• August 14, 2022

Why Does Juan Castillo Get A Free Pass?

Today before practice, Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg talked about his suffering offensive line. The former Detroit Lions head coach said he had faith that the line would improve and even went so far as to say that they can be great.

To say an offensive line that features Mike McGlynn and Reggie Wells could be great is a stretch to say the least. But is it a stretch to say that offensive line coach Juan Castillo might not be the man to take them there?

People within the organization, and most in the media, pump up Castillo. He is often referred to as one of the best offensive line coaches in the league, but the performance of the offensive line this season has been unacceptable.  Since he’s supposed to be such a good coach why doesn’t he make them better.

The simple truth is, Castillo hasn’t been a good coach, at least not lately, and the “O” line has been a problem for a while.

Once the Eagles jettisoned Donovan McNabb to Washington, we heard that him holding the ball for a long time was the problem. We were told that the quick-release of Kevin Kolb would be the answer. But Kolb was sacked 3 times in his only half of action.

This offensive line has even managed to get Michael Vick sacked 11 times in his 2.5 games of action- against Detriot and Jacksonville. If this keeps up, Vick will get sacked a whopping 70 times this season. Sound too high? Castillo’s line in 2007 gave up almost 50 sacks. That year he had Jon Runyan, Tra Thomas, and Shawn Andrews in a Pro Bowl year.  Needless to say, this offensive line does not have that kind of talent.

Many fans can not break down the intricate ins and outs of how the offensive line is supposed to block on certain plays, but this line has made glaring mistakes that anyone with eyes can recognize. This line has had far too many penalties. These penalties have stalled drives.

Castillo has been blessed in the past to have very talented players at the two biggest positions- Left and right tackles. But since John Runyan and Tra Thomas left, this team has not found adequate replacement. While none of us really know how much input Castillo has on who the team drafts or signs to be on the line, I do know he looks at players before they are brought in. He is there to work out draft picks. So he had a say in bringing in players like Stacy Andrews. The current offensive line has no depth, and it’s starting five is suspect at best. Where is his share of the criticism for this?

In addition, the Pro Bowl offensive linemen who have been brought in here have regressed. The fact that Jason Peters cannot grasp the concept of how to avoid a false start penalty is a direct result of coaching. Before Peters came in here, he was praised as one of the best tackles in the league. People in Philadelphia will tell you his Pro-Bowl selection last season was based on reputation alone. A first-round pick and millions later, Peters is now just another member of the offensive line that drives the fans crazy.

People blame Sean McDermott for the step down in defense last season. Mornhinweg and Andy Reid are constantly criticized for their play calling. Speical teams coach Ted Dashier got run out of town last season. Even the strength and conditioning coach was let go last season.

Castillo is not solely to blame for this mess upfront, but to not hear his name at all when the problem is talked about makes no sense.

Where is Castillo’s blame?

Eliot Shorr-Parks

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  • Agree with the assessment in article.

  • My point exactly been on his case for years. Blocking scheme ineffective. Can’t make 4 and 1 for 3 years personel always at fault never the person in charge! Not in the real world !

  • Uh…I don’t think Castillo is to blame. Winston Justice has clearly gotten better and it’s not a technique issue it’s a personal accountability issue. He already learned the technique from Castillo. Cole is injured (was never intended to be a starter but got pressed into duty because of the Andrews’ issues), Jamal Jackson is injured, Herremans was injured for most of training camp and Peterson is …well a disappointment at this point. The sad part is that Shawn Andrews actually looked pretty good in the limited time he had with the Giants last week.


  • Good response Big E. The coach never gets any blame, well except when he hurt Kolbs feelings. Its a shame there are mornon out there like Angelo Cataldi who cait to spew venom this week for 5 but dont have the nuts to blame this coach.

  • Ask I have stated in previous posts. Juan Castillo (I wrote “Rivera” last time sorry and thanks for the correction) is garbage as a coach. The Eagles have drafted offensive linemen that were either ALL-PROS with other teams or ALL-AMERICANs in college. MJG and Justice played against the top competion in the country and were voted the best at their position. These stars get to the Eagles and they can’t play a lick. The Patriots, Steelers and the Colts draft a nobody and he’s an ALL-PRO using their blocking scemes. Obviously the player has to want to be good, but isn’t that what all the scouting and wonderlink and interviews for? It’s no secret that Nate Allen is playing well and fits our system, because he was trained by a former Eagles safety. (help me out PhillyWill… the safety who tore his ligaments jumping a fence)

    The Eagles have used 19 draftpicks over the years on offensive linemen. Andy Reid said that the reason they did not draft a center or additonal lineman was because the one’s on the current roster graded higher than what was coming out of college this year. So that means according to their scouting they had the talent already on the roster. They are’nt bad, the’re pitiful.

