• July 4, 2022

Key Questions For The Eagles Offense Going Into Jacksonville Game

There are quite a few questions swirling over Eagles as they enter this game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Some are bigger than others, but here are a few which I think have to be asked and answered.

Will the offensive line play better or worse than they did in the first two games?

I have to put in a vote for worse.  Nick Cole was nursing a sore knee all week, so he might not play or if he does play, he won’t be any where near 100%.  Recently acquired guard Reggie Wells will start at right guard if Cole can’t go.  Wells is sure to make a mistake or two if he’s in there.

Center Mike McGlynn made quite a few mistakes in adjusting to blitzes in the first two games and he’s probably going to continue making mistakes as the season progresses.

Can Michael Vick continue to play at the level he’s been playing at behind the Eagles shaky offensive line?

I don’t what the answer to this question is, because I like everybody else have been surprised by the level Vick has played at.  I will tell you though, Vick can explain what he’s doing in the pocket.  He talks about what he was looking for in reading the coverages.

Right now he’s like a hitter on a hot-streak.  He’s seeing the defense and the coverages very well, much like a good hitter picking up the baseball very well.  He has talked about always remaining cool and calm in the pocket despite the pressure.

I think Andy and Marty have done a great job of teaching this guy how to properly play the quarterback position and he’s going to nothing but get better and better.  After the first two games, Vick has been talking about all the things he could have done better.

Think about it, he’s got a quarterback rating above 100 and the line hasn’t been playing well.

Can he stay healthy and continue to take the severe he absorbed this past Sunday?

I don’t think he can stay healthy if he doesn’t start playing smarter by avoiding the severe hits.  Not only has Andy Reid told him to avoid taking those tough shots, his teammates have told him as well.  Checkout what Vick said about the team talking to him about not taking those hits.

“I’m doing my thing, but it’s not just Andy telling me to slide or get out of bounds, it’s the entire team’, Vick said to the media on Friday. “So, I just have to take heed of what they’re saying and do it. In the actual game, I kind of get caught up in the moment and sometimes I just go crazy out there, but you’ve just got to protect yourself at all times. It’s a dangerous game, and just be conscious of who’s around you and not get hit all the time.”

Can LeSean McCoy continue to play so well and find ways to get into the end zone?

I think Vick’s threat to run opens lanes for McCoy, but I don’t see him having any more 3 touchdown scoring games in the season.  He’s not a big physical runner, so I think it’s going to be very difficult to repeat that performance against the Lions.

Can the Eagles continue to make big plays downfield with Vick connected with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin for touchdowns?

I think there’s a good chance of Vick getting the ball deep to Jackson and Maclin because he has the ability to extend plays and he’s got the deep arm to get to them.  Jackson and Maclin aren’t really ideal west coast offense receivers, they’re really game-breakers who are at their best when they going deep.


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  • What few are saying is that if Reid didn’t once again have an quarterback with extraordinary escapability, his offense would be woeful. Minus the problems with the offensive line, Kolb would still get killed because Reid is too predictable. And if Vick does get hurt, it won’t be long before the fans are calling for Reid’s head on a platter.

    With all the QB injuries taking place around the league, we’ll probably begin to see a return to the running game within the next 2 or 3 years. This might be a good time for a coach like Cower.

    Everything in the NFL is cyclacle.

  • They sure could use running the ball more with McCoy,M Bell & O Schmitt to soften up the Defense and to keep them honest at the line of Scrimmage, not only does this take a little pressure off a VIck (whom I am not worried about) but more importantly,to keep it simple for the O/Line (who I do worry about) and allow them to get into a rhythm and get some confidence going as a group…
    then let Vick do his thing…
    Cowher will be coaching the Carolina Panthers in 201, the job is home for him, and the Panther Team is already built in the likeness of Cowher with the Big O/L and Good RB’s.. All he would need to do is rebuild their Defense to a 3-4,get a QB and and they are back to being Competitive in a relatively short period of time…
    The Eagles would need an entire make-over offensively from being a WCO and a big change from
    being “fast but small” Defense into the likeness of a Cowher type of team and would take a good 3-4 years over to convert…

  • Paulman’ Plan for the Eagles to Win
    #1) Sustain Drives, quick 3-5 step drops and get the ball out on the edges, keep the chains moving
    #2) Run the Ball effectively inside.. The Jags DT’s and MLB are not the real big players that they used to have, they are a little smaller and more athletic and could be worn down if ran at enough times.
    #3) Take some shots down the field, their Safety play is agressive and succeptiblie being caugh up inside looking for a running play and their CB Coverage skills are average at best,but they are physical..
    #4) Take care of the ball,no turnovers, make Jaguars Offense have to go the length of the field and earn their points..
    #5) Defensively, play up at line of scrimage and don’t allow JAgs RB MJD the cutback lanes,he loves to start one direction and then cut back to the opposite side,must maintain lane discipline (epsecially the OLB’s)
    #6) Target more of a inside pass-rush, Garrard is more of a pcoket QB and is most effective when he steps up into the pocket and passes, he is not very comfortable or accurate when moving out of the pocket and attempting to pass (especially if you get him moving to his left)
    #7) Watch his favorite target TE Mercedes Lewis who is a big target and tough to bring down
    and epecially in the Red-Zone
    #8) Watch MJD out of the backfield receiving the ball (just watch what the Lion J Best did last week and every opponent will attempt to get thier backs out in space versus this Eagle LB corps)
    #9) On the Road, need to maintain their poise and keep Penalty’s to a minimum
    #10) One thing you can count on when playing a Jack Del Rio team, they will be physical and fly to the ball, and they also will play good solid “Special Teams’ which was Coach Del Rio’s strong suit when he was a player for the Vikings/Cowboys, he understands the tone and momentun that good Special Teams play set for your club, the importance of field position.

