong enough rather than 2 DTs. You need good rushing outside LBs as well. I’m not opposed to it, but it’s just not that easy to switch.

  • i feel you paulman…

  • ok i took GB 2 years to get the right personnel..we already have the LBs..and Cole is more than suitable to be an 3-4 End..hes6’3″ 270 lbs.. look at the ends in a 3-4 D…we have antonio dixon as a NT is 6’3″ 330 lbs thats perfect..bunkley can do it..just look at casey hampton..all he would have to do as add a little weight..so we have the personnel..and we can draft an End next years..so u dont have to change too much personell..and that mean Graham stands up as an outsine LB rushing th QB..just like Lamar woodley..Bradly in the middle, Sims can do either OLB or the Middle, and we have Barnes who played outside end..so i think we are VERY much ready for the transfer
    @Schiller..he wants to coach again..just wants the right opportunity..like a superbowl contender..and i am more than confident he would take the job…

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