    If you are stating you have the talent, and the talent is not performing it’s the coaches fault.

    So simple, even a caveman can understand it.

  • The answer is simple. Castillo doesn’t make personnel decisions. He can only do so much with the scrubs that the front office brings in.

  • The offensive line was terrible in the Superbowl.

  • @bsm JR i hit like a mactruck on steriods REED is who you were talking about. He was a good player never understood why we didnt keep him.

  • Play-calling has a lot to do with it also. When offensive linemen run block, they get to tee off, but when they pass block, their first step is backwards. They are in retreat and the defense gets to tee off them.

    In the conference championship against Carolina, we were dominating their defensive line in the 4th quarter. Runyan told coach Reid that he owned his man. The offense drove the length of the field, running the ball the entire way. Once inside the 20, however, Reid decided it was, now, a good time to pass. And the rest, as they say, is history. It is an unwritten rule in the NFL that if the defense cannot stop a particular play, you run that play until they can. Of course, Reid is too smart for that type of thinking.

  • Makes sense DRUMMER

    And if Reid refuses to use more running plays Vick will not last

    How the hell can he be so stubborn

  • People talked for years about our offensive line being one of the best but the reality is i have have noticed this. Mcnabb illuded alot of sacks.

  • dawk, you are absolutely right. However, he also sustained a lot of injuries. And if he doesn’t balance this offense a bit more, Vick will be injured also. If/When that happens, how long will Kolb last behind that line? We could see Kafka this year.

  • rcp1936, that’s boggles my mind. Reid is a good, no, great coach in many ways. However, he has these blind spots that Stevie Wonder could see, i.e., needing receivers. McNabb spent his entire career without receivers.

  • I agree somewhat. I mean he had nothing to do with the whole Andrews x 2 debacle. Or them signing Peters and letting Tra go. He just works with the personnel that he is given. And I don’t care who you are, if your players aren’t good enough they you will look bad. So while he is the position coach, he has little say in the personnel and can only work with what he has. It’s not his fault that every other drive Peters is limping off the field or that Herremans misses camp because of his injuries. Did he cause Jackson to tear a bicep? I mean come on. Coaches always have to do a better job what when you look at what he has to work with it’s hard to find a lot of fault with him. Even the best coaches in the world can’t make every player good.

  • Why do teams call a huddle; it’s to keep the other team from knowing their intent. That element of surprise is a much-needed advantage. With Reid’s play-calling, however, that element is lost.

  • Playcalling has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the o-line too. Don’t throw 10 passes in a row and then run once and expect the line to get a good push and then throw 5 more times. It just doesn’t work like. But I can’t put a lot of blame on him when we’ve seen guys like Herremans and Justice actually get better while Reid when and got a RUN Blocking tackle in Peters, held on to the Andrews sisters and have Nick Cole playing a position he can’t play.

  • Even if Castillo is largely at fault. He’s been Reid’s guy for many years, which makes Reid ultimately responsible.

  • Good point, Scorp. Winston Justice was a turnstile.

  • Not that simple to say ‘its the OL coach’ if the QB is getting sacked….

    Need to know if one of the RBs failed to make a pickup –

    But – I do appreciate the fact looking at all sides and issues to see what can be done to make team better – O Line has made progress – moved ball well in 2nd half against packers, scored 30+ against Lions, 28 and moved ball well against Jags – and if its becuase they are bad team – so be it – give the birds some time to work things out and get things moving along – much better in red zone.

    Still would like to be able to run the ball on 3rd and 2 or 4rth and one and get the 1st

  • bsm – JR Reed – the original guy drafted to take over for Dawkins

  • I liked JR Reed who had some real potential but sustained that bad leg injury just prior to his 2nd season and just was never the same.. He looked good on Kick-Off returns too…

  • SPOT ON ELIOT!!!!! I dont know how it happens but for some reason some coaches and players in philly get a pass and some dont. I dont know where it comes from….media maybe. i dont get it. Here are a few examples…

    Jim J- God rest his soul. But…. the man is almost a god in this city and I really cant recall any of his d’s giving us alot in the playoffs. Even in the reg season he was often beat by a fade to Plax. Yes he can scheme up blitz’s but his D line could never get to the qb. I mean no disrespect…. he was a good man and a good cordinator but some people think he was the best in the NFL year after year.