    If Eagles can come out sharp and take the crowd of the game early, and followf these points
    I think they go on and win 24-16 in a close,hard-fought battle.

  • Funny how most of the Offensive struggles, every year for far too many years despite who’s the QB, always seems to come back to the need for a reliable, sustainable running game to keep the opponents defense from pinning their ears back with a pass rush on nearly every play and being right a majority of the time. If I had those odds with investments or even the friggin’ lotto, I would’ve been able to retire long ago.

    It must be the fans and the rest of the NFL that see’s the need for a good running game wrong ’cause Andy sure doesn’t see it or if he does, he’s done nothing substantive to change it in so many years I’ve lost count.

  • MaybeTheyCan – I agree with your post. The same problems have plagued the Eagles for years.

  • Come on the key to offensive success is being balanced!!!! Hands down i dont care if you rushed 20 times and get 20 yards you keep the defense guessing….. Not shotgun on the first play of the game because the defense is going to rush 3 and drop back 8 in coverage….. And we as eagle fans know that toooooo wellllllllll!!! We play action with out establishing a run game and I dont understand that!! yes our offensive line is’nt playing good but you sure as hell dont want your QB getting punished with him having the ball in his hand 80% of the game!! We just picked up a 4th Runningback and released a WR but you think thats not gonna stop AR from passing the ball like the PHILADELPHIA SOUL!!! Being balance will help a QB hellll you see Sanchez for the jets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Special teams is another one in question!! I cant fault the defense tooo much because if a team gets to the 50 yard line on every kickoff or punt there is a heck of a chance your going to get points… April better get it together or this team wont make it to January (The playoffs!!!)

  • I used to hate when Andy would dial up like 10 passing plays back to back and then come with a play action fake. Are you serious? If order for play action to work you actually have to run the ball. Even though our offense wasn’t the most explosive it was the most efficient ad the team was more successful when we were more balanced with Westbrook, Buck and even Duce back in the day. Many teams like to run to set up the pass and Andy is the other way around. Personally, I don’t care about the ratio, it’s the situations they run it that get my nerves sometimes. Like we’ll come out 1st and 10 on our first drive and pass for incompletion. And then run for a 1 yard gain and then we are at 3rd and 9. We’ve seen too many of those drives. Do something a lot different. Take the pressure off the o-line early so they can build some confidence.

  • Yeah jroc, our kickoff coverage is awful. It’s funny too because guys like Quintin Demps who were bad as position players, were good on coverage teams as “gunners”. I just don’t know who the head hunter his on our coverage team. I don’t see anyone that just runs down there recklessly and ready to knock someone’s head off.

  • scorp – I agree whole heartidly that when AR does chose to run, the few times he does, it’s usually at the wrong time. Like after several offensive series with no established running game deciding to run it on 3rd and 8 in the red zone! Are you kidding me? I do disagree with your comment regarding the ratio, they need balance but AR will NEVER do that unless hi season is tanking then he moves away from that as soon they get a couple of wins under their belt.

  • Scorp your right man!! Take the pressure off the offensive lineman!! What ever happen to our screen game!!! I mean the one we did last week was beautiful with mccoy getting a good gain!! and i have another question fellas “WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME OUR QB HAS ACTUALLY DID A HOT ROUTE”? you know like see something on the defense and switch the play up????????

  • Hey Guys !
    Again you fellas just don’t get it. When AR runs the ball – strategy is to catch the other team off guard. After you’ve thrown for ten plays in a row, whose going to expect a run “third and eight in the red’ ? Just like his decision to start Vick in place of Kolb. In actuality he took all the pressure off of Kolb and placed it on himself. The media took it’s attention off of Kolb’s poor performance, stopped hating Vick, and is now focusing on his indecisiveness and questioning his allegiance to Kolb. The truth is that AR may be saving Kolb’s career. Another concussion could put Kolb out of business, and he doesn’t have to face McNabb next week. The key to interpreting AR is to just think the opposite of the results that you expect. Get It?

