• July 7, 2022

Manuel Has Conditioned His Players For A 15-Round Fight

Maybe Charlie Manuel should make some room on his mantel. It’s certainly hard to argue against the idea. The manager of the Phillies is definitely deserving of the NL Manager of the Year Award.

Manuel and the Phillies had overcome so much. Yes, there were crushing losses and cold streaks, but the biggest sense of worry came from the rash of injuries that occurred during this season. It was even more unsettling as this was new ground for Manuel, who had never dealt with this level of misfortune on this team.

Since 2008 the Phillies have been one of the healthiest teams in all of Major League Baseball. Having at least 4 starting pitchers with 30 starts or more and 4 players that started a minimum of 145 games, this was uncharted territory. However, Manuel and the Phils took each knock-out blow directly on the chin.

Manuel has always had a strong, yet quiet and comforting way about coaching his players. However some, in an effort to diminish his credibility, have claimed that during Manuel’s tenure here thus far, due to the star-power on the roster, this team could have won with anyone as the manager. That argument may have had merit before this season; however proponents of that misconception no longer have a leg to stand on. Throughout the ups and downs of this season, Charlie Manuel’s often patchwork squad has proven that they can triumph over any adversity.

Like a prize fighter, Manuel has conditioned his players to hang in there no matter what. To wait until each and every opponent had punched themselves out of contention, and right as they draw a breath… strike.

It seemed in an instant, the Phillies went from reeling on the ropes, to revitalized and unstoppable, showing Manuel know better than anyone, how to go the distance.

So as the winded Atlanta Braves attempt to hold onto their Wild Card berth, and the mid-season darling San Diego Padres gasp for air in the midst of a slide out of contention, The Phillies can breathe easy.

Because regardless if their achieve notoriety for their golden right and left hands, or their calm, cerebral mind, this team knows that championships are not always won by the most talented, often they are won by the most resourceful.

Andrew Lazaunikas

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  • championship team deserves a championship coach
    hopefully charlie gets manager of the yr he certainly deserves it in my book

  • couldnt agree with you more Philly.

  • Must have been Eskin blasting Manuel…I don’t understand how that guy stays on air. The fact that even with the injuries, the streaky offense, the questionable pitching at times the team still never fell more then, I think, 6-8 games out of first place says a lot about the manager.


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