    G-Lew- he was the punchline for joke after joke year after year. I dont care much for him either way but we all wanted to get Hall on this team this year….. we love Hall but h8 G-Lew. Someone explain what the difference is…im open to learn.

    Garcia- i liked him but he didnt take us anywhere we had’nt been with 5.

    Marty M- I dont like him…. i dont like that he wont run the ball (until now…i called it first btw…im taking all the credit, go back and read my posts from the moment they let go of baskett and named vick the starter), but why do we slam marty and reid but praise Castillo?

  • Great article G. Saying there is a problem with the coaching of the offensive line is long over due. Someone mention that the OL had a problem during the Super Bowl and all we hear about is how McNabb threw up. If he did it was probably because he was taking a beating all day. People also have been complaining about the about of draft picks and money that has been placed into the offensive line and what do we have to show for it. When was the last time the Eagles developed a offensive lineman and please don’t give me Winston Justice

  • 5 did not puke. There is no picture of him puking and how many friggin cameras are at the bowl? NOONE got a pic??? Just more crap losers make up to fuel their bias. And yes… dtime… the line sucked then as it does now and noone ever cared.

  • Navy- no they have not made progress. What changed is (sorry i have to post this for a 3rd time but its worth posting) that DE’s cant bull rush up the middle on vick. He will run around them. So…. they lean to the outside and it opens lanes to run through and that makes us balanced and that changes things. This line is crap.

  • Scorp and Shamburg- Dont you think Juan talks to reid about what he wants and does not want? Andy says he listens to his “generals” all the time. Juan only gets to cook? He doesnt tell andy what he wants to cook with? I think thats not 100% true.

    Drummer- yes yes yes, i was at the carolina game and Big John was killing his man. and the WR’s were getting nothing done. Run man Run!!!

    Bottom line on the OLine- We lead the league in sacks against. Year in and year out we cant run on 3rd or 4th and 1. Our guys have more injuries then any team and even our screens dont work anymore. Fire this oline coach.

    BSM- Yes!! If we “have the best team” and have “one of the best O-Line coaches”…. something has to give. What one sucks??

  • Oh now he is a garbage of a coach, now “G” you can stand and say that the coach has never been, uh. Yeah whatever dude your just full of insight. If you flip flop one more time my friend I am done. You are a “At the moment preacher”, if someone was doing good in the past, but currently is not doing well you try to sell a line that he was never good, and that you are the genius that knew before all us dopes. Maybe I am reading you wrong, but you seem to go way to extremes to prove a point and to play to our hard side. The truth is the guy has been a good coach so don’t pin him to the wall and call him garbage what the heck is that. Okay I know i am rambling , and I can’t seem to get the right point out so I am just going to stop. I agree that the coach is in a fix, but he is not garbage, just like you put some down right crap articles on here sometime, but I still love you and think you are spot on most time. But if I say GCobb is a crap journalist it would not feel to good would it. So just give me the facts brother and keep moving. Hmmmm canyou tell my day was south of fun today. Okay as always

  • LONG LIVE THE EAGLES, I’ll apologize later when I am in a better mood and feeling better sorry “G”. but for now whatever dude, and I see plenty of sucking line coaches around the league if this is your standard of measure.

  • Hey “G”, I am going insane here buddy, I need some rest, good article, shed the light partner, don’t mind me i needed someone to yell at so there you were anyway, Your right the castillo doesn’t get a pass, but he is no bum garbage either. Truce! GO EAGLES, hey fellas give me a pass on this post, haaaa.

  • Stevo yes but Andy has the last say on personnel. For all we know, Juan been gave up on the Andrews sisters while Andy wanted to keep them because of money. He doesn’t have final say and he can only use the personnel he has. He can’t help if everyone keeps getting injured or the FO makes mistakes.

  • What the hell did Andy Reid do for Castillo?

  • He gave him a way overrated Jason Peters, the “Andrews sisters”, and late round picks like King Dunlap. We got lucky we drafted Mcglynn. Not to mention our bookends practice against midgets. Just take a breathe, we’re in transition with this line. We knew we would be.

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