  • I admit my last comment was slightly tongue in cheek, but I do give AR “props” for saving “my football season”. I mean I wasn’t looking forward to watching the Eagles getting smashed every game this season. Vick does give the Eagles a chance to win, and the young impressionable players seem inspired by him. He’s one of the most exciting players in the game today. I mean we’re not talking about World Peace or
    the economy, this is pure entertainment after all.

  • Deepthreat – Leaving my personal feelings aside about a human being that is capable of choking a dog to death with his own hands or electrocuting it because it isn’t making money… IF Vick can learn to be consistently good passer against GOOD defenses then I don’t care if it’s Vick or Kolb under center. Yes, I absolutely agree that Vick is a better QB than Kolb right now. He darn well should be significantly better given the disparity in experience and athleticism that Vick has. Will Vick be a better QB than Kolb might’ve been at the end of this season, next season or maybe 5 seasons from now? Who knows? Vick’s history @ Atlanta doesn’t indicate that he’ll be a good passer but, who knows. And, IMO, anyone who wants to use what they’ve seen of Kolb, so far, as a measure of where he might be hasn’t been watching the NFL for very long.

  • So now….how the birds gonna deal with the fact that Vick stinks? (despite the bomb to desean – he stinks)

  • Hey! MaybeTheyCan,
    This is not about Vick or Kolb. It’s about me. I enjoy watching a good football game.When my home team is playing I do get rather personally involved. It’s not my responsibility to judge Vick for his mistakes off the field. I don’t know him personally, (maybe you do).Anyway that’s his problem not mine .He case was properly adjudicated. He served his time. Can I watch him play football now? That’s about all he can do for me. In regard to Mr. Kolb, I can’t predict the future for him, but considering what I’ve seen so far, he may be a nice guy but in my humble opinion he’s not ready for prime time (yet). BTW, I”ve been an Eagles fan since the sixties.

  • Vinnietheevictor go put your head in a hole and eat the worms!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vick is ballin !! Mcnabb has’nt had a streak like this in the past few years!!! Good game bad game good game Horrible game!! Vick is the answer to this offenst I can see the NIke Commercials now!!! or reebok


  • A great performance by Vick and the entire Eagles Team and Coaches..
    I especially liked how they stayed aggressive on offense and kept the pedal to the metal even when they were up 21-3.. Vick was fantastic after a mediocre start where he was thorwing a little behind guys. The only complaint was when they were up 28-3 with about 7 minutes left, Coach Ar should have Vick,McCoy,D-Jax on the sidelines and let Kolb,Buckley,Cooper, get some snaps.. It is not often that you can play some of your back-ups during a real game in the NFL ,so when the opportunity pressents itself, get some of your Key starters out and let some of the uyounger players get some experience for the Eagles don’t need to get any players injured in the last 1/2 quarter of a game after it’s already been decided..
    Stars of the Game on Offensively
    #1) M Vick – goes without saying, was on fire in the 3rd/4th quarter
    #2) J Maclin – after a hit (which didn’t look that hard by Considine) came back to play a great game
    #3) D Jax – started off with a big catch to set the tone, got a little lazy with footwork on a couple sideline patterns/catches,then made a big mistake of cutting back when he had the 1st down and then lost yardage causing the Eagles to punt when the game was still close at 14-3
    #4) OT W Justice and OG R Wells I thought played pretty well with their pass protection, Herremans was steady as a rock and both McGlynn and Peters were up and down and played better as the game went on, and I like McGlynn’s nasty attittude that he brings..
    #5) Celek had some nice catcches after an early drop and was open quite a bit in the 2nd half and it appeared the middle of the field was open all game with JAx Safeties playing a deep cover 2 and Cover 3 on some occasions..
    #6) McCoy didn’t get as many touches as I thought he would, but ran hard and had a couple of catches and blocked well as did FB O Schmitt who looks like a great pick-up for the injured Weaver
    #7) M Bell does not have any explosion or quick feet, he appears a little indecisive when he gets the ball and has been a disappointment so far.. (I hope MCCoy stays healthy)
    #8) O/C Marty Mohrnewig called a strong game and kept the Jax Defense on thier toes just about all game..

    Bring on the Redskins

  • Deepthreat – I’ve been a fan for a little less time, mid-70’s, and haven’t jumped off the band-wagon since. Anyway, it wan’t meant as a criticism of your post… Guess I’m struggling with my need to support the Birdz and my inability to get around the Vick thing. Yeah, he paid his dues but I really have a very tough time with his pre-meditated off-field behavior. I’d like to be able to cheer for him but haven’t been able to.

  • MaybeTheyCan – No offense taken (pun Intended) If you love the game, enjoy the game. Don’t let the media hype affect you. They have their own agendas ( primarily to sell newspapers and air time). Most of the reporters have never played the game, and know little about it. They sieze on every issue that can create controversy, and if that’s not enough, they’ll spin it
    Personally I haven’t been happy with the decisions made by the Eagles lately either,( especially the McNabb trade). But I think we’re watching a very special thing happening here in Philadelphia sports right now. A better story couldn’t be written (even by the media spin masters).

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